I’m Interesting! I Swear.


This is some of the best random cinder block wall painting I have ever seen. I didn’t do it. I have an idea who did but I’m not sure enough about it to say here. I saw it in Raleigh, NC on the side of a gallery.

It’s actually just a placeholder image so I can tell you about the very amusing and delightfully insightful interview of one Miss Tula Pink on True Up. You can learn all kinds of stuff about me if you are so inclined.

The interview was done by Mary Beth, she has a great blog called Supafine. I think I have a crafty crush on her. She works with stretchy material which I am deathly afraid of and so has earned my highest level of respect. Check it out.

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  1. Hi Tula – loved the True Up interview and the Hushabye range, but have to admit that I’m completely besotted with the Plume sneak preview, that range will fly off the shelves – so bright and funky!!! I can’t wait to see your Quilt designs too. Thanks for letting Tula out to play Jen. :-)

  2. I actually read your interview today on True Up and I must say that I really liked it! Great job!

  3. what a nifty wall.

    congrats on the interview.

  4. That person has actually managed to make cinderblock look good!

    Thanks again for the interview, chica! You *are* very interesting. I was just saying to kim that I love that bit you wrote about you designing skulls and monsters all day!

  5. Read the True Up interview and it was very good :) It’s great to get insight into your designs and your collections.

  6. Hi – I just popped over from true-up. I enjoyed your interview and I think your fabric is lovely!

  7. Hi! I loved the interview and I also loved seeing the process of designing fabric. You are awesome! I run a little fabric shop on etsy and I’m so excited to have Hushabye in our shop. I loved Neptune and I’m SO excited for Plume. Thanks!

  8. Really cool cinderblock art – was it in the side of a business? or just random art?

    Congrats on the interview!

  9. I really liked the interview – it was very personal – gave us a glimpse of you and not just your creations. It was nice!! I wish I had a Tula – actually I think I do, but she is just stuffed down so far she can’t make it out – maybe someday! Sometimes she comes out when I’m playing with my kids – it’s fun to see their reactions :)

    I cannot wait to see your patterns! I’ll keep an eye out here on your blog for news!

    Take care!

  10. Great blog…..but today I am struck by the cinder block wall. The design makes me think of “McTavishing” quilting ~ so, does that make me too “quilty compulsive”?

  11. I had already read the True Up interview! It was great Jen or Tula!

  12. You are MOST definitely interesting.

    And I swear too. @#!$%&!

  13. love the painting.. it looks like the textural print from nest!!

  14. I was reminded of nest too… Loved the interview, I am glad I am not the only one who creates an alter ego for other purposes LOL

  15. hi…
    the artist who does those graffiti works is, david ellis………!
    fantastic blog…thanks!

  16. Thanks Darra! That’s who I thought it looked like! Yay!

  17. too, too cool! I’d love to try one some day… who has a wall they want to donate? hahaha.

  18. Hi there,
    I found your website through the interview on True Up. Looove Hushabye. Are there online stores that carry your fabrics? I’m not having any luck finding them at our local stores.

  19. Hi Tula,
    Nice article! I enjoy your designs SO much! Here’s a funny I had to share. At the website of this store I visited today, you are listed as Lula: http://stores.yeoldeforest.com/-strse-Just-Arrived/Categories.bok I just wondered if there was another character we didn’t know about yet. I informed the website gal and she pleaded mere confusion.

    But *I* got some Hushabye owls of my very own! I had to show peeps where the owls were hiding cos they had not been exposed… I told them they needed to look closer cos there were lost of critters in your cloth! I also baited a friend for Plume! ;) <3

  20. she fixed it already… GOOD JOB! :D

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