Nest Goes Hollywood


So my bloggy friends, Pamela and Lindsey, let me know about this Hollywood Nest sighting. I don’t have TV so I missed it. I immediately downloaded the episode from Itunes and there it is! Nest on TV! Apparently in the world of Monk, egg eating champions who may also be suspected of jealousy induced vandalism hi-jinx have very chic curtains in their homes! Who would have thunk it? Hot Pink curtains go very nicely with criminal tendencies. I never did get past the curtains to find out if he did it or not. I think he did. A fictional person with that much style is definitely up to no good. The episode is called “Mr. Monk and the Lady” if you want to check it out. You can watch it for free here. It’s about 25 minutes into the episode and it glares on the screen. It’s hard to miss.

So now that my little pink Nest Eggs are famous she has a big attitude. It was bound to happen. Her 4 minutes of fame went straight to her head. Now I am expected to drive her around to all kinds of casting calls and she is on a special low carb diet.

Oh wait… I know what you really came here for. You want to know who won the Honey Bun? Well, I am so excited about Neptune’s pending release that I decided to give out a few charm packs as well. So here it goes.


The Winners are…

Denise- Honey Bun

Can you believe I never knew the difference between a jelly roll and a honey bun until now? Thanks for educating me! lol And I am in love with “Neptune”….anchors make me smile! =0) Thanks

Stefanie- Charm Pack

Glad that you are back with us! I would love to win your Neptune honey bun! The colors are “swimmingly” beautiful!

Heather- Charm Pack

Hi there! Hey little hunnybun! I would love to win those cuties, so here is my comment! Thanks and wish me luck!

Bridget B.- Charm Pack

I love the stump and ax, of course I love the fabric, but that stump is so cute. If stumps can be cute that is.

Kristi S- Charm Pack

I would LOVE to win this…pick me..pick me!!


Email me your address and I will get these in the mail to you pronto. Thanks for playing my game and making me feel loved!

14 Responses to “Nest Goes Hollywood”

  1. Tula,
    Love the thought of a criminal with hot pink egg curtains. I watched the show just for the sighting. This is such a fun post. Thanks for the entertainment.

  2. Congratulations! You have ARRIVED dahling.

  3. Yeah, what’s with the concept of pink-minded criminals?! Oh but what a thrill — CONGRATS!

  4. Congrats on your big debut! Looks like you are on your way to stardom! No, but really, I love your fabrics and have been following your blog. Love it! I also love crime shows, so I will have to start taking notice of the curtains in the room. Do all criminals love pink!? Liz

  5. OMG….How EGGciting! I always knew you would make it big.

  6. Congratulations!!! But now I have to watch Monk to see it. Arg. It’s just not been the same since Sharona left.

    So, what’s next? Neptune on The Mentalist? Full Moon Forest on CSI:NY? ;) You go girl!

  7. considering this is the fabric that totally made me a fan of tula pink! i am not SURPRISED.
    can’t watch the eposide since i don’t live in the US..but i still think it is cool

  8. Criminal or not, his curtains look smashing! Congratulations!

  9. Kewl. You’re quite the Design Diva!!

    I’m still several collections behind! Having just found some of your Faboo Full Moon Forest… Was there a quilt pattern for this one as those for Nest, Flutterby, and Neptune on Moda’s website? If there was, its not there now, and I’d like to see how YOU put it to use. Since I’ve got my eye on this Jelly Roll just waiting to be a quilt for my daughter. She’s autistic, and LOVES the whole “find the critters” aspect.

  10. Yay! I’m so excited! I never win anything and this is a totally rockin prize! Lol. And whoo hoo for “nest” becoming a tv star! Its one of my fave collections of yours! Hmmm, maybe now I ned to make curtains with it so I can feel like a celebrity! Haha

  11. WOOHOO! It was pretty funny watching the episode with my hubby and making him rewind 50 times. I was all ‘HEY that’s Tula Pink fabric!’ Go gurl!

    (p.s. It’s actually NOT the curtain owners that are guilty. They just have style!)

  12. Too cool for words! I’m waiting for the video to load right now. Every time I see fabric on tv, I’m always checking out the fabrics used. I knew I should have started watching Monk!

  13. I was watching that episode and cried out “hey! that’s Nest by Tula Pink!” The hubby thought I had fabric turrets or something.

  14. actually, the egg contest fellow didn’t do it! but his curtains influenced me to buy eight yards of that print in that color and make curtains for my kitchen! (i already had the nest FQ’s… I just couldn’t resist the yardage). i about yelped and paused the dvr during ms. tula pink’s curtain cameo.

    **to emily cross… it’s true, things on monk just aren’t the same without sharona.

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