Can Can Bag


Mama Pink has a new bag! WooHoo! I have been dying to use this can fabric I made on Spoonflower ages ago. Making a new bag is my little pre Quilt Market tradition. It makes me feel all pretty and girlie. I actually hate making bags, I much prefer the repetitive meditation like process of quilting. It’s like painting with fabric. All these crazy half inch seams give me a headache. This one was actually wasn’t so bad to make. It’s from the Birdie Sling pattern from the Goddess of Everything, also known as Amy Butler. Envy doesn’t look that good on me so I’ll stop there.

The handle is made of a super weird fake suede/leather type material. It’s an old Moda Home fabric. It is really soft. It feels like that smooth part on a puppy’s nose. Anywhoo, that’s my new bag. Yay!

Side Note: The chair in the photo is my favorite of all time. It has been my main desk chair for years. I bought it at a government surplus warehouse for $3. I drag it back and forth from my computer desk to my drawing table to my sewing table. I have other chairs but I just love this one. I like to think that it used to sit in some public school principals office in the ’70s. I spent most of my youth in the principals office so it sort of feels like home.

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  1. I am so glad you made something marvelous with that fabric. It might be my favorite fabric of all time – and that’s saying something. Can’t wait to see you in Pittsburgh. Stay out of trouble until then.

  2. What will it take to get you to sell this fabric?… I’ve been in love with it since you first showed it to us. I’m addicted to spoonflower as well and I keep dreaming up more things to print. Have fun at market!

  3. oh how fun!!!
    me ♥s it!!!

  4. That bag is awesome. Even more fun with the cool fabric.

  5. Too cute! You will be easy to spot at Market. I still need to get started on my bag.

  6. The bag looks great! I love this fabric!!!

  7. Love those cans.!

  8. i dig your wit and your bag. and your chair.

  9. I love the Birdie Sling. I’ve made three personally and helped make about three more. I LOVE yours!!! Perfect use for your cans!

  10. That is too cute!!!! The fabric is CRAZY CUTE!

  11. I love your can can fabric! You did a fabulous job making this bag. I’ve still got a bag unfinished in my closet. It’s been about six months now, hope I can get it done. It’s keeping me from starting a new project.

  12. Your new fabric is FABULOUS as always…..thank you for sharing your talent….I can hardly wait to see it in person! See you at market!

  13. Love! Love! Love it!!!!

  14. Very cute bag. And I love your chair too! We have an old oak school desk (the tabletop style) with two openings. So two children used to sit side by side in class. You know where that led, right? To the person who sat in your chair :-)

  15. LOVE the story about the chair! Looking forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh!

  16. I told you like a million times how cute I think that bag and fabric are!

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