Okay here it is. I have been waiting sooooo long to show you this. You know how I hate keeping secrets. It has been absolute agony but the time has finally come. These luscious little ditties are called Flutterby. This was so much fun to do my head almost exploded! The collection doesn’t ship to stores until march but my mom’s shop, The Quilt Shoppe (click on it, it’s a linky thing), will have it up for presale this week. She is a lovely lady and I think she deserves your patronage.

So this group is all about bugs, only the cute ones and definitely not anything gross or slimy. There are bees and ladybugs, dragonflies and butterflies not to mention the cutest little snail shaped paisleys you ever did see. Okay maybe snails are a little bit slimy but these are not I promise. I hope y’all like it because it would totally break my heart if you didn’t.

18 Responses to “Flutterby…Finally!”

  1. Great job Jen! I love it

  2. I <3 the snail pattern sooo much!!!! Yeah, this stuff will sell fast. I’m sending a link to your blog to my fam and friends, to show you off!

    LOVE YOU! Amazing artwork as usual!!!

  3. hi jenny!
    crispin sent me your link… all i can say is: L O V E !
    you’re the coolest… i’m so excited for you… how fun… and… well… rad.

    hugs n’ kisses,
    xo sara

  4. Oh man, these are GORGEOUS! Great work! I thought FMF was amazing, and this is just great. The colorways are awesome, and i can’t wait to get some of ALL of it!!!

  5. Was there ever a more beautiful flutterby in all the world? I highly doubt it. Congradulations, Jen. Brilliant.

  6. Adorable! You just have so many little tricks up your sleeve, it’s amazing! I can’t wait to see what everyone creates with these beautiful fabrics. I just might have to take up quilting on my off season. Congrats again!

  7. WOW….WOW……WOW….you’re amazing!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on these beautiful fabrics!!!

  8. Seriously, your designs are amazing. the ladybugs are the sweetest things ever.

  9. Just beautiful!! I’d love to order from your Mom, but the link isn’t working. Could you please repost or send to me.


  10. This is my first time over here. Found my way here via Betsy Ross Journal. I am really looking forward the the snail fabric! Everything is just so beautiful! I am so glad I spotted this, so now I have something to look for!

  11. I love this collection! I am on my way to purchase the little snails for a darling outfit for my daughter. What a talent you are.

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