Project Plume Round-Up

I promised I would show y’all some of the projects that resulted from my Quilt Guild’s Project Plume Challenge. There were so many amazing things if I could have taken all of them I would have. This is just a small sampling of the almost 40 projects made with the charm pack.


Above is Shea’s Project. This is probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen. She made a mini mini version of my Le Petite Salon pattern. Can you believe she made that with only a Charm Pack and a half yard of fabric?!? So cute I could cry.


Alex, front and back- I really liked the gray she used with her charm pack. I am a sucker for simple repeating geometry, it totally appeals to my neurotic side. Also, If you want to see the most amazing little boy quilt ever made then check this out.


Kelly, front and back- Oh Kelly, how I adore thee! These wonky little windows are super fun. There is even a little appliqued piece in the center. I also loved the addition of the dictionary print on the back and binding. Sigh…


Carla, left- This arrangement uses the same exact block as Alex’s project only it’s arranged in a diamond pattern. It’s amazing what can happen by simply rotating a basic half-square-triangle. It was so well made too. Carla is pretty much the most elegant lady ever.

Mary, right-  Mary used hot pink as her half yard. I think that may have been for my personal benefit. I never turn down a pink, the hotter the better.

Since I couldn’t get my hands on every project, here are a few other blogs that have posts on the Project Plume Challenge:

Marilyn Butler

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8 Responses to “Project Plume Round-Up”

  1. I am in love with every quilt made for this challenge! Beautiful fabric and fabulous quilts! What a talented and creative group!

  2. love them all!! but really love the mini mini version of my Le Petite Salon… i so want to make that now!!!

  3. They’re all beautiful! You’re quilt guild sure has some talented ladies in it!

  4. What a treat to see my quilt here! Thanks for making this challenge possible. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed working with your beautiful fabrics.

  5. Love these! Awesome :-)

  6. I loved this challenge! Thanks so much for sharing the charm packs with us!!! I’m using my quiltie for a table runner…it’s so fun to look at it and remember all the gorgeous quilts made with the same pack ;)
    (thank you for posting my link here too) xo

  7. I ADORE plume- it’s so vibrant yet classy! I’m going to have to put it on ‘THE LIST’ of planned quilts I have!!
    Just wanted to say THANK YOu for designing Neptune- just finished my second ever quilt- this was for my 10yo son- so the colours and patterns were perfect!!
    My quilting skills are still at baby steps stage but your fabric helped made the quilt look (well in my eyes!) awesome!!
    Love your work!!
    All the best!
    Katie (lil ol’ England!)

  8. Those are awesome!
    They actually inspired me with my own little Plume stash! :)

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