How Much is Your Love?


It’s a wrap. This contest is now closed. Thanks for playing!

In an effort to appear more popular I am offering to buy your love with free stuff. Okay so that’s not the only reason. I haven’t been doing this blog thing for long but so far it’s been nice. I have met some awesome people and found other amazing blogs that I would have never found otherwise. Most of all I have read some really nice things about myself from people other than my mom, it’s very validating. So in response to your overwhelming generosity I am giving things away.

I spent my whole Sunday working up some goodies for y’all and I hope you like it. The first thing I am giving away is a lovely tote bag made from Full Moon Forest tree trunk stripes. I stitched on a little squirrel at the bottom because I love you all that much. The second thing I am giving away are 4 charm packs of my new line Nest, in little bags that I made all by myself. So let me be clear on this there are 5 winners in all (don’t be fooled, you are all winners in my heart). These are some pretty good odds.

How do you win these fabulous prizes? It’s so easy it’s almost criminal. All you have to do is tell me what your favorite animal is. Leave a comment and the winners will be chosen at random. I will announce the 5 winners on August 17th. Just so you know… there will be no favoritism shown towards any animals, we are equal opportunity animal appreciators here in Pinkerville.


267 Responses to “How Much is Your Love?”

  1. I am a prairie dog fan, because my daughter tends to sit up on her knees with her nose in the air looking just like one. :) The bag is ridiculously cute!

  2. Mine has to be the cat!! When I was little I used to hate getting up early and going to school on those frosty mornings, I used to look enviably at my old fat cat as he got to sleep in front of the fire all day long. I used to want to be a cat simply because they didn’t have to go to school!! I have two cats now and still envy them when I have to get up early. Love the squirrel on the bag too by the way :-)

  3. I think mine has to be the giraffe! I don’t know why…I think I just love how different they are!

  4. Far and away a frog (oh man, a fabric line with your awesome “hidden” stylings of frogs…I would DIE! lol), but a cat is a close second. I was going to say kids, but I don’t think they qualify lol. You did a GREAT job on that bag btw!!! Looks wonderful!

  5. Cool giveaway. Favorite animal? I guess I’d say a kangaroo.

  6. Oooh, I’ve been coveting Nest! Favorite animal..hmm…..definitely not the raccoon that’s eating my garden. Probably a monkey.

  7. Great give-away! I love your fabric and the bag! My favorite animal would have to be my black lab puppy!

  8. My favorite animals are cats and dogs. Right now I have one kitty. I have had dogs in the past, but am not able to be home with a dog as much as I’d like to, so I just enjoy other people’s dogs (like my granddog who is yorkie-poo). Would love to win some of your fabric!

  9. Love the tote and the charm bags!

    It’s a tough call but I my favorite today are giraffes–they seem so peaceful!

  10. Oh, geeze. I grew up on a farm. How am I going to pick a favorite?! But as I look around (and at my husband) I think we have a special affection for Monkeys. :p

  11. I’ve been in to my fave quilt shop every day for weeks asking when Nest was going to arrive. I can’t wait!

    My favourite animal is the elephant. I adore elephants.

    Best of luck with Nest and I can’t wait to see it in person.

  12. Favourite animal….that’s a tricky one. Maybe a Wombat. They’re round and cute and seem a little bit on the dopey side, although I think they can be a bit savage really – but we’ll ignore that. ;-)

  13. Well, I already got 2 Nest charm packs (and a layer cake) as soon as they arrived at my local store, but I could always use more! I’ve always had an affinity for bears — polars, grizzlies, black bears, pandas, whatever. I think I like how round they are. Is that weird? Pick me, pick me, pick me!!

  14. i do love your fabrics. my fav animal….white tail deer…love watching them on our property.

  15. This is such a hard question. I love all animals! If I had to pick a favorite today it would be a chinchilla – have you ever felt how soft and cuddly they are!?

    I made a bag out of your flutterby collection, it turned out really cute (you can see it on my blog, 2-3 posts down)!! In fact the lining is the same as the background here on your blog – in the turquoise/green combo. Love what you are doing!

  16. I used to love dolphins…and then I read some really disturbing things facts about them (don’t ask please!). So these days my favourite animals would have to be owls, closely followed by cats (of any variety!).
    I love nest, am looking forward to the bolts arriving at my local quilt store next month!

  17. I know they’ve been everywhere lately but I really love owls. I was so looking forward to your full moon forest owl print but I never got my hands on some. I’m planning on making up for that with nest!

  18. LOVE the bag! I really like giraffes, but lately I love owls too, their eyes are so inquisitive.

  19. Love all your new, intelligent designs. As usual … so clever. Well, my daughter is actually giving her favorite animal so she would definitely say a horse. She finds them intelligent with lots of spirit and she loves to ride them. Keep doing what you’re doing. You have such a unique talent.

  20. Hmm–favorite animal? It’s got to be the okapi. Their coat looks like brown velvet.

  21. I love your new fabric line. My favorite animal is a polar bear.

  22. As much as I love cats, I have to say, I love hummingbirds more. They don’t steal my pillow at night or leave dead things on the porch.

  23. Just have to say – love your designs! I finished a quilt this weekend made with all Flutterby fabrics and turned out lovely! Have to say my favorite animal right now would be cats- have two sweet ones at home… I’ve been anticipating getting some Nest fabrics – can’t wait!

  24. Ohhh, I love giveaways! My favorite animal is my husband! haha
    Ok the other kind of animal…would be my two kitties: Jazz and Annie.

  25. Thanks for the giveaway! I gotta go with the bunny for favorite animal, though I also like all birds and meercats.

  26. I love your fabric! I would have to say a zebra. I love the black and white stripey contrast.

  27. Yikes, my favorite animal.. that’s so tough but right now I’d say rabbit since I love that little rabbity that came to visit me. Tomorrow probably back to squirrel. And not just because its on the bag.

