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This is supposed to be like the end of a DVD when you have seen what it’s all about and then they go back and show you how it’s all made. Well I don’t use much CGI or make any clay models but I am pretty good with a marker. I wouldn’t mind having a team of people researching the best possible way to make a wing out of abstract lines and shapes, not to mention the added bonus of having someone else go get my coffee. Alas, it is only me and a stack of nature books picked up here and there.

So these are the initial sketches and reference for Flutterby. From here were more sketches, then actual drawings, then scanning and formatting, some redrawing, digital renderings, a bit of color here a little pink there. Some very big decisions are made and off it goes. It’s all terribly glamorous. It’s like being a rock star only the apartment is smaller, I have to drive my own car and my mom is the only one that ever tries to take my picture. Otherwise… exactly the same.

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  1. Wow, it sounds exactly like being a rockstar!! I love seeing how you came around to the prints. Lovely!

  2. you can come draw on my walls anyday!

  3. I absolutely love your designs. I am just starting out quilting and love that there are fabrics out there for the “newer generation” of quilting. I was at a local fabric store and told the owner she needs to carry your line. I’m going to keep pushing for it. Keep designing! :)

  4. Oh – I’m always so happy to discover new fabric designers! Thanks to Quilters Buzz for “putting the bug in our ears” so to speak (seeing as there are lots of bugs in your fabric)! Your new fabric collection is great. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see what else unfolds!

  5. Wow, you are so talented

  6. love your dragonfly, hope you will use your bugs in future designs too, I am fond of fabrics which reveal some secrets at the second glimpse.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog, I hope you will come again to discover that half of it is written in English, just scroll down;)

  7. I really love your line of fabrics and the behind-the-scenes look is great! do you do hand painting or is all color done in the computer? thanks so much for sharing.

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