Introducing… Part 1


Tula Pink has patterns? What?!? Why that’s crazy. Oh no it’s not little puppy. I am getting ready to go to Market on Thursday and all my quilts are in a row so to speak. The bindings are on and my little babies are all packed up nice and tidy. This is the first quilt pattern I will be releasing, I will have it at Market in the blue and green above and also in pink and brown. I think it’s pretty cute and the quilting on it turned out amazing. You will be able to buy kits and patterns and all things Tula P. in my little shop. Fun!

I will be in Pittsburgh in a shopping capacity. Now that I don’t work in house for Moda anymore I get to go and relax. None of that pesky setting up and tearing down their monstrous booth. It’s way more fun to spend someone else’s money, mainly my Mom’s. We have a list of new stuff we want to find for the shop. So if you will be there say hi because I don’t have to do any work stuff so I imagine I will have a lot more free time then I usually do. I plan to spend my time stalking the booths of designers that I admire and talking to the people I only get to see twice a year. It should be a good time.

Here’s the pattern cover so you can be on the look out for it.


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  1. oh how fun!!!
    and beautiful!!!
    and exciting!!!

  2. Love the pattern! Enjoy your trip.

  3. I love it! The colors are beautiful, the pattern is wonderful…

  4. Gorgeous!!! Love those colors!

  5. Oh my… I’ve been resisting the quilting urge lately, but you might have put me over the edge with that one. I love everything about it — the design, the colors, the fabric. I’m sunk…

  6. Natural progression for you! What a perfect pattern for Flutterby! Enjoy your relaxing trip.

  7. Love, love, love this quilt pattern! I’ve always wanted to make a quilt, but have been intimidated and never tried. This might just be the one that makes me take that big step. Oh, and the colors are just perfect! Love the new fabric line and can’t wait to get it into my shop!!

  8. How wonderful! I bought some of your fabric last year from your Full Moon Forest collection for my venture into the world of quilting (squirrels & fish). How exciting to see your latest evolution! I am in awe of your work & inspired to get out my little Janome, forget that I am an out of work graphic designer & quilt to my hearts content.

  9. Congratulations on launching your latest endeavor! Can’t wait to see what’s next ; )

  10. Congratulations on the new line of patterns!

  11. It’s SO gorgeous! I just love, love, love it! Congratulations! That is so exciting. I hope you have the best time ever at Market. My stuff is coming along s.l.o.w.l.y so I won’t be there this time. :( boo.

  12. I will see you there! Love the new designs. I’m dying over the fabrics.

  13. Very pretty. Love the colors too. Congrats.

  14. Hi Jenny ,enjoying your new “works”. Your Dad showed us your latest samples and the quilt you made, it’s absolutely beautiful. He fixed us super French Dip sands for dinner, so we’re having a great visit. Our very best wishes on your new endeavers ! LOVE, G’pa & G’ma

  15. My heart is singing – I can’t wait to make one of these!!!

  16. I know you know I think you walk on water, but your new pattern co and cover has me in awe. AGAIN. Best pattern cover ever. EVER. Love the quilt too… it teeters between traditional and modern… which I love.

  17. BTW… I bet you’d be able to walk on Jello, too.

  18. I love your new pattern! And I can not wait for Hushabye! I hope by not designing “In House” for Moda, that doesn’t mean you won’t be offering us more fabric lines. I’m still so totally in love with Neptune. You’re so inspirational!

  19. Love the pattern. I just really like to make baby quilts that are surprising using sophisticated fabrics and design. Love it! (Oh did I already say that…lol)

  20. oo wow, this is gorgeous! My mom’ss a quilter and I’m sending her this link immediately!!


  21. Oh WOW…………I just got my 1st Grand daughter and this fabic is wonderful!. I’ve been sewing for more years then I can remember but quilting is what I love best! This is soooo Miss Charlotte!


  22. Where can I buy the pattern for the Hushabye quilt? I love it!!

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