Cute Slimy things


It is a crazy rainy day here in Pinkerville (as you might be able to tell from the windows in the background) which makes living on a dirt road just that much messier. Such is life, I guess they can’t all be sunny. My cut goods, jelly rolls, layercakes etc… have all arrived on my doorstep and I hate to cut them up. I found this little pattern on Wee Wonderfuls, her stuff is ridiculously cute. So I thought hey, what an awesome way to use a Jelly Roll without hacking it to pieces. I just love it when problems solve themselves. I adore a good contradiction more than anything, you know like angry cupcakes. How snails became known as cute I will never understand. They are relatively gross and slimey in person but you put those little suckers in pink and give them starry little eyes and they completely transform. So I just made the body from the pattern and stuck a Jelly Roll on his butt and voila! I have never worked with wool felt before so it’s a bit sloppy but it is still pretty cute so I say job well done.

Oh hey wait…I bet you would like to know who the tote bag winners are. I am so enamored with the snail that I almost forgot. Due to some confusion last time I will be e-mailing the winners as well so if you see a name down there that might be yours go ahead and check your in box. Apparently many people have the same first name, go figure.

And the winners are…Michelle, Jeff, Sunny and Jen

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  1. Congratulations to the winners! Such a GREAT prize.

    Those snails are too cute. :)

  2. The snail is very cute. . .how clever are you! And congrats to you tote winners. . . lucky ducks!

  3. Ha! That IS cute! I hate cutting into jelly rolls, too!

    Lucky winners… sigh.

  4. so cute!!

    i can’t wait to get my hands on some hushabye pre-cuts!!

  5. ARGH! The snails are so dang cute, but I was really hoping to win one of those bags. Oh well!

  6. Yeah to the winners!

  7. That snail is fun! Thanks for sharing….did you get your kitchen painted?

  8. I just found your designs on QuiltHome as i was searching for fabric for our new little cape cod. Wow! You are one talented chick. I had to snicker at your comment about Amy Butler (envy doesn’t look good on me)…we all feel so the same way about others in our chosen artistic field (betcha can’t tell what mine is by the end of this)…however, the great thing is, there’s room for all the beauty you can give to the world because it is different from the beauty any other artist can endow. So keep endowing us!!! I’m having a hard time deciding, but i think i’m going to have to go with the Full Moon Forest Brown Bunny damask, or the snail from the butterfly collection, or . . . . Congrats on your growing success.

  9. Thanks! My wife is gonna love that bag! And I might even start quilting!

  10. Received my bag yesterday – LOVE it! Thanks for such a great giveaway. And I can’t wait to get my hands on Hushabye :)

  11. Hi Tulla…. it has been several months since we talked. I was the lady you spoke with at your Mom’s quilt store.

    Hope you are well. I emailed some book cover instructions over a month ago. I am not sure if you received the email.

    Added you to my blogroll, and had the opportunity to meet Lizzie House at a recent art retreat, as we were both teaching.


  12. Oh my GOodness!!!!!
    How cute are they?

    Love it.


  13. Cute snails!

    Tula I can’t wait for the Hushabye line. I might just have to ride the motorcycle down again and pick up something from the new line.
    Thanks again for helping pick out the quilt top, the last time I was in.

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