The Whole Enchilada


Hey Kids. Sorry for the tardiness but there is a really good reason…

Sigh, no there isn’t I’m just lazy. In an effort to make amends I am finally posting the whole group. Yay! Birds are fun! This flock is in the hands of Moda’s able sales reps as we speak, so if you want it you better tell your shop NOW! so they can order it and it can be in your crafty little hands by August. It’s only a couple of months, no big deal right? I knew you could handle it. I got a little ahead of myself with this one, I was excited. You have no idea how painful it is to sit on this kind of information. It’s like having a baby, naming her, dressing her up all cute then hiding her from everyone you know and pretending like she doesn’t exist. That would just be weird and maybe illegal.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my hands on some. Best of luck to you!

  2. I ordered the whole enchilada X15gabillion. However, I did leave some for all the other awesome shops that love you as much as I do.

  3. love it! so pretty. glad you are able to share it finally.

  4. Oh! Swooooon…….. I’m in love!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous – can’t wait to get my hands on it!! Your designs continue to amaze…

  6. Love the line, I see some must haves there.

  7. Looks incredible! Love it! I can’t wait to see it at Market, are you going to be there?

  8. must. have. some. lattice. print.
    i love the birds too – wow, august is going to be a busy month!!!
    i’m seeing a round ottoman topped in the leaf print, with a birdie skirt, and some lattice cording. yikes!!!

  9. YIKES! I am going to be in such big trouble! I am loving flutterby and I have made some great things for my quilt project I told you about. I hope to have pictures of what I have done so far on the blog in the next couple of days.

    I better hurry and finish this one so I can gear up for the birds!!

    p.s. my LQS has designed a block of the month featuring flutterby and it is lovely.

  10. Oh! I’m glad I found your blog!
    That print with birds made out of flowers is fantastic! And the egg….oooh:)

  11. Hi there, I’ve just found your blog after I googled you name from the side of ‘Flutterby’ – I’ve just received my order of Flutterby and can’t tell you how much I love it. I just love to LOOK at it. Amazing. So, now I have also just seen your new line – and I have to say I want some of all of it! You are incredibly talented, I will be adding your blog to my favorites section.

  12. Hi there!!!! I am in LOVE with your new range!!!! I Hope, Hope, Hope it will be coming to Australia and if not I hope to grab some at Quilt Market this year! We met your mum in Houston last year and she is just so much fun and was so proud of you (as she should be!!!) We fell in love with Flutterby and purchased up on that last year in Houston. This new range is even more divine and i NEED it so badly!! Say hi to your mum from the 2 crazy Aussie pattern designers from Houston and we are so glad she introduced us to your beautiful fabric designs – we are hooked!!!!!

  13. I love this collection! I am an aspiring designer myself, headed to market for the first time in May and I just found your blog. I love your self-description; not obsessive, dedicated. That’s me too! :) Hope to meet you at market.

  14. Love your work! Wow! I’ll have to give the owner of the shop where I teach a heads up on this; I know she’ll love it, too.

  15. YUM!!! do we really have to wait til August???? That is an even longer wait for us here in Australia….Will have to surf some US shops I think!!

  16. Jennie Kristin – Share!! What BOM is your LQS doing with Flutterby??

  17. Love the birds, love the swirls, love the tumbling blocks – I am still in love with Full Moon Forest; how can I let go of it just a little more to fall in love with Nest?

  18. you’ve outdone yourself, again.

    I love.

    I must have my mom make me another quilt after she finishes this one!

    Or maybe i will employ some small children to do them for me.

    I wish i could sew.

  19. Oh no…I am still recovering from Flutterby and Full Moon Forest.
    I love these these too and must own every single print.
    I am going to need a a separate closet just to store your fabric lines in.


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