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Sorry it’s been a while but I was busy receiving gifts in between shoving delicious little cookies in my eager little face. Now I feel ill so I thought this might distract me from all of that mirth. Since I have been a little wrapped up in myself and my baby twin sisters (a.k.a. the “Twinkies”) I thought I might take this time to post some of the drawings that went into the making of Full Moon Forest. I have been assured that this will be interesting to others. I am not so sure. Anywhoo, here they are. From drawing to  cotton there isn’t a whole lot that changes. I take the drawings, scan them and drop them into Illustrator where I redraw them digitally so I can play with the line weights, change out colors and adjust the sizing. That’s about it. So, enjoy the drawings maybe next time I will make them more colorful or jazz them up a bit, decoupage on them or something.

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  1. You and your talents never cease to amaze me…

    I love you and miss you seeeeestar!

    xo- Megs

  2. Hi!
    I’ve been wondering the whole process of creating fabric. I am, too, amazed at these drawings! I love your motif and can’t wait to get my hands on it in any color. THANK YOU for sharing!
    RAF Mildenhall, UK

  3. um, i know i looked at your drawing … after clicking the submit button, i realized it was an owl … hehe it’s even more brilliant now!

  4. hey!
    I’m a big fan of your fabric, especially this design! Unfortunately I can’t seem to find anywhere that still sells it (isn’t sold out, etc.). Do you know of anyplace??

  5. Stunning! You’re so talented!

  6. This is totally interesting! I love seeing your drawings. And that owl fabric. Wow!

  7. Well I’m glad that person suggested you post these because they’re wonderful. It’s so exciting to see the early stages of any project.

  8. Those squirrels are so cool! All of your work is, for that matter.

  9. These are amazing!!!! I am so glad I found you through

    Now I’m off to explore the rest of your stuff!

  10. Oh I love seeing the process of fabric design creation – these are just lovely!

  11. I reasure you, this IS interesting and useful. Thank you for sharing it :)

  12. I love your fabric as well!! I also would love to know if it is still available at any shops? If it isn’t, can there be another run? Please…..

  13. Today looking into other people´s blogs i found something bout yours and decided to take a look and I have to say I´m so glad I did. Your work it´s amazing and these drawings are SICK!!! I´m so jealous and inspired at the same time. So it definitely is interesting!

    Keep the good job!!!

  14. Hello there. I did a google search for owl drawings because I am “researching” for my next tattoo. Luckily I came across your drawing. The owl is very important to me and I take this tattoo very serious. Of everything I’ve seen I loved yours most. I’m not usually one to take the direct drawing of artists, so I wanted to ask your permission to use your owl drawing for my tattoo. If you would like to keep it to yourself I totally understand and will respect the artist’s wishes. But it just struck me as so beautiful and serene. Thank you so much! You can email me back or respond however you do… Not sure. heh.

  15. I was just looking at your hushabye photos, they’re lovely. I really like the greens.

    These line drawings are so simple and striking at the same time. I love seeing the sketch behind the fabric. I think digitizing these would be much more fun than doing sport stuff for screenprinting. (Which I use to do.)

  16. My 7 yr old daughter is working on her first hand applique project, a simple Quilt Soup pattern, but I purchased for her your Flutterby fabric in the pinks, brown with touch of blue, and she is doing an amazing job! I am, of course, doing the “iron” work, which is my preferred method of hand applique (paintbrushing starch on seam and ironing over freezer paper) while she hand stitches to the background. I hope she forges ahead and completes her quilt, I will send you a photo when she does!

    BTW, I’m a wee bit jealous of the designers that make it out there – I’m a talented and creative person who can’t stop sketching and dreaming about the quilts I don’t have time to make because I have 2 small children. I live in Dallas, Moda is here. I dream of showing them my work someday, but I don’t know where to begin. I noticed you worked for Moda. Is that what you would suggest? I don’t design fabric necessarily, but draw quilt patterns, non-traditional, more trendy.

    Also – hexagons ARE addictive! I do 1″ and several times have sat up ALL night handstitching – didn’t make for a good next day to take care of babies! Keep you lucious fabrics coming for us! I missed the baby window for making beautiful fun clothes for my daughter like your baby sisters, oh how I still dream of fun dresses but she is only into wearing Justice neons and blue jean shorts! You are a beautiful girl by the way…saw your pic on Thimbleblossoms

  17. I absolutely love your owl!! I would love to get it tattooed!!


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