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Okay, so here is the dilemma, not tragic but still it’s something that deserves a little attention. I am doing this super huge color-wheel quilt from Joelle Hoverson’s Last Minute patchwork and Gifts book. I made one and it was so cute I decided to make three more and make it a Queen size quilt. It’s ginormous! Of course that wasn’t enough and I am going through this Victorian phase so I added these little cameo cutie silhouettes. For me a project is not complete unless it has some animals in it. It was all going just fine until I got to the last wheel. I have a puppy, a squirrel and a bunny. The dilemma is this, what goes in the last wheel?

I think y’all will be helpful and maybe think of something I haven’t thought of.

By the way, if you haven’t made this quilt you should. It is super easy, goes really fast and looks totally amazing. I used a bit from Full Moon Forest, Flutterby, Nest and Neptune with white and gray background pieces. I have seen a lot of people make it a ton of different ways. It always looks good, it’s just one of those great designs that can’t be messed up. I wish I had thought of it, but I didn’t so I will just have to settle with making it over and over again. That is the plight of envy I guess.

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  1. Super cute!! I think a deer would be delightful!

  2. I was going to say a deer also but then realized it sorta has a hunting theme, I mean for a dog. Dogs like to chase squirrels and bunnies. Maybe a kitten would look nice?
    Whatever you decide, it’s a very pretty quilt!

  3. turtle!!!
    those are really cool. the colors are awesome.

  4. I was going to say a deer too, or any woodland friend…or maybe a hedgehog.

  5. It seems like there is a backyard animals theme going, so probably a cat to balance out the domesticated vs. wild.

  6. Go totally Victorian and put yourself in it!

  7. I thought of a cat as well. Then I thought your sillohette would look super fun…..and then I read the other comments and others think so, too! But a horse, a cat, you, whatever. I can’t believe how cute the quilt is! I love it!

  8. I think a bird would be sweet.

  9. A kitty of course! Love the silhouettes!

  10. I agree with Andi, a bird would be perfect!

  11. Love those color wheels! beautiful and huge!! Maybe a snail in there?

  12. It needs a cat.

  13. My first thought is that it needs a bird. All of the blocks are beautiful. I have that book and I LOVE that quilt. I also hope to make it someday.

  14. Hedgehog or bird. Looks wonderful! Can’t wait to see the final result :)

  15. I say go with a bear or a fox.

  16. Deer, cat: obvious. That is why it must be a PIG. We love pigs at our house. My oldest son gets tears in his eyes looking at piglets rolling in their own poop, so any animal that can move people like that I am down with.
    I love the color wheel quilt, have the book, wanted to make it, thought it looked hard. So glad you set me straight. I WILL make it now!
    Cannot wait for Neptune to ship. Can. not. wait. xoxo

  17. Wowie, wow! Those silhouettes are a fabulous addition to the color wheels. My first thoughts were “bird” and “cat,” but I think a jumping fish would be cool. Nice job!!

  18. I have to agree with Pam, I think a pig would be prefect. dang! I wish I would have thought of it.

  19. A zombie is my vote. Have you seen the movie Fido? Zombies are pets too!

  20. My first instinct was a giraffe … with its long neck coming up through the middle of the circle. Amy just beat me to the punch on my second idea: something from the sea. Maybe an octopus with a few tentacles reaching out from the middle? Or a giant squid? Just weird enough to be cool.

  21. Oh, how can you not have a bird?! I would definitely have a little owl!

  22. I think the deer is in keeping with the nature woodlands theme. But there are some other REALLY good suggestions here. Very pretty color plates, you’ve done a great job.

  23. A fox would be fun and different. It is easily recognized in silhouette with its signature pointy ears.

  24. I was trying to think of something different, so I think an elephant :)

  25. I think a Chicken or rooster

  26. Maybe a great horned owl or a crow. The colors are so pretty.

  27. I think a person, too. Maybe you as a kid.

  28. said before above, but a dog or a deer would be really cute.

  29. Hmmm, I think it has to be a bird, or at least something that flies! An owl?

  30. Definitely an owl….a wise, old owl. Or maybe a young, dumb owl.

  31. a moose! one of the most easily recognizable silhouettes out there.

  32. I think a cat or an bird. :)

  33. Those are all animals that you would find in a field, so I thought of a fox (already been said) so now I’m going with a quail.

