It’s not you it’s me…


Another collection down the pipeline and yet another batch of wayward cast offs. Some of my favorite pieces are in here. The ones I seem to like the most are the ones that don’t play well with others. Every time I go through this I feel like I am breaking up with the ones that didn’t make the cut. I try to spend more time with them and explain that it’s really not their fault. Maybe in a different place at a different time under different circumstances, things could be more between us. I tell them that I still want to be friends and promise to make them into something really special, a one of a kind piece for a one of a kind fabric. It quiets their rumbles for a while and makes me feel like a descent person, for a while.

p.s. sorry about the drama up there. I have been in one of those moods.

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  1. Oh what a shame they had to be cast offs – particularly those red ones up in the corner.

  2. Oh if these are cast-offs I can’t wait to see the fabric that “made the cut”. Do you do something special with your cast offs?

  3. YIkes, why didn’t those yellows make it… I love the two on the bottom. My favorites are always small yellow print on white/cream background. The new fabrics are wonderful, even the runner-ups.

  4. I think they need to be petted…they look like they are upset.

  5. Tula – Meghan – they are all so very fabulous and deserving of love – I weep – weep! for the rejected ones…they are merely understood…aheionad of their time…and who amongst us has not felt that way? On a daily basis? Please, I beg of you, bring them back in another collection….they deserve to live live live

  6. you have to moderate my comment? How bureaucratic. how – i dunno, Kafkaesque.

  7. I meant MISunderstood of course

  8. I wouldn’t throw any of them out of bed…I mean, off the bed. :-)

  9. Colors are beautiful! But the new collection is just breath taking(I know)
    Turn your soldiers into colorful pincushions or crazy quilt throws and your
    sadness will turn in to happiness.

    Have fun!


  10. LOL, those reds and blues are toooo die for! I feel like that over my designs sitting impatiently in my computer, they just don’t understand…

  11. Oh No! What a shame, they are all just stunning!

  12. Do you have a site on flickr that shares your fun fabric made into prokects?

  13. Not yet but I’m thinking really hard about eventually working on that. I will let you know I promise.

  14. I am in stitches over your witty posts! You are a riot! I want to be your neighbor so we can share fabric, stitches and a laugh!

  15. It is a very bad idea for me to be seeing these fabrics now, as I finish up my own Nest quilt. I love what I’m working on, but it would be EVEN BETTER with a few of these to spark it up.

    Alas, what will never be…

  16. Those poor little guys, they didn’t make it :( I can tell you that I would have gottten on “The Nest” bandwagon a lot sooner if they had been included!! THose yellows are like magic!

  17. I think that now is the time to release these wayward pieces in a ”Leafing the Nest” line….(kinda like a redo for those of us who are still so in love with your original Nest line…and desperately want more.) But you can’t do this unless you add those beak clouds in again, and you have to let me know as soon as you do this so I can get credit card wasted on the stuff.

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