Full Moon Forest

So here it is, my very first fabric collection. I sent these drawings to Moda a little over a year ago and here they are in all of their cottony glory. I designed this collection when I was living in southern California. I suppose it emerged out of some primal desire to be outside in something other than the bumper to bumper traffic us south Cali’s call life. After much drawing and re-drawing this little piece of my very own paradise has bloomed out of an experiment and into a reality. I hope you all like it!


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  1. Hey Jen! I’m so excited to see your amazing artwork online now. I think these are the coolest quilting patterns i’ve ever seen and i can’t wait to see what else comes up on this blog!!!! I love love love tula pink!!!

  2. YOU ROCK! I’m so proud of you Jenny!

  3. My little Tula all grown up! Baby this is the best. Your fabric finally arrived in the shop and guess what…sold out of the Owls in days. Thankfully Moda overnighted me more and it is selling like “hoot owls”. Midwest joke…
    The Twinkies are wearing their bloomers and are the talk of the town.
    You go girl, I love you and once again, it is soooooo coooool being your mom.
    Love you.

  4. Hey girly! I am so proud of you. They look so great, and I am proud to have a famous friend. Just don’t go all crazy and shave your head like britney. ha. Its funny because i was picking up some fabric from a lady here in town that was donating it to our church for a quilting project, and she totally knew who you were!! Her store in town ordered your fabric, and they all love it. woo hoo! I was like, ya i have awesome friends. :P I miss you tons. hope texas is treating you well. much love, molls

  5. Dang girl…Congrats! I know these are just your first of many more amazing collections to come…It seems like and eternity ago you showed us your initial drawings for these…Michelle is right, YOU DO ROCK! ROCK ON!

  6. LOVE IT! You are SO talented!!! I’m glad you have this blog! I will check in on you. :)
    Love you!!!

  7. Loves it!
    Hmmm…wonder where I could get some of that?
    Congratulations on your fabric line. I know this is just the beginng of bigger things to come.

    Later Chica

  8. Hi Jen
    I am one of your extended family members- Michelle’s mother-in-law and am so excited to see that your fabric is going to be available for us. I am currently quilting and have shared your site with the ladies in my group and requesting two of our favorite fabric shops to stock your beautiful prints. I’ll let you know when it happens. I loved reading your site and am fortunate to be part of such a talented pair- you and Michelle.

  9. Hello my creative twin! Your collection ROCKS!! It’s truely the most fantastic, jaw dropping fabric I have ever seen. I absolutely love your use of color and that fact that you hand draw all your intricate designs is amazing! You have to see the my bathroom. I framed your fabric in an old frame and hung a white deer in front. Eee! So cool! You’ll love it. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  10. More Squirrels! More Squirrels! More Squirrels PLEASE!!!

    How wonderful to see such an overlooked creature receive some much deserved attention. A beautiful line in beautiful colors.. now if I can just find someplace local to buy them all!?!

    Thank you for ‘seeing them so creatively’ I’m a bit biased about the subject, but darn, you do good work! More squirrels please!


  11. I love your designs! Should you visit the Philadelphia, PA area any time in 2008 I would love for your to do a presentation to our guild. Here is a link to our “big” annual event. http://www.loosethreadsquilters.org/tea.html
    Peace, Elizabeth

  12. Wow! I am so in love with the owl fabric… awesome job.

  13. I LOVE your fabric designs and color choices! I especially love the browns, greens and blues in the vintage inspired designs. Now that I see the hidden animals, I love them even more! Do you have them in any stores in Florida yet? Keep the beatiful designs coming……..

  14. Amazing, truly! I am obsessed with how beautifully creative & original your fabrics are – well done! I want them all.

  15. Your designs are absolutely wonderful. I can hardly wait to create with them. I know that I will dream about them tonight (and many other nights.)

  16. Very nice Animals Pink blog

  17. Wowo they are beautiful….can we get them here in Australia??

  18. This is some of the most beautiful fabric I’ve ever seen!!! You are so talented!!!

  19. Could not agee with you more..

  20. YOU ARE SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! I only now discovered you while looking through quilthome.com. All the fabric was so lame until I saw yours! And now I see the fabric leaves on the tree, the white deer above the toilet… OMG I’m about to pee my pants. I’m going to steal ALL yo ideas, girl! Of course, whenever people come to my apartment I’ll tell everyone the decor is credited all to Tula Pink, world’s greatest designer. !!!! Thank you!

  21. PS, can you give me a hint for making those pretty leaves of yours? I already have a leafless tree in my apt all ready to be decorated..

  22. Love, love, love the bunnies. Rabbits Rule!
    I was so happy to find your gorgeous prints. Keep up the wonderful work.

  23. I just discovered your website – what a talent you have!! Congratulations on your success! Now for a very important question: WHERE can I buy the owl fabric from Full Moon Forest? – I can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  24. Your work is amazing.. I am sooo in love with the Owl’s, As everyone else is see too. I have looked at every website and in between for even a scrap piece of it. Do you have any idea where I may purchase for whatever price. I have to have some!!!!! Thanks for the obsession.

  25. hi
    i am really intresed in your work.
    i am looking in to work that pepole have used for bedding
    i would like to no if you could help me out at all?

  26. I am also in love with the owl fabric and can’t find it. Where can I get some?

  27. Hey! Was just looking for ideas on what to do with some leftover fabric I had from your full moon forest collection and came across this blog. I live in Austin, Texas and didn’t even trust the quilt shops here to carry this line, so I pre-ordered it online. It is gorgeous. I had picked it out to decorate my baby’s nursery, she’s one now. But I have to say, I still get so happy looking at her room and all the beautiful full moon forest fabric in there. Thanks for creating such awesome fabric designs, you’re awesome :)

  28. I began quilting last year. I searched all the Moda and other designs– You are in a different galaxy from the rest. Your work is totally supreme. I have the honor of owning some of your moon forest collection. It is my treasure. Keep creating. You are truly turning the quilt world upside down. No more boring dowdy colors or boring designs for me! Use insects, fishes, and birds. Nature is filled with great designs. Anything you design is marvelous.

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  30. HELP! I am looking to buy pre-cut charms or layer cake of the FULL MOON FOREST or NEST ranges to make a Christmas present for my daughter. Are these availab

  31. The owl pattern rocks! But the bunny pattern, it my utmost favorite ever ;)

  32. You created this? WOW! This is the collection that drew my attention to moda in the 1st place. I loved this line. It came at just the right moment too. My 10 year old was so into owl and all the owl were so boyish and plain. This was such a fun print and there is so many things you can do with it. I made a beautiful outfit for my 3 yr old daughter…these prints are by far one of my favorites. I still hoarded some in my fabric collection…

    thanks you for creating this.


  33. This is so creative!! Can’t believe you create this!


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