  34. Girl!!! That’s why I love ya! I’m working on this project as well. I’m kinda obsessed with color wheels, although, I have too many projects going at once. Note to self: finished what you’ve started! OK so back to why I love you…the quirkiness! It’s awesome. Love the animal silhouettes! Love the way you have the color wheels arranged. And as for the animal? I like the bird in flight suggestion, owl…or fish? I donno your the genius here! carry on.

  35. If not a bird, how about a butterfly?

  36. ok so random question…as a kid were you more of a maker (you know like compulsively making things whatever they may be…or more of a painter or drawer…just wondering.

  37. I would say go for a cat ;o)

  38. a little girl with a high ponytail

  39. a whale

  40. I think something from the sea or air as well. My first thought was fish, but birds make beautiful silhouttes.

  41. I agree that a bird would look great. How about a peacock or a pheasant to carry on your Victorian theme?

  42. i think something that flies…bird…owl or hawk would be cool.

  43. This made me think of manor house so then it made me think of boar, but boars aren’t very cute. I do think a quail would be cute though!

  44. I think a cat would be awesome!

  45. Adorable quilts! I have yet to step into that realm… soon I hope. You need a winged creature in there. Hmmm… maybe an owl or a chicken?!! Ooooh… a rooster with a big crest and foliage would look wicked! :)


  46. I’d suggest a bird.
    LOVELY LOVELY piece by the way! just delightful!

  47. A dolphin…or a fish… tie in to the Neptune line…

  48. I think that an owl would be good! Definately a bird of some type:)

  49. chicken!




    yes, a seahorse!

  50. I LOVE your quilt!
    Being someone who likes to do the unexpected, I would probably leave it “empty”. I mean… who says you have to have anything there? :)
    Having said that, a cat seems like the right choice.

  51. For sure a Bird…I like Sinta’s idea of an owl!!

  52. Hi Jenn!

    I say a sheep, cow, chicken or an owl…..sheeps and cows are my favorites but I bet an owl would look cool in this quilt.

    Miss you!

  53. all of your animals included so far are in my backyard. I also have a peacock that visits frequently…..very Victorian.

  54. At first I was thinking a cat, or raccoon, but after reading everyone’s comments, I agree that an owl would be perfect.

  55. Owls are always winners for me. So pretty.

  56. Woah – great idea. I thought a duck would be nice, but a deer is a cool option, too.

  57. I like the unexpectedness of a flamingo. :)
    Plus the silhouette’s really identifiable.

  58. I think it should be a cat/kitten becuse you have 2 animals in the wild, and one domestic…so a cat just adds balance to nature. :)

  59. I think you need to give a shoutout to your first collection, Full Moon Forest, and add an owl.

  60. A bird or a bear. I love it!

  61. What a fun challenge! Well, you have two ‘wild’ (squirrel and bunny) so how about a cat to make the other two ‘domestic.’ Or, use a bird, to make them all back-yard animals, or animals that the dog likes to bark at. Or a horse, which would have a simlar profile and body shape as a dog. Yeah, I like the bird best.

  62. horse. first animal that popped in my head. can’t tell you why.

  63. What about an owl or a robin? They’re still woodsy, but different than what you’ve got now. The Color Wheel quilt I made is currenty at Country Expressions getting quilted. Could you say “howdy” to it for me?

  64. oh my gosh, these are goooorgeous!!! I’m voting for some type of bird! Maybe a stern little magpie or raven…

  65. i think a peacock would be lovely! the color wheel resembles a bit like the feathers! maybe you can do a play on the idea!

  66. its absolutely stunning!
    How about an eagle with the wings spread open? It might make a nice form.

  67. A fox. Its beautiful-traditional and modern.

  68. Hmm ooh – the work! The quilt is gorgeous. I’d say it asks for another “household” animal to make it harmonious. Cat is maybe not the most original thing to come up with but I still think it fits very well. Although I like that magpie suggestion a lot also, or maybe a butterfly?
    I’m curious to see what it’s going to be!

  69. My first response would be cat, because it is a small animal like the others. After reading the other reponses, I like the idea of a bird as well. Sounds like you’ll still have a tough time choosing.

  70. As I wrote in my mail: it must be a cat ^^ ! (After scrolling down i found the place to leave a comment, oh-oh…)

  71. A cat – its a domesticated animal like the dog, so you have two wildlife animals and two domestic. So far its really gorgeous!!

  72. Rabbit>Squirrel
    A cat would be the perfect size.

  73. I have always wanted to make that quilt- so pretty. Maybe a pelican. Just his head and neck- maybe shoulders, facing in toward the other animals. Or a tiny mouse. Something small so that it is a little more unexpected to have it a bit asymmetrical.