    But seriously, you don’t have to buy my love….

  28. I have to say Polar Bears, since we are going to see them at the Denver zoo this weekend.

  29. Oh what great prizes. Well my very favorite animal is a giraffe. They are an extremely unusual looking animal but I’ve loved them forever. I used to think it would be fun to have one as a pet.

  30. Fun prizes! Nest is such a great line. Not sure I have a favorite, but I think alpacas are pretty great animals.

  31. Favorite animal has to be a horse. What fabulous prizes…so generous of you! Just made a bag for my daughter from pink tree trunk stripes. So cute – love your work so please keep doing it!

  32. well, it’s not very exotic, but my favourite animal is my red and white tabby cat. He’s just the coolest cat ever. I love him so much.

    I’d love to win the Nest Charm Pack, it’s a great collection.

  33. My favorite animal is definately owls. I love how they look so mysterious and wise. I collect old pins with owls and the more gawdy the better!

  34. Well this is a tough question…I’m not a dog or cat fan. So I guess I’d say zoo animals does that count :-)

  35. Seals, little baby seals. And owls. I love your paisley-owl fabric from a few lines back.

  36. I love your new line of fabrics. I can’t wait to get some!!

    I was never a cat person until my kids talked me into getting one 3 years ago. Now I can’t imagine life without Kitty!!!

  37. Hedgehogs, not in person but on all the adorable Japanese prints out there. I love the new fabrics!

  38. Definitely the Bassett Hound. Noble, yet goofy – mine would always be walking along, then he’d step on his ridiculously long ears and plant his face on the floor. I miss that dog!

  39. I’d have to say I’m a black lab fan for sure. :-)

  40. I love kittens… they are so playful and sweet!

  41. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your fabrics—I dont think I could pick a favorite if I had to—cant wait to see Nest! As for my favorite animal it would have to be dogs, more specifically MY dog Hubie who is a corgi with the most adorable little “bunny butt”!

  42. Ever since I was 3 years old, my favorite animal has been the rhinoceros!

  43. My favorite pet is a cat, but for non-pets it would be a chipmunk.

    I loved your Flutterby line and used it for a great sock-in-progress bag.

  44. My favorite animal would definitely have to be…a horse of course! :)

  45. Hello,

    I found your blog yesterday and have already read all your posts. I am amazed by your drawing, it totally blew me away. So, please keep showing your sketches, they really are inspirational.

    My favourite animal is actually a bird (so it’s not really an animal is it!). Anyway, it’s a puffin. A sombre black and white for the body and a craze of colour for the beak that it just had to let out.

  46. I love dogs! I lvoe you nest line. This is on my stuff to buy list for next month. I have got to stay on a budget. Ha. Stay cool. It is blazing hot in Weatherford, TX.

  47. My favorite is the giraffe. I love, love, love its long, long long neck!!! It’s always been by favorite!

    (However, I most recently for the first time ever saw a Luna Moth, and I must say it was very, very cool! It ranks right up there!)

  48. My favorite animal is a flamingo, then after that a horse. I can’t wait until my quilt shop gets your new line. I already have quilt pattern picked out to make with a charm pack, and some yardage. This would be great to win!!!

  49. Hmm my favourite animal used to be a cat but my daughter has changed that with her obsession with elephants!

  50. Mine would be a sea otter! I love how cute they look floating around eating abalone. I can’t wait for the new NEST line, I already have a quilt pattern picked out and ready to go.

  51. My Mom and I love your stuff and have been watching for NEST to come out. Beautiful – well done – thanks for offering such modern yet sweet fabric! Fav animal is a greyhound – Frankling and Mimi (Catch Me) are my two grey-babies. Thanks!

  52. This seems like a simple question – but I had a hard time deciding! We call my youngest daughter “monkey” – for the obvious reasons! So, I will go with the monkey as my favorite animal. Love your work!

  53. That bag with the little squirrel is so wonderful!!! My favorite animal is the shark. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by them.

  54. Just found this website today! How lucky! My favorite animal is the Bee. Yup, those hardworking, well organized, needed everywhere in the world, with great output – little buggers. Can you guess how much I adore the Flutterby line??

  55. The border collie. By far. See blog. : )

  56. I love elephants and hippos. I notice a few other people have mentioned elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions ect… maybe you’re planning your next collection to have a safari theme?

  57. Oooh, what a fabulous contest! That bag with the squirrel is precious. Cats are my favorite animals. There’s nothing like a cat (or a kitten!) to bring cheer to a house. That said, my cats and I enjoy watching squirrels, birds, and bunnies from the dining room window.

  58. My favorite animal is the dog. I know , boring. But they are loveable and they love you no matter what. I recently spent some time in the northeast and I am facinated by the loon. They are beautiful and really quite large. They have the most haunting call. Once you have heard it, you will never forget it. I love your work by the way!

  59. So far I have made a bag from Flutterby but my quilt shop only got charm packs of the Full Moon Forest. Favorite animal would be Great Danes, can’t live without them!

  60. my 5yr old loves going reading an animal picture book we have and her favorite page is the one with the blue footed booby- so in her honor- that’s my current favorite, I LOVE your fabric!!!

  61. I love giraffes… tall and serene and just a bit goofy looking. :D

    I would be ecstatic just to win a fabric charm pack, let alone that lovely bag!

  62. So sweet of you to give away so much! My jaw actually dropped at the sight of those gifts. Favorite animal is hard but I would probably go with the elephant.

