The Plume Room


Check out my guest post on True Up!  Big Thanks to Mary Beth for inviting me to write a little somthin’ for them. It’s a great site, all about fabric. I mean really, what else is there?

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  1. I loved your article, and I’m dying to know what you have up your sleeve for your next big fabric line!

  2. Girlfriend…Love that Plume room! Can i come over and plop down on that thing?
    How’s it all goin?? I guess I’ll see you soon and we can talk-and-eat-or-something.

    I dropped the bomb…she was really nice. Like you said.

    I’m still jealous, though:)

  3. All I can say is… Awesome! Your ranges just seem to get better and better! Thanks for keeping me broke : )

  4. Um, “if Pottery Barn and Betsey Johnson had a baby”? That is funny. And so true!

    Sooooo pumped for you to show the world what you’ve got plastered all over that studio!!

    And, Project Plume hits the runway tomorrow night. Bonus!

  5. I LOVE the cartwheel quilt. Sooooooo pretty.

  6. I love that quilt! Great design! I want to make it. I used your Plume fabrics on a quilt I designed for the Moda Bakeshop and had such a great time working with those fabrics. I have some left over and am excited to use them in another quilt too. They’re beautiful. I love your stuff! Thanks for being amazing!

  7. Beautiful quilt! Love the design!

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