I am putting my vanity aside for just a moment to show you something that I didn’t make. For the record I am green with envy. It is so ridiculously cute that I can hardly stand it. If Erin wasn’t my best friend I would probably pull a Tanya Harding on her and knee cap her. But then where would I go for pizza and movies? When the strike off samples came in for this I fell. in. love. Nothing but the actual fabric could really do this group justice, the colors are so fresh. I secretly want to redecorate my apartment with it, make a bunch of clothes and bags and maybe just roll around in it when no one is looking. The samples were sitting in the design room at Moda for weeks and I would go in and pet it, talk to it and try to coerce it into thinking it was mine, to no avail.  I mean really, look at it! Paint by number deer! paint palette polka dots! wacky citrus colored wood grains! A-maz-ing. One person should not be allowed to have that much style. It’s unfair.

Lush will be hittin’ your hot little hands in December. I am going to beg borrow and steal to get it a touch earlier. I know Erin gets advance yardage so maybe I will invite myself over with a pair of scissors and a large bag. Erin is one of those awesome people that can’t comprehend her own genius so maybe she won’t put up a fuss.

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  1. It is pretty wonderful. Love the first colorway.. so serene and cool.

  2. I can see why you LOVE it! Amazing and so different.

  3. WOW — that is STUNNING. I think I know what will be on my Christmas list … along with Nest, of course. Thanks for sharing — you’re a good friend! : )

    PS. I’m working on something new with my FMF stash. I hope to post something soon!

  4. Oh, and I thought the paint by numbers birds last year was IT! I LOVE dots – I have dibs on that. Wonderful.

  5. Uh oh! I should probably start saving now.

  6. The Lush fabric collection is a must have for me. I love the paint-by-number deer scenes and the colors!

  7. Inspiring!

    Happy Potato Greetings

  8. oh, yea yea yea! lovin’ this too… and, i agree, the paint-by-number stuff is rather genius :) yumbolina! all of it!

  9. Erin Michael is one of my absolute faves and kind of an unsung quilting fabric heroine….very cool that you sang her praises. Looking forward to getting your new line in Ms. Pink and Lush is on my list of gotta haves , too.

  10. Oh my! I don’t even know what I would do with that paint by number fabric, but I’ll have to dream up something by the time it’s released!

  11. Very fun. Love the “sky” palette.

  12. Hi Tula! I love this! I missed out on the paint bird fabric (maybe it can be done again in a different colorway?) I am truly pleased to find out that you and Erin are friends. I love “wandering” through the designs in both of your fabric collections. They are so different, and inspiring. They make my brain “work” — kind of like listening to Mozart.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. This is a great post and find. I love the paint by number idea and application here. It works so well. I want to play too…..
    I know what you are saying when you say that you just want to roll in the fabric. I love spread my fabrics all around me and just enjoying them. It it is like going into a nice fabric shop – you come out a much happier person. :)
    You have a great blog to. I am glad I found it.

  14. Did Erin ever design for Target? I’d swear those pink and brown throw pillows I have are just like the Uptown chrysanthemums. And does she have a creative blog or website like you do???

  15. Might you have (or know where to find) any Erin Michael’s Paint By Number bird fabric from Moda’s Uptown line in the aqua color

  16. Where can we find the Lush by Erin Michael? I would like to make a quilt for step-dad in this. Thank you (:

  17. I’m looking to make a beautiful nursery quilt for a newborn using this lineof fabric and I can’t find the “day in the life” print anywhere. I’m looking for either color in any size. Where can I find the deer print?

  18. Tula,
    you are so amazingly talented I just adore your stuff, I just got back from the Long beach quilt show and bought the Prince charming fat quarter pack!
    Anyhow you crack me up! I hope I can meet you some day.

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