  63. Hi Tula! I love to see you post and to post a giveaway at that! My favorite animal would have to be either a bird or a dog. Yep, couldn’t decide on just one. :o )

  64. I wanna Play! Okay so if I changed my secret name to “nottula’smama” or “tulawhosemama” would I be able to play? Well, since I know you are dying to know, my favorite animal is the “pinkerbug”, native to Pinkerville. I like this one especially because of the way their little butts light up in “Pink”. The twinkies especially like “goobies” however I don’t really think they qualify as an animal.

  65. You can buy my love! :) Haha, I love ya already. My fav animal has to be dogs. No breed in particular!

  66. My favorite animal is the meerkat. Nice giveaway by the way!

  67. My favorite animal is a squirrel, because that’s what my little girl’s nickname is!

  68. My favorite animal is my dog, Lunchbox. I adore Nest! But of course I love Nest, I loved Full Moon Forest and Flutterby.

  69. Hmmm. . . I haven’t thought about this question in a very long time. I would have to say hedgehogs. They are so cute and small and cuddly. If I were talking about specific animals, I would have to say my beagle, Penelope. I love your new fabric, btw, and hope I win!!!

  70. Besides squirrels, I love horses and kitty cats!

  71. Lovely things!! (Love the little squirrel!)
    It’s very difficult to pick a fav animal b/c we love them all over here – even the ones that others often dislike. One of my favs is the dog – we currently have two, but also have two bearded dragons, a crested gecko, a bunny, 2 rats, 2 cats, and two degus (yes, we have an ark started I think)… so take your pick there I guess. :)
    We live in the woods so we also have prowling around deer, amazing catfish in the pond (most have names), a muskrat or two, turtles, snakes, and squirrels, coyotes… and cows in nearby fields.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. I think my first inclination would be a blue flutterby.. but then, butterflies aren’t animals are they??? Growing up I always loved tigers, especially white ones and dolphins… but I think my Puggle puppy out rules everything….so Jake Ryan it is!

    Much love sister! Keep up the amazing work!

  73. Well, you can probably guess my favourite is the Whippet! I know you love them too, Tula, so no special favouritism with my entry, okay!! What am I saying – I would love to win the bag or the new fabric (which I am holding my breath for, and won’t let go until I get it!) A pony’s soft nose comes very close second.

  74. Meercats, they are so cute and fascinating, I love the way they stand on guard duty.

  75. tortoise of any kind, especially giant tortoises. They appear old and wise.

  76. Has to be the wombat, cute to look at with great attitude, who loves to sleep (just like me).

  77. That’s a tough one! I think it’s the giraffe — absurdly tall like me, but with a funky pattern!

  78. elephants. they are just big cuties. and smart and loyal.

  79. Ooooo, what a lovely bag and the fabric is fabulous! I would have to say that I am quite partial to cats. I have always loved them and their fuzziness.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. My favorite animal has to be the cat. I like their attitudes.

  81. oh, this is a tough one. but i think i will have to go with fawns

  82. My dog – a chihuahua. I made a quilt out of your Flutterby fabric – a charm square quilt – it came out great. I love it.

  83. Giraffe – they are so unusual and have a completely different perspective on life. ;-)

  84. My favorite is the polar bear!

  85. Ooh, this is fun! I’d have to say that my favorite animal is a sloth. There is a great show on PBS that my son adores called Big, Big World and the main character is a sloth. I can SO appreciate the pace of a sloth these days.

    Beautiful stuff, by the way!

  86. I love birds. I love to sit out on the porch and listen and look at the birds. It’s just so peaceful. Love your new line thanks for sharing goodies!

  87. I’ll have to say my favorite is cats (except the noisy ones in my house at meal time!). I love your fabric!

  88. My favorite animal is definitely the penguin! Love those little waddlers :)

  89. Hmmm, I’ve never really thought about what my favorite anomal was, but if I had to choose one, I’d have to say an otter because they seem really happy and sure are fun to watch.

  90. Without a doubt, a Horse is my favorite animal.

    thanks for blogging with such beautiful photos.

  91. I love kittens. Their paws and pads on their feet are so small, and I love their little voices!

  92. Favourite anmial? Has to be cats — have had cats all my life and am constantly amazed at just how different they are from one another.
    That bag is fantastic — absolutely love the squirrel on it!

  93. My favorite is….llamas. They are so stinken cute!! Llama love…

  94. I just love to wake up to the sound of birds in the morning. Once the snow leaves and the ice is off the lake I anxiously wait for the first call of the loon. The one bird I hate to wake up to is the crow, though!!

  95. hiya. i found your blog through stephanie. {loft creations}

    i would say that mu favortie animal of ALL time is, without a doubt, horses.
    they really are facinating creatures.

    i think you have a great blog. and i will be returning.
    thanks for doing a giveaway.
    love your fabrics too.

  96. Love your fabric! Just got my Full Moon Forest quilt back from the quilter. It is my favorite quilt, and I have many to choose from.
    As for Favorite animal, I would have to say my granddaughters ponies, Fox in Sox (Foxy) Peek a Blue (Pixie) Glenhaven Jester (Jessie) Silver Prince (Silver) and of course Almost Famous (Amos) Oh and lets not forget Roxy the Boxer dog.
    I already have Full Moon Forest, Flutterby (currently working on that quilt) and jellyrolls and layercakes of Nest, so this is not about the contest. Please share your great fabric with those less fortunate than me. Good Luck to All

  97. OMG. I just discovered your fabric line and I am amazed. It is clever, beautiful, geometric (which, I love), whimsical and in great colors. I cannot wait to make something with it! I bet my little girls will love it too.

    My favorite animal is the English Angora Bunny. I used to raise them and the babies are by far, the cutest animal on earth. They would be really cute in one of your designs (hint, hint).


