Applesauce Ball 2008!

So Quilt Market has come and Gone. I am about ready to fall asleep right here at my desk. If I have keyboard marks on my forehead please just ignore them. With all of the excitement of meeting and greeting, selling and smiling I am left with only a few pictures to my credit but possibly of the most important event that took place at the Moda booth this fall.

That’s right, I am talking about Applesauce Ball 2008! The question burning in every-one’s mind is this… What do a bunch of designer’s do after 5 days without sleep, a wide open space and a bag of apples? No, it’s not a riddle it’s simply a series of circumstances that lead to the inevitable.



mmmmm. Tastey!


Naturally we play baseball with them. It took us a few tries to actually hit one, like I said we are “designers” not athletes. Once we did it was sweet apple pie for everyone! The unexpected burst of tiny apple bits flying everywhere was more than enough to put our giggles over the edge after a long week. Several innings later we were left only with these small remnants and a sore pitching arm.


Oh the aftermath!

This is what happens when the doors close and we are left to our devices on anything but our best behavior. We had 3 hours to pack up our gigantic booth and be back on a plane to Dallas, which got cancelled, and in our offices 12 hours later. I wait months for Quilt market to come and then it all seems to be over in a blink. Now I can barely move and if I happen to spell any of this right or complete a coherent sentence than I will consider today a success.

6 Responses to “Applesauce Ball 2008!”

  1. Crack. Ing. Up! Best market post ever!

  2. I am shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you–to see A and W misbehaving!
    It was great to see you again…and your lovely fabric.

  3. Sorry we missed all the fun. I am fondling my charm pack of “Neptune” right now. I’m not sure what to make with it. I will send pictures when “it” is done. Ta-Ta

  4. Hi
    All I can say, is that any fun you pulled together at the end of this market was well deserved. So much hard work, creative thoughts go into the week – and you can only smile at people just so long – and then it is over. Good for you, if we had been there we would have joined you. Was a great market and now busy planning the next – no rest for the wicked.

  5. Thats it I am never leaving market early again. Go for it girls.

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