And just when you thought I was done… It seems I can’t stop coming up with new stuff. The 6th installment, that’s right 6th, of the Tula Pink saga is here, in sample form anyway. Hushabye should be shipping to stores anytime now so while you are rushing off to purchase that wonderland of critter joy let me introduce you to what’s driving down the barrel at an alarming pace. I call her Plume. I just received my sample swatches and thought I might commemorate the occasion before I start hacking it to pieces to make my quilt for market. I love this collection almost as much as I love myself. It’s bright and happy and fresh and organic, sort of like a hippy but cleaner. It’s possibly the best drawing I have ever done. To finally see it in living color fills me with such geeker joy that I am even willing to feed all of the stray cats that are milling around my yard. I know that means they will come back, it may cost me a fortune in kitty kibble but I just don’t care. Milk for everyone!


And please, how dang cute is that selvage? A little Fleur De Lis instead of the oh-so-boring standard dot? Will the cuteness ever end? I say no. Cuteness will endure for ever and ever. Amen.

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  1. Gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to play with it….months from now!

  2. I could faint. Seriously.

    Long live cuteness!

  3. That is gorgeous and I hope soooo much that Lissa lets me make a quilt with it!!!

  4. Oh my…I’m drooling. I love all of that color!!! Darnit…I want it now! :)

  5. Wow! Beautiful colors, birds and flowers…what more could I want? Can’t wait until it ships out!

  6. The awesomeness continues….

  7. That is just gorgeous! Those colors….ohmy!

  8. I love your Plume fabric in green background with red/pink feathers! When will this fabric be available and where may I purchase it? Cost per yard?

  9. Thanks Kathi!

    Plume will start shipping to stores in January, at least that’s what I hear. It is being sold to shops by the sales reps right now so if you want it at your local shop, now is the time to let them know.

  10. WOW! Just gorgeous!! I want it all!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new fab. the colors…..oooooh ahhhhh hate to wait. thanks for sharing your excitement with us.

  12. Oh my, we are still swooning from the cuteness of Hushabye! Will we cope, or will we die of cuteness overload?! Just stunning. Your line “I love this collection almost as much as I love myself” has made my day – too funny!

  13. i want it. i need it. i have to have it. like no joke. i’m emailing lissa right now. i soooo need to work with this.

  14. ohh. emm. gee.
    i HAVE to HAVE this!!!

    maybe lissa will let ME work with this.
    *dreamy sigh*

  15. That is certainly the cat’s meow.
    The selvage is the bomb!

  16. I hope you never stop coming up with new stuff, I love it all! My husband is probably the only one that wishes you would stop, but that’s just his pocket book talking so we ignore it ;) .

    I really love the blue feathers on pink!

  17. Amazing – I am just in love with that feather!

  18. Wow! Crazy beautiful. Totally stunning. Congrats!

  19. Beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, delicious.. stop me anytime. You are amazing, please keep it coming, can’t wait to get my hands on this new line!

  20. Oh me, oh my! Stunning! I can’t wait to see it in real life. Another winner for sure! It’ll be at the top of the list at market :)

  21. oh, it’s just awesome. i am amazed at your track record of continuing to outdo yourself!! i think i will be saving my christmas gift cards!!

  22. You are killing me. Killing me softly, with your fabric.

    This is amazing!!! And I was just salivating over Hushabye too! And I scored a couple flutterby fat quarters the other day!

  23. So beautiful!!! I got myself a Hushabye layer cake and while I’m dying to cut into it, I’m absolutely dreading it too lol Can’t wait for Plume :)

  24. Oh, my heavenly DAYS, that floral is gorgeous!! Wow – I seriously can’t wait to see all of the beautifulness!!

  25. Wow, you are one of the few women I’ve ever read/heard say they love themselves. Good for you. And just for that I become a full-fledged fan.

  26. Well… crap… I mean… just when I thought I could save money for a new machine… now I have to save a thousand or two to buy every inch of this I can find… it is utterly perfect.

  27. I know what I’ll be dreaming about tonight….what to make with these fabrics! Good work!

  28. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Love it!

  29. Oh how you tease me. I can’t wait for this to hit stores. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

  30. Lovely range! I can’t wait to see it in the shops.
    I’m just a little concerned that all of those cats might eat the birdies, leaving only feathers :)

  31. I LOVE this collection! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  32. Wow, beautiful! That selvage would definitely add a little flair to someone’s selvage stash!

  33. Love the fabric! What beats cats for cuteness? NOTHING!! Feeding them may just give you some kitty muses to help you design! Love the selvage too.

  34. I am LOVING this! May be my favorite so far :)

  35. Beatiful!! cant wait to see them all in person, keep up the GREAT work!!!

  36. So georgeus!! Love the BRIGHT colors, they make me happy. Keep that beautiful work coming our way…we love em.

  37. Love the floral with the twigs! It reminds me of some whimsical children’s garden or secret hideout! Magical!

  38. You are so cute! I love to hear you sing your own praises! Modesty is completely overrated! And of course you are spot on! It’s fabulous! congrats!!

  39. Oh my goodness, that is cute. I already have a few blankets in mind with that bird one! LOVES IT

  40. As your stalker I feel I must let u know that it is lovely my dear and I am going to write this entire comment without using one exclamation point. Phone is ringing – oh my it is Richard my moda rep. Perfect timing.

  41. I don’t know what took me so long to find your blog but your projects are darling. I can’t wait to see what you are coming up with. Moda sent me some of your Hushabye fabric to do a tutorial with, it was so fun t work with I only wish they would have sent more.

  42. Hey Jen,
    I got my first capset today…it is phenomally beautiful!
    Great job, once again!

  43. So spectacular! I love the large floral and the feathers! The colors are fabulous, and, well, I just can’t wait to have it in person! Thanks for the peek!

  44. Holy cannoli, Jen! It’s just gorgeous! I’m hoping you’re going to Houston ’cause I’d love to see you there!

  45. ACK! I am in love with it… all of it! Time to start saving some funds for when it comes out! :)

  46. Mad. Plume. Love. And the selvedge fleur de lis… plumen’ genius!

  47. Its gorgeous! oh my.

  48. beautiful! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  49. Love love love and more love… colours are so groovy – perfect for a 21st pressie I have in mind! Can’t wait :)

  50. Hi Tula, I love your new “Hushabye” fabric collection and the name of the collection as well. Keep up the wonderful work!

  51. Hi all!!
    Just a few words.. the new line is awesome!!!!! I love this briliant colors and the motivs are just perfect. I can’t wait to have it (well for me a bit later cause i live in Barcelona).
    Congratulations another great work!


  52. Gorgeous! The colors are amazing!!!

  53. This is absolutely the most gorgeous fabric I’ve EVER seen! You are an incredible artist and I just felt so compelled to tell you so. I’m wishing, wishing, wishing I knew how to sew right now! Maybe by the time this hits stores…it’s certainly great motivation!

    The colors, the modern take on a traditional floral, the graphic elements, it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


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