  98. My favorite animal is a dog. Thanks for such wonderful fabric…can’t wait for NEST!

  99. my favorite animal is a goat–because they’ll eat anything!

  100. First let me say I love your fabrics especially the ones with the birds on it. I have 2 favorite animals besides my Schnauzers. I really like Eastern Bluebirds and I know you will think I am crazy but my other favorite is a bat, especially fruit bats.

  101. Love your fabric!
    My favorite wild animals are Giraffes. with an honorable mention going to – my cats.

  102. Love the fabric-my favorite animal is an elephant.

  103. Wow, I love your prizes – have to disagree with you on the odds though! I guess you didn’t anticipate getting this many comments:)

    Fave animal? A dolphin, it is a mammal so I’m hoping that qualifies even though they live in water.

  104. How fun to find your blog! I already am a very happy owner of a pretty charm pack of your fabrics and didn’t know you had a blog! You are not only a fabulous designer but you are funny too! What a fun post you wrote! I love hedgehogs at the moment because they are so cute, not as spiky as porcupines and they entertain us greatly when they pay us visits to our back yard.

    I hope I win!!!
    ~Emily in Norway

  105. What a great day for me to find your blog! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

    My favorite animal is the giraffe. I had an opportunity to feed some at a zoo a few months ago. They are such amazing animals.

  106. hi there! my most favorite would have to be a monkey! i don’t know, they just make me laugh whenever i see one on television. when i was a kid we knew a family that had their very OWN monkey!!!! how cool is that? of course i do believe they are pretty smelly and messy but hey so is my little pug, daisy. oh, and your fabric is just so beautiful! i have a special fondness for dragonflies and when i found your flutterby line i was in heaven :)

  107. I really love koi. I find them both beautiful and goofy, a perfect mix in an animal.

  108. Hey! Not sure if you remember, but we met at your mom’s shop… last year I think. I’m the random girl who told you to check out Urban Arts and Crafts in KC. Here’s a baby quilt my mom made for my daughter from some of your nifty fabric…

    And, my vote is for the wise old owl!

  109. Well, I know it isn’t original to pick cats as my favorite animals – but they really are… Even though mine peed in too many corners of my home this past weekend due to her annoyance that my husband was away for 2 weeks. Can’t say I blame her really – I missed him too! However I can still manage to find my way to the toilet!

  110. Tula, you’ve got a lot of reading to do now:) Look how popular you are… I’m #109.
    Favorite animal – Elephant. Why – big, smart, doesn’t shed and we both love peanuts.
    It’s hard not to love your fabrics. h:)

  111. I have been very eagerly awaiting Nest’s arrival!! My nest will not be complete until I make a Rag Quilt for it with the fabrics. :-) My favorite animal would have to be my dogs…Bichon Frise and English Cocker Spaniels. :-)

  112. Wow! Love the blog and your fabric!
    My fav animal would be a tie between my beloved beagle dogs who are the best companions anywhere and any animal on the endangered or soon to be endangered list. If that isn’t a wake up call for what we are doing to this world, then what is???
    Keep up the fab work!

  113. Such an awesome bag! And it’s my favourite colour too! Thanks for having this giveaway – you’re simply wonderful!
    My favourite animal is… the koala. I loveeeee them, but probably a little afraid of their claws =D.

  114. Not to close…Hedgehog. I think that thay are so cute. Love your new line of fabric.

  115. Hi there,
    I think my favourite animal is my cat, he is a black fluffy cat called Borat. When stitching I love to stitch bumble bees, they add such a cute warm feel to any stitchery.
    By the way, I just love your fabrics, so different and fresh.

  116. I haven’t had to come up with favorites in so long…now it’s so hard! I don’t know how to decide – prettiest? smartest? one that I have the best memories of? I could ponder it all day, but for now, I’ll say the red-breasted nuthatch. I remember one coming to our feeder outside of an apartment at one point and how happy I was to see it! Thanks for the giveaway – I enjoy checking your blog!

  117. I think it’s got to be the meerkat. Their inquisitive nature and the quirky way they stand and peer at the sky always makes me smile at them.

  118. My favorite animal: Panda b/c they are just too darn cute!!

    On a complete side note, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your fabric! I’m making my first quilt using Flutterby. I had actually ran out of fabric and while doing searches found your website and realized that your mom owns the quilt shop that my mom goes too (i live in Florida now). So random! So of course I sent my mom to the quilt shop to pick me up some more fabric.

  119. I love otters, they are so fun and playful!

  120. handsdown mine is the ZEBRA. Do you know that adult Zebras protect their young from danger the adult zebra gather together and circle their young. When the predator tries to attack it’s volnerable young the predator cannot tell where to attack as all the stripes of the many adult and young Zebras confuse the predator!!! It is so awesome!!

  121. My favorite animals are butterflies… they come in so many different colors and shapes!
    Thanks for the giveaway! I love your new fabric line… can’t wait till it arrives!

  122. Well, its the turtle of course!
    Love it all!!!!

  123. I am so in love with these fabrics! Right now I am really into owls. I think it is because a woman who I loved dearly–she was like my second mom–had this funky owl collection and they always remind me of her.

  124. I love the crazy spider monkeys at the zoo. They are always up to some antics and (even though it is sooo bad for them and luckily not allowed anymore) I used to love to feed them marshmellows at the zoo with my dad when I was little.

  125. i love wombats (and your fabric)!

  126. hmmm, my fav animal would have to be a plain old dog. I love how they love ya no matter what! Thanks for having this great giveway!

  127. What a beautiful bag!! My favorite animal this past year has been my bearded dragon lizard. Most people are surprised that I am “the lizard type”. I’m not really, but I sure have found a soft spot for this little guy.

