Mom’s Cake and other Stories

momscake.jpgI just got back from Quilt Market, like two mintues ago (then my BFF showed up for a visit and here I am a few days later, sorry!) and I wanted to share a few things that I think are both brilliant and hillarious. This first one may need some clarification. First, I collect foreign products that use english in odd ways. I have this little pink pencil case from Korea that has a poem about “gold plated friendship” and “hot shafts of wheat,” innapropriate translations are the funniest thing ever! So when my new friend Angela gave me these little swatches of Japanese import fabrics I just about peed my fancy little pants. If you can’t read it from the picture it says: “Mom’s Cake! Harmony of wheat and chocolate. Table with love.” It sounds like some exotic yet poetic love affair between two baking products from opposites sides of the tracks brought together by the gentle hum of an egg beater. I picture this scene unfolding much in the manner of Fried Green Tomatoes or the Secret Life of Bees minus the epic drama and heartfelt moral tradgedy. I love it.buttons_4up.jpg The second treasure I disovered were some very lovely yet sort of disturbing, but in a good way, vintage buttons. Now, I don’t ever buy buttons but I fell in love as sometimes happens. The pugs and the poodles just seemed like something I should have. The horse head is sort of Godfather-ish which I really liked but the real gem is the other one. Is that precious little old fashioned charmer chasing an oversized bat? Yes, indeed she is… naturally. nurseryrhymes.jpg I also got these nursery rhyme buttons, for the sake of cuteness. Everyone around me is having babies so I am all about finding baby stuff at the moment. I guess I am just at that age where all my friends are getting knocked up. I have a baby quilt to do list a mile long which is fine by me. Baby quilts are little so they go really fast. Good thing I designed a baby-ish fabric line, right? It’s like my 7th sense is some kind of baby detector.

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  1. Ever since I saw the pictures of your new line I’m feeling the need to have another baby just so I can decorate with your fabric!!

    That bat is hilarious!

  2. Sounds like you might enjoy That is my go-to spot when I need to laugh.

  3. Buttons are cute. . .I can’t wait for your new fabrics! Don’t say they’re nursery-ish; my husband might hear. . .I’m planning on redecorating our room with it! As far as babies, my husband would kill me. . .he says five is enough. . .I think the twins being born last got to him. . .LOL!

  4. Hi Jen, it was fun to see you again at Market, you always make me smile!!! Interesting what grabs our attention at different times in our lives!I do like your pattern covers, very chic! Thanks for sharing your talent.~~Sheri Howard

  5. Jen, I just wanted to tell you that I loved chatting with you over at Pink Fig Patterns at market. I admire you greatly, and love how simplistic you are about your every day life, yet your designs are soooo intricate and detailed. You are a perfect mix of yin and yang my dear and I aspire to be like you one day…*sigh* OK enough of that…… your fabric ROCKS! haha. I am so excited about your patterns! Sweet!

  6. i just got the new issue of APQ in the mail and i’m in love with your pattern.. i’ve already got 2 neptune quilts in progress… its it too much to make a 3rd?… hmmm

  7. I love the fabric, and the buttons too! I’d have trouble resisting either one!

    I also want to mention that I just received my August issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, and I absolutely love your quilt, Tranquil Waters! I can’t wait to make it!

  8. Just got a new mag in the mail today. started flipping and totally flipped out. Wow, my new BFF Tula (lol) is in there with an AMAZING quilt. It was fun to take the mag to my hubby and say “See!? this is her. This is Tula, Jenny, Tula. Isn’t her quilt awesome!?” to which he replied “uh, it’s cool.” husbands, sometimes they just don’t get it. Anyway, congrats on the publish-ment. :o )
    BTW- saw the ‘almost-finished’ quilt top made from HUSHABYE. Looks awesome. I’ll be sending patterns as soon as it’s quilted!

  9. were those buttons at Market!??? Arghhhhh, how did I miss those?? I think I should have spent longer lingering at the button booth….I saw the “french” vintage swatches for let’s say “research”, swooned, lost lots of money and ran before they took all my cash! but had I known those buttons were there…well, maybe I could have come back the next day..

  10. I love crazy translations! That fabric is really cute, too, so it’s doubly good. It was great meeting you and your mom at Market! And thank you for signing my crazy fish. :)

  11. I like the fabric and the buttons.

  12. LOVE those little mistakes. they’re way better than correct language :)


  13. Just “discovered” you in American Patchwork-loved your Tranquil Waters enough to visit your website. Low and behold loved the bags – can’t believe you would part with even one. Glad there’s no need to be clever – would love to have one, promise to give it a good home. Sandy ((*-*))

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