Project Plume

projectplume_front.jpg Moda Fabrics and myself donated 36 charm packs of Plume to my guild, the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. We decided to make it into a challenge and came up with Project Plume (you know, like Project Runway?). The rules were to use one charm pack and a half yard of fabric to create a quilt top. Backing and binding were wide open. I am so excited to see what people come up with. This one is mine. I used every last thread of my half yard. I also quilted it myself which I have never done before. I thought about giving it to my quilter, Angela, but since she was making one too I felt there was a conflict of interest there, not that it stopped anyone else from using her incredible skills, you know who you are. I was initially going to hand quilt it but after poking myself several times, and having to use my own spit for blood removal (gross), I decided that the machine was the way to go. I also pieced my binding to mimic the stripes in the triangles which was a total pain in my you know what. So now it’s done and I think it’s really nifty and I will never do several of those things again. Lessons learned.projectplume_back.jpgI also tossed this feed sack on the back which just happened to be exactly the right size. I would like to believe that it was my reward for all of the pain and suffering I endured. Hopefully I will be able to borrow a few of the other projects to photograph so I can show y’all the many creative uses of a charm pack. Maybe I’ll pair it with a give away. Everyone likes free stuff.

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  1. Wow, love it! And love the feedsack on the back.

  2. AMAZING! Love the rawness of it… completely creative and wonderful!

  3. I love this.

  4. I love it! And the quilting is perfect for it, just don’t get so good that you don’t need me anymore :)

    I can’t wait to see everyone’s quilt tonight.

  5. very very cool. love it all…blocks, binding and backing!

  6. Awesome! I too love the back, wish I could find something like that on the West coast more easily!

  7. Um, OK. I am totally jealous and want to come be a part of your guild. Not that I don’t love mine … but we don’t do cool things like this. Yet. Maybe I can start up a Project Plume challenge … ?

  8. This is incredible! I love it! It was totally worth the struggle!

  9. Incredibly awesome! I love it!

  10. I love this…different than traditional tree quilts. And since you said you quilted it yourself, I now feel a little bit more confident in trying that myself on some tops I recently finished. One question…what is the pattern for the circles quilt that’s in your Plume photo? I’d love to make that sometime, hopefully even with some Tula Pink fabric!

  11. Well, it’s MY pattern! It’s called Cartwheels.

  12. Well, “Plume on the Runway” was a fantastic success! I thought all the quilts looked great and were so creative. Plume was the perfect fabric, so colorful. Can’t wait until the next challenge.

  13. oh i love a good challenge! please do share some others once the guild meeting happens!!

  14. Oh no! Now I’m never going to get this striped binding out of my head. So beautiful and precise.

  15. what a great thing to do! i hope to see more of what everyone does.
    I just saw you post the other day, and i noticed the center part of a quilt i am working on (just finished today :) ) is made of your Nest charm pack and 1 yard of material! feel free to take a gander :)

  16. I want to play! I want to be on project plumeway.

    I love the whole thing, especially the quilting and the binding. Fantastic!

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE and the feed sac on the back, with the quilting from the front, and the striped binding from the front, and on the back LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  18. Love it, blood and all! LOL! Those guys did a great job making an incredible variety of quilts with just one charm pack. Cannot wait to see more.

  19. The feedsack is brilliant! Thanks for such a fun challenge, it was so much fun to see all the great ideas people had.

  20. You are an awesome storyteller! Just in case you ever feel you need another career change (but don’t you dare). Love the front & the feedsack (what a find) is a great accent too. There is a different sense of accomplishment when you do the whole thing with your own hand, and you can say this more than most, since you also designed the fabric! Kudos to you! Hope the guild girls will share pics of thier masterpieces too!

  21. You have to love the fact that we “degermed” the contents of the feedsack before sending it to Wolf Malanga?? As always baby you find THE most interesting things on your daily journeys. The front is that little trip to the Christmas Tree farm back in the day. I love you

  22. I am now being moderated??


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