  128. All cats and in particular lions. They have beautiful, intense eyes. They are independent but loyal family members. They have effortless strength and grace. When they mean business they mean business, no wasting of energy with this animal.

  129. I am a big fan of Nest, my favorite animal is a cow (with their big black eyes, and their musical moos) and, just so you know, the cost of my love is a charm pack ;)

  130. my dog. She’s not a special breed, just a cute black scruffy thing coming from generation of mixed dogs. She’s smart and loyal and funny and full of energy.

    She runs like the wind and cuddles up for hours in the evening…

    Lilli is the best.

  131. My favorite is my Sheltie, Lucy. No animal is more loving and sweet as she is. I hope I win, as I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your new line, NEST…and can’t wait until its on the quilt shop shelves around here.

  132. Wow, I finally made it to the bottom of the page! Wheeew!
    So my favorite would have to be the European River Otter. I mean if you don’t like otters you h’otter start! Hahahaha! Yeah, lame, but it’s a classic.
    Keep up the great work Tula, you’re the best designer out there!

  133. favorite animal of the moment: bunny

  134. Great giveaway and a wonderful blog! My favorite animal at the moment is the raven or crow. I think they are beautiful. I love your designs both visually and conceptually—the Nest line is a work of art!

  135. I can’t wait to get my hands and sewing machine ahold of NEST! Ohhhh, I love it! My favorite animal – horse.

  136. What a cute bag. I love the shape and fabric you used. I would say my favorite animal would be a hedgehog. Normally I would pick a unicorn but I suppose that’s not a “real” animal. :)

  137. Well, you didn’t say domestic or wild animal. My favorite domestic animal is that cat, proven by my 3 housecats and myriad outdoor cats. My favorite wild animal is the squirrel (the bag would be perfect for me!). I think they are just so crazy and comical.

  138. My favorite animal is a pig, especially the pot-belly kind celebrities keep as pets.

  139. You do come up with such lovely ideas and designs! I simply love the fabrics and the bag, too. My current favourite ‘animal’ has to be the owl – i have a baby girl and i want her to grow up to be grounded and wise …..

  140. well, i know this isn’t an animal, but more of a reptile/amphibian (can’t really remember), but i love turtles. i really love logerheads the most, and love seeing at the aquarium when we go……

  141. I have just started quilting and can’t wait to find some of your fabrics in my area! They look beautiful! My favorite animal would be a giraffe.

  142. Oo, pretty! I adore squirrels, actually.

  143. My love for you is always free. But that won’t stop me from having you buy my love with your delicious delights.

    My favorite animal. Hmm. I’ll have to think. Any animal besides a mole/gopher – I’m having a Bill Murray moment with one right now.

  144. I love hedgehogs! Unfortunately they’re illegal in California so I’ll just have to fixate on all the cute lil hedgehog textiles!

  145. I’m experiencing a love affair with owls, lately. They’re so much fun to make with fabric!

  146. I just love owls myself (loved them so much I named my sewing business Night Owl Designs), but my first love was horses. I have always loved them and would love to own a big ranch with horses running around.

    Your goodies are beautiful, just like your fabrics!

  147. hmm…how can I possibly choose just one, well if I had to I’d say lemurs because they look and act so cool, although sharing a house with four kids I’d say sloths come a close second!!

  148. Wow! What great stuff! This is the first time that I have ever done this so I hope that I am doing it correctly!!
    My favorite animal is most defineitly the WOLF!!! The wolf is a strong, beautiful creature. They are remarkable and very mysterious.

  149. My favorite animal is the elephant! Lol.

  150. A moose! Why? Because they’re ever so gangly, just like me. I like to think I am a tad more attractive in the face department though :P

  151. Well my favorite animal would be a dog, but I know that has been done so many times. I would say Llama as my second runner up. Oh to have a farm with chickens, llamas, my puddin jacks and some pekineses! LOL

  152. Well, since you asked, I have to say the Chinchilla. I’ve never actually owned one, but got to pet and hold one while touring a pet shop, and they’re like holding a living, breathing fur coat. Sooooo soft.

    BTW, I believe in leaving the fur coats on the animals, if it’s all the same.

    It’s funny you have a squirrel on your cute striped bag. I’ve been at war with the squirrels in my backyard. They like to gnaw at the baby coconuts on the palm tree until they eat them up, which means no grown-up coconuts. I sit in my home office and watch for them, and run out yelling and shaking my fist at them when I see them stalking.

  153. My favorite pet is a cat, but my favorite animal in general is the beluga whale for its cute profile.

  154. My favorite animal is a raccoon. When I was little my Dad accidentally cut down a tree that had a nest of baby raccoons and one became my best friend. We feed him with a baby bottle and he was so cute because he would roll over on his back and hold the bottle with all his four paws. When my mother was cooking, he would climb on the screen door and try to get in. Smart raccoon. Love all your giveaways and thanks for letting me share a memory with you.

  155. I love cats and have always had Siamese or Ragdoll cats. Now I have a Burmilla who is so sweet that we just snuggle with her every time we make eye contact. Lately, though, I have fallen in love with alpacas. They are like nothing else I’ve ever been around. And our rescued poodle Gracie, who was raised as a “cell dog” is also perfect. I guess for me animals are a lot like fabric. Whatever I’ve fondling and ogling at the moment is lovely.

  156. The rabbit is my favorite animal. I think it is the hop and the tail that makes them so cute.

  157. When we talk about our favorite animal,it has to be something that will make you feel good when you see it,touch it or draw it. If you are able to do that ..then it is your favorite one.