  74. hmmmm I like the deer idea personally, a bear possibly, or what about a wood pecker? Now you have so many to choose from, I’m even more at a loss! haha.
    Ok, so I tagged you on my blog, ugh! (I know that is what you are thinking), but Lila Tueller tagged me, and you are one of my favorite blogs so I had to pick you! 7 random things about you my dear…. I wanna read them!
    Go here to get the shpiel (spelling?) hahah oh well! ;)

  75. Make a deer:) or a fox:)
    Either way… looking super neat!

  76. a tree of course!

  77. kitty cat, I think…

  78. definitely a fox,goes with a woodland theme

  79. Turtle!! Definitely an homage to Neptune.

  80. Before I even saw any other suggestions, my first thought was a bird of some sort. And maybe it is because I am currently on an eBay bidding frenzy for a FQ of teal owl fabric from your Full Moon Forest line, but OWL jumped to mind. It seems appropriate to your quilt; it appears there are several others thinking along the same lines. Good luck with your decision! (And if you want a real ego boost, just know that I am fighting some lady to the death for this FQ; we are up to almost $20.00 + s/h! Apparently we both think you are a genius. Tell your mom if she wants to finance a vacation, she should sell some of this owl pattern on eBay. I’m thinking she could pay for Greece or somewhere equally exotic!)

  81. I vote for moose, so you get the awesome antlers! Although I imagine that would be a hard one to sew!

  82. A Kitty Cat of course! I know you are a dog lover, but dogs chase cats who chase squirrels and bunnies! That is my logic at least!

  83. I like the dog and the squirrel.

  84. I agree with the cat choice. But there are a lot of good suggestions. Maybe a bigger quilt with more blocks (or smaller blocks) so you can show more animals.

  85. oooh, too many choices! i was thinking deer, but what about something from the sea because of your neptune fabric? octopus [i saw that up there somewhere!] would be cool. if you did a bird, a cockatiel would be awesome with it’s cool crown of feathers.

  86. oh, yes. and these are absolutely stunning.

  87. A cat of course. Dog is to squirrel as Cat is to rabbit. Although the rabit looks more like a hair. Then again, since today is Dr. Suess’ birthday, it must be a cat. A cat, and that’s that!. Looking forward to seeing you in Shawnee, KS.

  88. I think it just has to be a cat…..(I could loan you one or two!)

  89. I say a monkey, bird or elephant ^_^ super cute!

  90. I think a bird or owl would be great in the center of the circle! Great quilt and love Neptune!!
    Laura T

  91. I say a pig, pigs are overlooked i quilts.
    Salute for Neptune
    Regards to all from Copenhagen

  92. I think an owl will be nice.
    I love Neptune especially “ssPink”.

  93. I think an owl will be nice.
    I love Neptune especially “ssPink

  94. BIRD all the way – an elegant little sparrow would be my pick – has the same innocence and peacefullness as the bunny. squirrel & Pup.


  95. Maybe a kitty or an owl. Owls are terribly trendy right now.

  96. I echo giraffe. They’re always cool.

  97. A mouse first came to mind

  98. Needs a cat in the last color wheel.

  99. Cat is too predictable. Mouse is what the cat is after!

  100. A FOX !!!!!!!!!

  101. Have you decided yet? Hope you let us know. I vote crow! Why is it Victorian makes me think halloween….

  102. a tortise, of course. hahahaha!!!!

  103. This is a noooooooo brainer” a kitty of course!

  104. ummm, gnome. aren’t they on everything now?

  105. Hi

    I’m sure you finished this ages ago considering I just found your blog now (love your drawings by the way, pencil sketches really charms me and I really admire people who master it, it sure woudn’t makes my days worse if you would show tons more) but I’d make a stag, slender male one with fancy horns like twigs growing in the circle. The other animals are kind of a collected form, one black blotch, I think some nice horns would make a nice contrast, something that interests the eye.

    I’d love to see it finished but I couldn’t find it anywhere (yes I read your whole blog to the end) so please, can I?



  106. Well, I thought surely someone would chime in with it, but I read through the suggestions and it’s not there…so my suggestion, if it’s not too too late, is GOOSE!
    A lovely long necked Canada Goose would be a lovely addition.
    But my favorite is always going to be the squirrel.

  107. Did you decide?? Why not your prince charming toad?

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