Whippet Good

dakota.jpgMeet Dakota. She is the one and only true love of my BFF in North Carolina. Dakota and I have a rocky history beginning with the eating of my ipod and ending with the ceremonial burying of my wallet in the backyard. We have worked through our differences mainly being the attention of her owner and my friend. I have bowed to her unyielding presence as the queen of the household and now we get along just fine. In an effort to seal the deal on our life long sharing of her owner I made her this gift of peace and unity. It was also another opportunity for me to indulge in the splendor of Spoonflower. So I made this portrait fabric and fashioned it into a dog bed in which she can rest her royal rump after a long and arduous day of burying my prized possessions (or at least the things that are the most difficult to replace like my driver’s license). I told you I have been busy and this is just the beginning of many little projects I have indulged in since my removal to isolation.

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  1. Your dog pillow is AWESOME! Welcome to Raleigh … maybe I’ll see you around! ; )

  2. That is amazing – your work, not the dog! Love the attitude she exudes :)

  3. That is gorgeous. Lucky dog!

  4. Very beautiful!! Shame on that dog!

  5. Everything about this, the design, the bed, the queen pooch… delightful!

  6. That dog is adorable…that pillow is awesome…and your work is amazing!

  7. Love it! Its an amazing dog bed.

  8. I have always loooooved whippet dogs… and love your site… especially the paisley fabric in your header!

  9. THAT IS SO COOL! OMG, I might have “borrow”, ahem, your idea and make one for my new dog and then my three cats!

  10. I AM IN SUCH AWE. If I could go supersize font – I would. Your art and skills take my breath away. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  11. O. M. G – I am shaking in my seat! This is to-die-for! I think we are channelling one another LOL! Such a sweet Whippy face – my dog had that ‘Panda Eyes’ markings as a puppy. I am so damm jealous of her on her bed! Can I be cheeky and ask if a custom job for moi is out of the question?

  12. What a lucky pooch! Mine would drool if she could see that fabulous new bed. I won’t show her!!

  13. That is one lucky whippet…What a present!
    Love the humour:)

  14. Great idea! I really like the wall in the background. Excellent.

  15. My herd of hounds are more than jealous of this bed. Now of course 5 enquiring whippet minds want to know where they can get a couple of these beautifully royal beds.

  16. Wow! That is fabulous!

  17. Love your blog… and we are picking up our first whippet in a few weeks time! I love your doggy bed.

  18. Love love love this dog bed. I’m inspired.

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