Road Kill and Other Stories


‘Tis the season for critters to wander listlessly into the middle of the road. Only Miss Lizzy House can make it adorable. She made the cake for Pam and from what I understand, which is often very little, it was an attempt to satisfy Pam’s need to see an armadillo in Texas. I saw an armadillo in TX once. This one is better and delicious, nothin’ about it tasted like chicken. So I would call this my most interesting market encounter, and everyone knows I love a little surprise critter! I think she should be on Ace of Cakes or something, I mean who really wants a cake in the shape of their car anyway? My Honda would make one lame dessert if you ask me. I am hoping that next year we get a Jackalope.

Market was great as usual, a blur of people and quilts and delicious new fabrics. I feel super weird taking pictures of peoples booths, I am not coy and smooth like other people, I come off a little over excited and stalkerish, so I refrain. You can see oodles of that elsewhere, there is a whole list of people reporting on Quilt Market activity here at Pam’s place of bloggery goodness. To be perfectly honest, which is not to imply that I am usually a liar, I spend my days very isolated with the exception of these two weekends a year. I get very excited to go and then spend the next three days wondering why everything is moving so dang fast. It’s kinda like when you stay home sick and don’t talk for a couple of days and then you open your mouth to speak and it all comes out weird, but I’m working on it.

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  1. Makes me think of Steel Magnolias, my all-time favorite movie!

  2. LOL… Jackalope for sure… you crack me up!

  3. Steel Magnolias flashback! I saw that cake and immediately thought “Thanks, Weezer, nothing like a good piece of ass” : )

  4. I’m guessing it was red velvet on the inside?? A Jackalope would be hilarious hehe :) I think if I went to Market I’d be annoyingly excited every second I was there.

  5. Thank you for describing how you feel about photographing booths. I felt the same way at a recent local quilt show, and a couple of times when I’ve gone to cool fabric stores, I’ve been too “shy” to ask if I can photograph and blog about their shop. Some people seem able to quietly take photographs. I somehow feel like I’m the center of attention whenever I pull my camera out, and I much prefer NOT to be the center of attention.

    Love the cake! My husband once brought me home an armadillo purse as a joke when he was traveling. After a while I gave it away and have regretted it ever since.

  6. no worries.. i took enough pictures for you to last till next market. it was great meeting you IRL & i’m going through tula withdrawal in san jose. 5 more days & i’ll be home to try and sort out market & get back to real life.

  7. That guy looks way tastier then the armadillo that lives in the forest behind my house and spends his free evenings tearing up the garden and digging holes in the yards. (Also, I’m going to second Michaela on this one too…)

  8. oh this is too good! So glad that I ran into you, and so glad you came. We should talk soooooon!

  9. Well I know from visiting other blogs that your booth and fabric is incredible!!

  10. It was amazing. Great seeing you!

  11. cake is cake, no matter the shape! (hey, that sort of rhymed!)

    Well I’ll have to go be stalkerish at a bunch of other blogs I guess. If I ever make it to market, I think I’d feel the same way you do. :)

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like a stalker at Quilt Market! I always feel like Chris Farley in that SNL skit where he interviews celebrities and then hit’s himself in the forehead mumbling “stupid! stupid!”. :) It was fun though and I’m glad I got to share in the armadillo (I think I got one of the hocks).

  13. It was great to meet you and I can’t wait to see what great fabric you have in store for the future.

  14. Saw some great pictures of you at Market…. ok, so you must be 14 as I see you next to your mom (Pam’s site)!!!! You both look great… Saw you on another blog with the infamous Armadillo cake cut; incredible cake making on Lizzie House’s part! I’m waiting breathlessly to see if either of our local quilt shops will carry your new line… We have the Hushabye which is beautiful, so hopefully will get this new fabulous line as well…. I’m still periodically taking my aqua owl out and stroking it. Still too chicken to cut into it yet! Rock’on Tula-Amazing-Pink…. your creative spirit makes the world a more beautiful place to live in!

  15. PS
    You know what’s SO ironic? If any of us fabric geeks were to see YOU on the street we would be blubbering (in very Valley-girl-esque style) “Oh my god! That’s Tula Pink! Oh my god! is she looking this way? Should I talk to her? Oh my god, I totally can’t believe it’s her?!!!”…. and since you’re obviously 14 from your Market Pictures, ask you mom who Valley girl was…
    The fabric lush from Virginia

  16. This is so fantastic, it made me weep when Pam told me. Oh that Lizzy! And I love your recap too. And love your illustration!

  17. Well, I felt totally stalkerish walking up to talk to you, so thanks for being so sweet! LOL! The cake is just awesome and kind of creepy, but I think that’s appropriate. Thank goodness Pam didn’t want to see a possum!

  18. You were the coolest kid at Market, Jen!! Can’t wait to get ahold of the new fabrics!

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