    My favorite it is a bird;a ROBIN —Its small ,sings beautiful,has a wide range of variety and colors such as the red chest,yellow chest ,white chest(oriental)
    But what I love most is the COLOR of their eggs :”Robin’s egg blue ”
    Thats what I call “Organic color+ all handmade”

    All agree? Yeah me too.


  158. Really love horses. They were my escape when I was younger and my ticket to freedom. Some of my happiest times were on a horse. No one ever questioned where I was or how long I was gone. So for me they are a symbol of freedom and pure joy. Now I live in the city and don’t ride but I always pull over when I see one and take a little break.

  159. Do you remember me i am the 11 year old that loves your fabric!!!!! My favorite animal is a dog but just not any dog a dachshund!!!! we have one named Ginger michelle! I love the bag! if you would like go to my dad’s quilting

    thanks Autumn

  160. I love dogs, specially puppies.
    Puppy breath, awwwwww.

  161. I love all animals but at the moment I am particularly fond of the baby orphaned bats I have been taking care of at work. They have fur now and have moved on to solid food but you can see pics of when they were nudie baby baby milk drinking bats on my Flickr account

  162. What a cute bag! And yaaaay, a giveaway! My favorite animal is the jellyfish, followed by the camel.

  163. Oooh, a giveaway! (Don’t send anything to me, I’m in the UK and it would be too expensive. Thought I’d put my two penneth in, though.) My favorite animal is the hare, partly because they look so wild with their long ears and lanky limbs, but mostly because they box. They don’t box to fight, they box when male and female meet – she seriously kicks his ass to see if he’s tough enough!

  164. How fun! My favorite animal . . . bunny rabbit. I had one house trained when I was a teen :) So fluffy and soft! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  165. Favorite Animal: Porcupine
    Reason: My son had an imaginary friend for many years named Jackson. They played together for hours. I owe Jackson a lot. Jackson was a porcupine.

  166. My favorite animal is really a bird. The hummingbirds that are visiting my feeder this summer constantly distract me from whatever I am doing whether I am cooking, sewing, cleaning, I just have to stop and watch. I love the tiny feet and how quickly their wings flutter. I am in awe and always trying to take pictures of them but the pictures are never as good as the real thing because in a photo you cannot hear their wings buzzing.

    Your new line NEST has stopped me in my tracks too, I love it!

  167. I love big dogs! Just not in the house, thank you. I don’t have any pets right now, but have in the past.

  168. My fav animal is a Giraffe! Aren’t they so elegant?

  169. I love that bag! My favorite type of animals are tortoises. :)

  170. I love rabbits and have some, make that a hoard of your rabbit fabric in all the colours it came in…. just love it, but can’t bring myself to cut into it.

  171. My favourite animal has to be the household cat. So loving and snuggly especially on a winters night. I’d just like to say I love your fabric! It’s so beautiful!

  172. Are we allowed more than one? Favorite pet: terrier (so much more independent than most dogs), favorite zoo animal: elephant (so huge but so gentle), favorite amphibian: salamander (cute yet elegant), favorite insect: ladybug (so trite but just too cute).

    Ms. Pink, I can’t tell you how much I adore your work. You personally have gotten me sewing again. Now there are fabric AND yarn scraps everywhere!

  173. I love kitty cats. They are so snuggly and loving. I love to hear that purr!

  174. My heart belongs to the kitties.

  175. My favorite animal right now is the black bear because I just scared up a little one while out huckleberry picking a few weeks ago.

  176. My favorite animal is the Pueo, the Hawaiian Owl. It is my family’s aumakua and is supposed to guide and protect our family. So I revere and respect the pueo very much!

  177. My favorite animal is the Golden Retreiver dog. Beautiful, gentle,souls. Your work is amazing and I so enjoy looking at all of it, Your designs are awesome! Your prints are making me want to sew even more!

  178. Companion: dog
    Farm: cow
    Forest: newt
    Zoo: chimpanzee

    I hope naming four doesn’t disqualify me!

  179. I would love to be entered into your giveaway. My favorite animal is the cat. I adore cats, they have so much personality. Also if you would consider insects, I adore Blue Morpho butterflies. They are my absolute favourite.
    I love your blog, and all of your fabric. It is so colourful, and has such funky designs. I love it all :)

  180. I love elephants!

  181. Snails, because if you dip them in food colouring then they will paint you a picture!

    I’ve just come across your blog and I love the designs. I’m very fond of Johanna Basford’s designs too. Have you seen her stuff? It’s wallpaper rather than fabric, but I reckon you’d get a kick out of her work.

  182. Wow-so many comments! And so many animals! Peacocks are my favourite “animal”, although, in all honesty, I really love dragonflies the best. As a result, I absolutely love your gorgeous Flutterby fabric – my sister and I recently spent a whole evening on the net tracking down the diamond quilt kit, as we have really struggled to find any here in New Zealand…

  183. what a great fabric line, as flutterby
    my favourite animal, hmmmmmm, there are plenty
    but I think all kinds of cats, the one I have at home and leopards especially, they are just amazing

  184. I’d have to say my favorite animal has to be an ape. Every time we go to a zoo, they’re by far my favorite and I could easily watch them for hours.

  185. Hi, I already left one comment but what was I thinking? Turtles!!!!!!!!! They are the cutest, box turtles, sea turtles, snapping turtles I am a little afraid of though… Love your fabrics :)

  186. Elephants!! They are so adorable and so smart!

  187. Thank you so much. Love your designs. I’d have to say that right now my favorite animal is an owl. Mom collected them and has a bunch. They make me think of her.

  188. That is a tough question as there are so many wonderful animals to be found in this world. However, so as not to upset the two furballs that live with me, I must say that my favorite animals are two sweet kitties named Kitty and Bo. We weren’t very creative with the names, I know (though Kitty is definitely not my doing).

