I’m “it” I guess? So I have been tagged? Notice all the question marks? I hated this game in grade school. I thought when I grew up that these things would go away but I guess not. I am expecting to be sent outside for talking to my neighbor at any moment. Being the graciously good sport that I am and because I happen to like Lucy(the traitor who tagged me) I am going to play along. 


Seven Randomly Honest Things About Me… 

1. I have a black belt in Tang Soo Do. I have been studying since I was 5. That’s my goofy picture up there. I used to go to karate class while my mom got her nails done next door. It seemed like way more fun than sniffing nail polish remover, a sentiment that changed by the time I got to high school. 

2. I am six feet tall and I love every inch of it. If you need me to come over and get something down off of a high shelf I would be more than happy to. 

3. I haven’t had TV in my house for almost 10 years. When I moved out of my parent’s house to go to college I couldn’t afford it. I guess I just never got around it once I finally got a job. 

4. I secretly want to be a hip hop super star, if only I could rap. I collect limited edition Nike’s and Adidas, like the ones they wore in Run DMC. I heart tennis shoes. 

5. I will watch anything with dancing in it no matter how dumb it is. I love to dance and have absolutely no rhythm. I once watched Napoleon Dynamite 7 times in a row trying to learn the entire routine he does at the assembly. I figure if he could do it then I could. I was wrong. 

6. I have 6 wisdom teeth instead of 4. I have been telling my Mom for years that I was supposed to be a twin and that’s why I have two extra teeth. She always said that was impossible… until two years ago when she had twins. 

7. And finally… I drive for fun. When I lived in Los Angeles I would get in my car and drive all the way to San Francisco and then turn around and come back, for no good reason. When gas prices went up so high I wanted to cry, it was like Daddy took my T-bird away. 

Now you know all of my dirty little secrets. Guard them well. I must pass this painful little game on to some other poor suckers. Sorry guys but it must be done. Besides I wanna know all your random quirks too, so serve it up! 

Here are my victims:HelenMichelleHollyJoannaLizzyAimeeJohn 

24 Responses to “Tagged…Arrgh!”

  1. That was some fun reading:)
    6 wisdom teeth! WOW! Where are they all fitting in? I can’s seem to accomodate the 4 I’ve go:)
    A lot of my answers would be complete opposite of yours – I like that… I’m in… even tho I said to myself 3 month ago… no more… oh, the lies, the lies…
    Maybe I’ll squeeze this in on Thursday.

  2. I had 8 wisdom teeth. Does that mean I was supposed to be a quintuplet? : ) Acutally, all of the “extras” were taken out before they descended and looked mostly like popcorn kernals, so maybe they don’t count.

  3. Wow! You havn’t changed a bit, just add eye glasses and a Starbucks cup to your hand. Oh yeah no Starbucks in Pinkerville…bummer!

  4. I watch everything dance too. I love the America’s best dance crew and so you think you can dance shows. Though, I would also recommend finding a local dance studio and trying out hip-hop. It is quite the workout. You will love it. I am 35+ and was able to take the class and not feel unwelcome. Give it a try. If you can do karate, you can stay on your feet while dancing :) You might even have the strength do some of those crazy break dancing moves too.

  5. I wish I could reach things!

  6. Jen-

    You just had to do this, didn’t you? I love these things about as much as going to the dentist…. But OKAY… I will play but give me until the weekend cuz I am stuck in bed with a nasty head cold while I am trying to prep for a studio photo shoot….. aaagghhhh!

    Good to read up about you some more. You are one interesting chiickie hoo.. pretty sure I can’t beat that!

  7. #5!!! SO funny! Yes that makes me laugh. I used to watch the Janet Jackson videos. I can do the dance break part of the If video. I’ll bust it out for you next time I see you. I realize this may be on the quilt market floor….and I’m OK with that! :)

  8. I love hearing the quirky little things about people. Just tonight I was shoe shopping with my husband (not for me, him) and the athletic store had Nike Cortez shoes. I remember saving my money to have those back in the day when they were cool. Now they’re cool again (I think) and I just feel old. *sigh*
    You never did say what animal silhouette you picked.
    Also, us Crazy Old Ladies will be at spring market. Hope to get to see you there!

  9. Yeah for tall girls!! (I’m 6 feet too)

    btw – having extra teeth is not so weird. My husband’s father had 2 full sets of adult teeth that just came in if he had one removed :)

  10. I’m a tall girl too! I’m only 5’11″… but 6′ with heals. ;) And, we don’t have TV in our home either. It started out as an experiment to see if we could live without cable… and 2 years later we love our non-TV-obsessed lifestyle and would never get TV again.

  11. …that picture of you ROCKS! hahaha! You are such a good sport to play along! Love knowing more about you, seriously! You are a great read my dear!

  12. P.S. – good toe point ;)

  13. Jen – I love the picture! Is there any way you can use this one to replace you in the picture of Moda designers on the back cover of Better Homes and Gardens’ Bags Pillows & Pinchushions? Because I don’t know WHAT is going on in that one. You look… I dunno…. lost? in pain? And what is Joanna looking at? But I am so distracted by Camille mother’s gum that I almost missed her. And some poor woman has a big hand in front of her face. It made my day!

  14. I’ve got you beat at 6-1″! No tv here either but I hate to drive and I don’t collect tennis shoes. Now if only I could be as fabulously creative and talented as you are.

  15. Wow! your TALL!!! ^_^ …and #7. – I love that!

  16. Hey Tula:!) I didn’t forget to play…. I’m just a bed writer and I’m stuck… I’ll get it done eventually… promise:)

  17. I just bought a Neptune charm pack and just HAD to find out who this “Tula Pink” person was. I love your blog! Oh my gosh, I’m laughing my head off – your selvage pillow post was awesome – good times!
    I hope its alright with you if I link your blog? I think I’m going to be a Tula Pink blog stalker:)

  18. And…I’m taller than you!

  19. I hope you arent sick, or have had some other disaster be-fall you. Its been AGES since a new post. Love your work, just wish you could post more often

  20. Could you tell me where I might be able to purchase a kit for your Flutterby quilt, or if not a kit, then where I could find the fabric? Thanks.
    –Susan Ramey Cleveland

  21. I only had 3 wisdom teeth *sigh, which probably means that I’m not only less of a person, but I also can’t be part of the freaky high # of wisdom teeth club. I AM 5’10 though which somehow is easing the feelings of not belonging in this post :o )-

    Question: Does Neptune come in flannel? I’m scouring the internet for a flannel layer cake of neptune and I’ve come up short (twice in one comment). Does it exist? I’m from a cold seaside town and think that a flannel Neptune quilt while looking at the cold water is a good fit. (It would actually be for my parents who still live there.) Any info on this?

  22. hey Jenny!
    Could you tell me where can I see/buy your fabrics in Florida?? I live in Miami, and I’m a crafter/quilter as a hobby, but I like good stuff…
    By the way we have a lot of things in common – I coudn’t resist reading 7 thinks about you and it was really fun when I saw you have 6 wisdom teeth. I know what you mean ( not because I have it too, I don’t, but I’m a dentist.) I’m almost as tall as you – but I suffer with that – and I’d love to be a dance star too ( or a DJ) , but once I can’t move myself without getting hurt, I’d rather stay stand still…

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