Full Moon Forest… Foreva!

Just to clarify… THIS IS NOT MY TATTOO… Just a few lovely ladies out in the world who liked my owl and decided o make it a part of their lives forever and ever and ever and ever.


Okay, let’s discuss commitment. Personally, I have commitment issues, just ask anyone I have ever dated (no wait, don’t). I don’t know that I even have words for this. Who says that this whole crafty thing isn’t tough? This looks pretty rockin’ to me. Full Moon Forest has been immortalized in ink. I couldn’t be prouder. Can you even stand how amazing this is? Is that a tear of pride? Yes, I believe it is.


I can just picture Corrine and Kathy bouncing their grand children on their knees telling them inappropriate stories of their wild youth. I like it. It’s the kind of grandmother I always imagined myself being. I told my mom that if she really loved me she would get a tattoo of my fabric across her back. She just glared at me and then her Christmas present got a lot smaller, like magic!

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  1. that is soooo beautiful!!!
    now i am realy sorry for the nasty tatto that i have all over my back.. i wish i had a tatto like that!!
    wow wow wow!!!

  2. That’s amazing! I never thought of that for a tattoo but it suits it perfectly. Beautiful line work on both.

  3. Yowee, that looks like it hurt! The design is, of course, amazing.

  4. beautiful!! i love in line art form!! so is that you?.. or your mom?.. or both. it’s early… and i’m tired ;-)

  5. No, It’s not either of us. Just a couple of ladies out there somewhere.

  6. That. Is. AWESOME!!!

  7. Looks ouchy right now!!! But so you !

  8. Gorgeous!!! I’m jealous.

  9. Pretty cool, must have taken some guts though!! Not sure I could do it…

    I’ve considered it though, especially when you have such a love of pattern (as i do)…. it’s a really personal thing and I can appreciate it.

    Maybe one day….

    I’d like one up the inside of my wrist maybe….

    Hmmm… food for thought…

    - L

  10. Wow, I love it! What a great choice for a tattoo!

  11. WOw! THat is amazing!
    Just so you know, I am currently making a quilt using Full Moon Forest as we speak!! I love that line. I also just recently bought a jelly roll of the hushaby line, so I am going to be starting on a quilt with that soon.
    Love your stuff!!

  12. Those are BEAUTIFUL, and WOW… what AN HONOR! Though I’m sooo not surprised your art has been inked. My only surprise is what took it so [big inappropriate word] long for someone to do it. Hmmm… thinking how my tats would look altered and adjusted inside some Tula-art!

    I often look at tats as embroidery/redwork… and now I’m seeing all of your fabric as tats. My way of thinking has been altered now. I see tat people.

  13. Stunning! Incredibly beautiful! NOW do you believe what an incredible designer you are?!!! I bet no other fabric designers have their art tattooed on anyone!

  14. Ohhh, those are gorgeous! What a fantastic idea for a tattoo, and what a compliment for a fabric designer!

  15. Just love this! Great tatoo.
    So wish you could bring the line back or revamp it in new bright colors (not to do exactly the same thing again…) so I could purchase the fabric. Missed Full Moon Forest when it was release and now so wish I could find some to buy. It is all gone.
    Very sad…. Hushabye is wonderful, but way to baby for an adult to have around.

  16. Wow, your tatoo is beautiful. You are an amazing designer and thank you for sharing your inspirations with us.

  17. Wow, I had no idea someone else had the same tattoo! Mine is the back tatty. Rock on Kathy!!! We’re two of a kind…for now!

  18. Kewl…. I like it….You are hard core..! I mean one minute you are showing a lovely bit of applique then all of a sudden you show a bit of skin and a few Tats like that….! (Which is actually more the real world of Craft than most ever expect) Keepin’ it real….

  19. I’ve lurked around your blog for a while and appreciate your fabric designs. Today, I started aggressively researching my next tattoo and thought I’d refresh my mind with your art. I love seeing that other people have already done it. Love it!

  20. Now that is a tattoo I like…

  21. So amazing,I was looking around for an idea for my owl tattoo and came across your line drawing and it struck me what a perfect tattoo it would make, combining my love of quilting, owls and tattoos all in one!!! I was going to email for to see if its ok but assuming from the pictures, it is :)

  22. OK! so I stumbled onto your site via TrueUp, researching traditional, symmetrical owls for a new tattoo. I was thinking of getting your owl, and then with this information, will not be getting it because I refuse to have the same tattoo as someone else. However, I was wondering if you happen to have any other drafts of Owls, possibly one with eyes open? I wouldn’t want to alter your design myself as the stylizing of it is so important, but I would love to see any other owl designs you may have.
    That said, your work is beautiful, and I am so exited to have found you!


  23. How funny! I was just about to comment and say that I wanted to get this exact design of yours for a tattoo! I love it! Now I know what it looks like as a tat! ha.

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