  189. How do I pick a favorite animal? I’m currently fascinated with crafty incarnations of owls.

  190. I like pictures of peacocks and their colors, but they’re so noisy in real life! The flamingos and hippos were pretty great at the zoo last week.

  191. I love me some forest animals. Moose, squirrels, hedgehogs, raccoons, deer…. you want me to narrow it down?!? I don’t know that I can LOL

  192. Just found your blog via craft. Amazing drawings and fabrics. Really fabulous.

    I think my favorite animal right now is a hedge hog. They’re just soooo cute. My favorite changes a lot though.

  193. Currently my favorite animal is a monkey. Molly Monkey to be more specific. I made one from mmmcrafts pattern (using fabric from Flutterby charm pack) and I am now making a boy version for my son. Yeah for cute crafts and awesome fabric!

  194. LOVE my golden retiever…she’s a princess and she knows it. My daughter even told me that when she dies she wants to come back as my dog. That’s either a sad statement or a compliment, depending.

  195. My favorite animal are cats. No it’s not original but there it is. I am an unabashed cat person.

  196. I found your blog from a link to a link on CRAFT magazine and love your work. I primarily knit but come from a long line of tailors & seamstresses, and your fabric designs are fantastic!

    My favorite creatures are ladybugs, but since they’re technically insects (and not animals), I’m going to add on that my favorite animals are dogs.

  197. my favorite animal is a platypus! because this thing is so gee darn weird!

    and also? that ‘swirl’ patterned fabric is fantastic!!! love it MUCHO

  198. My favorite animals are turtles! I have turtle everything. I love your work! Thank you so much for sharing it with us on your blog!

  199. My favorite animal is a tiger! They are huge and so strong!

  200. Glad that I checked back in on your blog. Love your designs! My favorite animal is the dog, specifically the greyhound.

  201. I absolutely love dolphins – i love going to Sea World, just because you can buy the disgusting little fish and feed them and touch them!

    And I love the Nest line… I’ll have to buy some after I convince myself to cut into the Flutterby fat quarters! ;)

  202. Koalas. I can’t help myself. They are so cute it hurts me. I mean, I named my blog after them, geez! :D Thanks for the chance to win some of your goodness :D

  203. The peacock…how does nature do that!

  204. I swear I’m not making this up–squirrels! I once fostered a baby squirrel named Stuart and fell in love. They are so smart and curious!

  205. My favorite animal is the cat. I read somewhere that people with cats live on the average 10 yrs longer than the ones without. It has to do with them sitting on your lap and when you pet them and they purr they are actually relieving your stress. They get something out of the arrangement also but I still feel that without mine I would have some pretty boring eveings. I sure hope I win one of the prizes.

    Barbara in TX

  206. Great giveaway! My favorite animal is a Maine Coon cat!

  207. you are a creative inspiration!! thanks for offering your goodies.

    my two dogs are by far my favorite animals, but I actually consider them my children. sooo, I’d have to go with an owl as my favorite animal. I love their big huge eyes, roundish bodies, and mysterious sounds.

  208. My favourite animal is definitely the dog. If we’re talking non domesticated, than it would be the fox.

    I just finished my first ever quilt from your Flutterby fabrics and I cannot wait to get my hands on Nest! Your fabrics are simply amazing.

  209. My Favourite animals are meerkats.
    I just found your blog, your fabrics are awesome.

  210. Well, it does appear that you are quite popular. Maybe I should do some give-aways. ;)

    Anyhoo, my favorite animal is a bird: owl. I’ve gotten to hold two of them. So cool.

  211. my favorite animal has always been a horse. sooo typical for a teen girl. but the one that brings me the most pleasure AND pain is the dog. good ones bring out your most loving, kindest best, and the bad ones turn me into a raving lunatic! :-)

  212. I love love love your fabric. I just found your website yesterday and I am drooling over here.

    My favorite animal would have to be a kitten!!!

  213. Hi, my favourite domesticated animal is the dog
    you fabrics are amazing

  214. My favorite animal has got to be a baby fawn. How cute are they? I guess any baby animal would make me ooh and awh though. I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did- I love your fabric!

  215. Ooh, that’s a tough question because I’m an animal lover. Favorite animal?
    Besides our two cats and dog, I’d have to say dolphins. My husband got me into scuba diving – once I had the chance to see these graceful creatures underwater, I was hooked!
    I am a fan of your fabric collections! It would be wonderful to receive a charm pack or bag…thanks for the opportunity!

  216. My favorite animal has to be the unicorn! But if I had to pick a real one, I’d go with Octopus… they’re smart creatures!

    Found your blog from CRAFT Magazine!

  217. Bunny rabbits – all sizes, all shapes, all colors, floppy ears, straight ears, I don’t care. Why do you think I work at a quilt shop named The Rabbit’s Lair??!

  218. Dogs!! I love dogs. Especially my mutt from the pound. He is too cute:)

  219. I have a slight owl addiction lately. The funny thing is, I am kind of creeped out by the real thing (any kind of birds really), but I just LOVE anything owl-related!!

  220. dogs and sugar gliders are my favorite animals! and this fabric looks absolutely lovely!

    thanks for hosting the give away!

  221. fave animal = fish
    why = they keep my husband occupied
    : )
    xoxo, love your stuff!!!

  222. I’d love to enter your contest – what fun!

  223. Oops.. I forgot to mention, my favorite animal is the giraffe!

  224. We have a pet rat. The sweetest lttle rat in the world and I would feel such a traitor if I chose something else, so … Rat!

  225. Definitely the moose…I’ve had a thing for them since I was in college.

  226. It’s not an animal, really, but a bird. I love owls…always have. I purchased some of your “full moon forest” material and made a purse out of it…you can see a pic of it on my blog!!! I would love, love, love to own one of the packs of “nest”!!!!

