Duct Tape and Twigs


I have been crazy busy this week although I can’t exactly remember what it was that was so furiously occupying my time. Instead of some greater insight into the magical world of Tula Pink I present you with a little bit of eye candy. I took these pictures when I first designed Full Moon Forest about a year ago with the intention of using them in some great advertising campaign that was going to shake the quilting nation to it’s core. That did not happen. The collection came and went leaving me in a cloud of pastel dust. Now, as I work through the ideas for my fourth collection while wrapping up production on the third and pour over the fabric from Flutterby, I have stumbled across this forgotten photo that held so much promise. I incurred great injury taking these photos. It was summer in North Carolina and the bugs were determined to eat me alive. I was invading their natural habitat so I really can’t hold it against them. Maybe that is where Flutterby came from…hmmm. Off topic. There is no great point here just a lovely photo that I thought I would share.

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  1. ooohhhh…did i read correctly…third collection?..fourth collection?

    any hints…any teasers…when can I get my quiltaholic hands on them?

  2. LOVE this picture! I want your brain!

  3. Tula–you are too cute, very funny.
    I am currently working on my first fabric collection. Although, besides my art degree I have no experience. It is so hard to find information about fabric design. Kind of like wandering around in the dark. I love your work and thanks for sharing a little about your journey. It sheds a little light!

  4. How beautiful! Oooo, 3rd and 4th collections??? All the blood just rushed to my head.
    Isn’t being the daughter of a quilt shop owner cool! I fell in love with your designs the first time our Moda man brought them around. Sadly my power of persuasion didn’t quite work for Full Moon Forest. (BTW those owls were the coolest thing ever put on fabric) Good news is Flutterby is ordered. Yay! I plan on doing my whole room out of it.
    You’re a major inspiration Tula!

  5. i discovered these on etsy. wouldn’t your fabric look lovely in these fabric leaves er plants er flowers http://www.etsy.com/shop/janejoss

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