neptune_header.jpgdeepsea.jpgaqua.jpgalgae.jpgcoral.jpgSo here it is! I am so proud of this collection that I could spit, if spitting didn’t totally gross me out. I have been making tons of stuff out of this and can’t wait to actually finish something so I can show it to you. I suppose you have already guessed the theme, it’s dogs! Just kidding. I grew up on the coast so this is especially special to me. It feels like home. I am landlocked here is Dallas so Neptune is a little tribute to what I miss most about California, the ocean. It was freakin’ cold so I didn’t go in it all that much but I looked at it a lot and that’s gotta count for something, right? Neptune will be hitting the shops in March. It will give you something to look forward to through the winter.

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  1. Love it, love it, love it! Great work! This *might* be better than Flutterby… guess I’ll find out in March! :-D I really love the deep sea colorway! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is gorgeous! I totally love it!

  3. I think these two just won the world record for the fast response EVER! I was barely done posting this sucker.

  4. OMG This entire line just makes me happy!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!!

  5. First time posting to your blog. I am a fan. I love this. I especially like Deep Sea. Reminds me of something specific in my childhood. Writing from Santa Monica California. Native California and proud of it.

  6. I love it! And once I can get my hands on some, it will make a beautiful quilt for my parents lakeside house. Great work, once again!

  7. this is so pretty. i absolutely love the colors…especially the dark blue.

  8. Just beautiful! I’ve been on a fabric diet, but this is definitely going to make me binge!

  9. It looks so great! Congrats on another success!

  10. Wow! I’m not the nautical type but I have to have some when it comes out. I absolutely love your color choices and the turtle patterned fabric.

  11. I love love this line! That center navy just wows me, I love the depth of color. I’m working on a fun Neptune project now as you know. Featuring my not-so-great embroidery, which is why its taking so long. I promise, we’re headed to Disneyland but when I get back I’ll crank it out and mail it. Its so darling in my mind, I can’t wait to get it done in fabric.

    You’re the greatest. xop

  12. Oh, rats. This is a gorgeous collection, but if you ever DO dogs… Well, you know. It’d be mighty cool.
    Dave – Guide Dog for the Color Blind

  13. Magnificent! When it’s available, please let us know where we can get some. Really special. You’re so talented.

    I especially love the deep sea colors, not so common and rich and yummy.

    I also love the ocean being a San Francisco baby.

  14. Hooray! Coming from another sea-deprived person. North Sea in my case. Great work Tula! Can’t wait to see what you made with it!

  15. Love love love! I can’t wait for it to be available – those anchors… so great! I’m already thinking of a great quilt made from these fabrics!

  16. Seriously amazing! I can’t get over how much I love the turtle damask!!!

  17. Awesome selection, I ‘m not gonna lie, I’m a true a fan of your work.

  18. It’s absolutely gorgeous…I especially love deep sea and aqua! I can’t wait to see what you are making out of it as well!

  19. yup … i definitely see some of this in my future. hope you’re doing well!

  20. Oh I’m so excited! I have been excited ever since your posts of the sketches for Neptune. I’m a Pisces (and I think a mermaid in a past life) so this is just like you wrote my name all over it! :D

    Congratulations! :)

  21. Oh my goodness. I love it and you do such great work.

  22. Wow it’s amazing. I’m going to need a yard of each I think I couldn’t possibly pick just one! I’m totally impressed.

  23. Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful. I cannot WAIT to use it!! March is so far away ;_;

  24. I love this collection almost beyond reason. I’ll be dreaming all winter long of what I will make with it (and saving my pennies for several yards of each of my favorites)!

  25. WOW! What a collection! Awesome job!!!

  26. *groan* I don’t know if I can wait til March, lol!!!! This is just too beautiful! Now to find a quilt pattern that will do it justice. And I will keep it for myself, to remind me of the ocean every time I use it. This is a stunning collection!

  27. Awesome! LOVE nautical stuff. I am from Oregon, so when I lived in Dallas I also felt sooo sad to be so far away from the water. When I moved to Houston, I was so glad to be close to the water. Nobody else in TX understood because they think the gulf water is gross. It is SO much better than having no ocean at all, though!

    I’m loving the anchor stripes.

  28. Ooooh… The “Deep Sea” colorway just connects with my Oregonian brain so much—deep and murky like our ocean. Thanks for creating such a wonderful, wonderful line.

  29. Love it! Glad to see something that will be right at home in my home town of Huntington Beach, CA. A unique collection!

  30. You are just hitting your stride. This is the best yet!

  31. Stunning! I am SO excited about these fabrics. :-)

  32. OMG… I love it… I need to get some and make me a messenger bag for my 4 yr old boy. It’s so hard to find something nice and not boring for litlte boys….

  33. Love it all! Can’t wait to sew with it.

  34. What did your monther tell you about spitting? Ok, you are right it is that beautiful. I just finished making an apron from one of the prints!!

  35. oh those are gorgeous!! can’t wait for it to come out – I want every one of them!

  36. Just awesome!! Anyone who has lived near the water, visited the water, wants to live or visit near the ocean, river, lake, stream, or knows someone ……………’s a must buy!!! It’s quite charming, thanks for the sneak preview, and congrats!!! Linda

  37. Living on the “other” coast I can absolutely say this is fabulous!

  38. Looooooove it! (Sung in ‘high C’)

  39. As everyone else has said already, this fabric is simply amazing — every fabric is a real gem. I don’t know how I’ll decide which to choose.