  227. Great blog…Favorite animal would have to be the cute and dangerous all at once.

  228. Cats, even though they are vicious little beasties, I love them.

  229. holy smokes, i just found your blog, your fabric and am in instant love! i think my favorite animal is a bambiesque deer. i’m not sure i love them in person because they won’t seem to love me back but in animated, fabric, plush or even print form, they are fabulous. :)

    now i’m off to stalk down some of your fabric. swoon.

  230. WOW! What a long list of swell animals! For me–it has to be teddy bears! Any kind or color–just so they are soft and wooggie (that means squishy and cuddley!) They are clean and quiet and require very little to eat! A very practical pet! Luv ya!

  231. I like echidnas : shy Australian marsupials similiar to a porcupine. Its also my birthday on the 17th!!!!!!!

  232. My favorite animal is an elephant!!!

  233. It’s impossible to choose just one animal! In terms of cuteness, I love fawns. I also love polar bears, they are such amazin creatures! But my favorite animal of all would be my dog, just because it’s my baby!

  234. giraffe!!

    or maybe elephant.

    hard to pick, they are both so amazing.

  235. I love your work. My favorite animal is a pigeon, much to everyone’s dismay. I grew up in a rural area and now that I’m living in the city, I still point out the one’s with interesting colors to my boyfriend. He doesn’t care very much…

  236. I am going to go for the obvious: DOG. I just think they are fun to be around!

    The NEST line is beautiful!

  237. Why the Three Toed Sloth, for sure!
    My husband and I spent our honeymoon in a rented home in Costa Rica. Our last day, one big hairy, slow, green (from the constant wetness) took up residence in a tree in our yard. It was the most fascinating creature. And it was nice that I didn’t miss it – so slow.
    Love your blog and have it listed on my blog.

    Cool giveaway. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Thanks!

  238. I am a Kitty fan. I am liking Owls right now too! I also love all other Birds!

  239. Otters! We have 2 that live nearby & I love to watch them playing in the water.

  240. THE MUTT……….dogs…best friends, unconditional, amazing creatures. i love the magic of your fabric looking back at you!

  241. Monkeys!! They’re so cute and I just want to pinch their cheeks and love them.

  242. Odds of winning are totally against me but the squirrel is way too cute to not to try… I have always loved cats but since that is such a typical answer I’ll say… otters!! I fell in love with them at the Vancouver Aquarium. They were floating on their backs holding hands!! So blissful looking. Since then otters have had a special place in my heart.

  243. oooh, i just discovered your site today, and its lovely! i’d have to go with flying squirrels as we have one as an occasional house guest right now! he’s so sweet! even let me take pictures on my phone… thanks! bye…

  244. so happy to have found your blog – very inspiring.
    my fav animal is the giraffe – so graceful.
    thanks for the giveaway and inspiration!

  245. Wow – i have to put down 2 – the great Boxer dog of which i have never been without one since i was 18! And the horse, specifically Arabians – my love affair with horses startede when i got my first one as therppy – having been in a wheelchair for years – when i was like 14 yrs old and ended with the loss of Micah – my main man – true love in the form of a tiny arabian horse whom I lost like 5 years ago. i guess since i still an will always have a boxer dog – im going with the boxer dog!!!! truly teh greatest american dog!!!!!!

    Tami from tucson. P. S. I love your fabric – since i am a bunny addict – thanks to anne sutton of bunny hill desiggns – i am still trying to find that fabric line of yours with teh bunnies – everyone seems to be out of it!

  246. My favorite animal at the zoo is the giraffe. I love how awkwardly graceful they are and they have a sweet face. I love birds in illustrations and in fabrics, though I’d never even think about owning a real one :) .

  247. It’s hard to pick, but I’ve had a long love for turtles — especially sea turtles, which are such graceful swimmers. When I contemplate a turtle, I begin to wonder how such a weird creature even exists! That’s part of what I love about them.

  248. Oh I love the giraffe too! I always have done since winning a huge stuffed one as a child at the local show.
    LOVE your Nest line, I just googled it to see if I could see some better pictures before purchasing online :)

  249. My daughter, she is a real monkey and quite the inspiration. Thank you for the give away!

  250. Mmmm….white tigers have always been my favorite sight to see at the zoo! :-D

  251. i am a panda fan

  252. I found you just in time to win a prize. How cool. I have many favorite animals. Today’s fave is the CHIPMUNK!

    Now back to exploring your blog. Which is beautiful.

  253. English Bulldog, I just can’t get enough!

    Love the bag ;)

  254. Oh, I love all animals so much that I don’t even start with that babble.. If I would chooce one, I guess it would be an owl. They just are so, independent and weird :)

  255. A mockingbird…every spring when I hear one’s peculiar call I know that summer is well on its way. I love your art!

  256. My favourite animal is the little red panda – it is beyond cute!! I love the bag – your creations and designs are awesome!

  257. The spotted fawn is my favorite

  258. Just stumbled upon your blog and so excited about the giveaway! How fun!!! Hands down my favorite animal is a Humpback Whale!!! They are just SO huge and amazing!!!

  259. I love your fabrics! My favorite animal is a ferret :)

  260. Golden Retriever. I have two of these wonderful, furry creatures. Woman’s best friend.

  261. OWLS! (my son and I once “saved” one)

    That’s what brought me to your website! I was looking at owl bags on & saw one made with your full moon forest fabric. I instantly gasped & fell in love. So I googled “full moon forest” and found your website. I have to tell you that your designs are gorgeous.

    Although not relevant, I must also mention that there’s a full moon tonight (moon shadows!).

  262. mine is for sure the manta ray!