  40. So sophisticated and gorgeous! I love the navy!!

  41. wow! wish I had room in my WILTS (what I’d like to start) to get some of your line right away

  42. Hi Tula
    I love your new line!!!!

  43. Her mother told her if she was going to spit be sure to have panties with no holes…just in case.

  44. Kimberly,
    I love that you love her new line!!!!

  45. It’s beautiful! March seems like a long time to wait :)

  46. A beautiful new line! I want to see more of this one!

  47. Okay I love this line & I will have to pass it on to my mom (, who is the master quilter in the family. I just stumbled upon your blog & it is so weird to read because my mom has totally made a quilt with Flutterby & is always shopping at your mom’s shop. Weird when worlds collide randomly!

    Love the line! Congrats!

  48. Tula, these are just stunning – how can we all wait til March?? Do do a dog design – you have to include Whippets, yes?!!

  49. love, Love, LOVE this collection!
    I am having my 1st baby boy after 3 girls and I am so pleased to find this cute collection that call out to me.
    i hope to have lots of fun sewing with these great looks! You are such the incredible artistic genius!
    I have loved your Owl print from the previous Full moon Forest collection and my daughter loves to run and play in the outfit I made with it!

  50. Your new designs are so lovely and piscine- and thank you for publishing your design process. I love that you combine hand drawn textile design with computer aided design – not many people seem to do it anymore (the hand drawn aspect) and it certainly gives your designs a distinct look. Keep up the beautiful work!

  51. Neptune is so brilliant, when I opened your blog it actually took my breath away, good lord, what can I say, I love it so much. As soon as it reaches Oz I’m buying the whole Deep Sea colour way for a quilt for my Dad…. It is absolutely beautiful! (Nest was my last fave!!) Jenny, you’re a clever clever girl. Good luck with this one!!

  52. Madly, madly, madly, madly, madly, deeply madly in love with your Neptune! I love it all, right down to your colorway names.

    March is a VERY LONG ways away.

  53. I’m just gloating to say I’ve sewn with these fabrics and they’re wonderful. My Jentastic project is on the way.. so watch your mail!!!

  54. wow. wow. WOW!! I”m excited to get my hands on some of that too! I love the colors .

  55. Absolutely beautiful! This is my favorite collection so far. The colors are incredible. I hope Dallas is treating you well!


  57. Are you out there? Did you get settled in?

  58. Tula is getting settled in Pinkerville. Once the clamour of the parade and ticker tape settled down reality set in. Can a creative mermaid possibly create in a world of dark brown and beige??? I think her paint covered coveralls would bring a fortune on Etsy. I promise inside pics.
    We do have a mice issue. How many pistachio nuts can one mouse move in one night?? There will be a prize for the correct number. Just between you and me I think there is more than one. Mouse not nut. Don’t tell Tula

  59. Hey Happy Holidays
    Hope you’re doing alright
    Miss your updates
    southern California
    Michelle’s mom in law :)

  60. Jen,
    This collection is beautiful and reminds me of all I miss. So sad that you left Dallas, but glad you are now with your family. Keep up the great work and
    drop us an email once and again. I wish you the best, you are a very talented lady. Come into the shop if you are in Dallas again. Ronda

  61. This line is appealing on so many levels. I, like many, am looking forward to it being available. I’m somewhat behind and have only just purchased my first jelly, charm pack, and layer cake of NEST which also holds deep appeal. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!

  62. I swooned when I saw that particularly swirly pattern — looking vaguely Japanese and exquisitely beautiful. The coral version, particularly, makes my heart do flipflops. I’m determined to have some. It feels very close to my heart;
    [ ]
    I went through a pink-swirly-ocean-themed phase m’self. :)

  63. Ohhhh, I’m drooling! You’re fabrics are gorgeous. I love nautical, and I love your colors. I can’t wait to get my hands on some. :)


  64. ok, i am totally behind but I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. i will absolutely be clearing some space to have a place to store this when i but many many yards!!!!!!!! ahhhh ok. enough freaking out. but still beaufiful

  65. Very yummy! Great job :)

  66. I love them all! I’ve signed up to be notified when they come in to several vendors, can’t wait!!! My Dad works at the NE Aquarium and he will get a big kick out of these–it will be fun to make a skirt out of the triton turtle one and have him figure out what it is ;) I made my girls’ easter dresses out of the bunny toile last year and I only wish they still fit! LOVED that fabric! Fabulous work, brilliant as usual!

  67. I just saw this collection in my email the other day and I love it all. The colors are fabulous. I love, love, the kelp. I can’t wait to get some of this.

  68. Oh wow! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven :o ) LOVE it all!

  69. I love it! My husband is in the Navy and getting ready to deploy soon. I always get a little depressed when he deploys so this year I decided I would make myself something special to comfort me while he’s away. I was looking for something nautical when I stumbled upon your Neptune collection. I literally swooned. It’s gorgeous and soooo perfect! Thank you for putting this together, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. :)

  70. It’s absolutely stunning. Must. Have. Deep. Sea.

  71. I’m so sorry i’m only just now seeing this fabric… my son is in the navy and I have a beautiful granddaughter to sew for with another one on the way… is this fabric still available any where?? I love all of them! great colors, graphics, love it all! especially the submarines!

  72. :( I just started quilting 5 minutes ago…well, actually 5 weeks ago and I’ve fallen in love with your Neptune line and I can’t find a stitch of it anywhere! At least I can look at one of the fabrics on my desktop.

  73. I just finished a baby quilt with my Neptune charm pack and am gearing up to finally use the layer cake I purchased 2 years ago. I had forgotten just how soothing and beautiful this line is. Please let me know if it ever becomes available again.


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