Ask and you shall receive… Free Stuff!!!


I promised a give away on twitter and I do my best to deliver so here it is. The BIGGEST give away in Tula Pink history, and that’s exactly what it is, the history of Tula Pink!Over the next six weeks I will give away a little piece of me every Friday, in the form of Jellyrolls. I have one JR of every collection I have ever done for Moda Fabrics and they are now up for grabs.

What do I have to do to win these fabulous prizes? you may be asking yourself this very question. All I want to know is what your favorite Tula Pink fabric collection was. Could it be Plume my most recent concoction or are you old school, Full Moon Forest maybe? or Flutterby? Neptune? Nest? Hushabye? They are all my babies so it has no bearing on who wins but still, for my own ego’s sake I would like to know.

As always the winners will be chosen at random. Leave a comment, get an entry, it’s that simple.

The winner will be announced every Friday, chosen from the comments to this post. Every comment will have 6 chances to win so keep checking back every Friday! Oh, and you can enter up until June 3rd, so have at it!

The winners will be announced as follows:
April 30th – Plume

May 7th – Hushabye

May 14th – Neptune

May 21st – Nest

May 28th – Flutterby
June 4th – Full Moon Forest

1,591 Responses to “Ask and you shall receive… Free Stuff!!!”

  1. Oh! I do luuuv me some TulaPink!

  2. I love Hushabye! I made myself a quilt out of it, and can’t wait until I actually have a minute or two to finish it so that I can use it! :)

  3. Oh, I’m the first? First never win, but anyways:
    I think if I have to choose, my favourite collection would be Hushabye…just love the damask bunny!

  4. OOOOO! Pick me! Pick me! Will groveling work? :o )

  5. Neptune! What a fun giveaway!!

  6. NEPTUNE! easy!

    i mean i heart FMF… but i think that is because i missed out on getting it… but little by little my collection is growing…

    but still.
    its NEPTUNE.. always has been.
    i heart it so much that i’ll even use capital letters… which i so rarely do.

  7. Oh, my fave is without a doubt Neptune!! What an amazing giveaway!

  8. I *love* Neptune, but I am pining hard after some flutterby right now. Unfortunately I did not get bitten by the quilt bug a few years ago so I was unable to hoard these like crazy as they came out. Please develop 10,000,000 lines of fabric every year. I’ll rob a bank and buy them. Thank you.

  9. Hushaby, but they are all so beautiful, thanks for the opportunity, karen

  10. ooh, decisions, decisions… I think Flutterby is my fav collection, with Full Moon Forest and Neptune very close behind. But they’re all great and would happily take any jelly roll you felt fit to bestow upon me! My fav print is the owls from FMF – I saw someone once who had made a skirt (for an adult) out of the owls, and I just thought it was the most clever thing ever!

  11. Ok, it’s between Neptune and Full Moon Forest… I’m gonna say leaning toward Neptune because the color combinations are so gorgeous, but I love the prints in both.

  12. Oooh yay! They are all so beautiful! It would be wonderful to win one!

  13. They are all lovely, but Neptune is my fav! I should get to work and topstitch that quilt with all the mouth watering neptune fabrics in it. LOVE neptune.

  14. I absolutely LOVE Neptune!!!! But you know what? I will be tickled to death if I win any one of these.

  15. I have always loved Nest. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  16. I’ll always have a soft spot for Flutterby after making this quilt:

    Although, I would love to experiment with Nest or some of your other lines!!!

  17. Hands down – Hushabye! But I love all the others too!

  18. My very favorite is Hushabye, followed very closely by Plume!

  19. Neptune is my fave. No, Plume, definitely Plume. It is hard to decide. Love them all!

  20. I like them all, but I think Neptune is my favorite!

  21. Oh wow! What a wonderful giveaway!!! My goodness! I think my favorite collection has to be Neptune. Luscious! But I love all your collections!

  22. It’s the Hushabye for me. Maybe because we are all about grandbabies lately and it just croons to me of little crib quilts.

  23. Love, love, love them all! I would be so excited to win any one of these beautiful fabrics.

  24. Hushabye was my favorite.


  25. I love Hushabye…would love to make a baby quilt out of it! All of your fabric collections are wonderful!

  26. Neptune no Flutterby! It is so hard to choose. They are all lovely. Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. I *love* Plume. Can’t get enough.

  28. I have to choose a favorite? Okay…It’s hard, but I will. My favorite is Flutterby. I ❤ it!!

  29. How cool! Neptune’s my favorite.
    It’d be great if you could include links to each of the full collections.

  30. right now I am drooling over Neptune myself… :) I do love them all though

  31. This is really a tough question cause I love’m all! I would pick Neptune.

  32. I am loving the Neptune!!

  33. I am still a big fan of Full Moon Forest, although Neptune is a close second! But I love everything that you do! :D

  34. Whew hew – please include me!

  35. What a great giveaway! Neptune and Hushabye are my favourites but you may like to take a look at what my friend did with a Charm Pack of Nest! Simply stunning!

  36. I love Hushabye, an my father loves it too: I’ve planned an antimacassar for my father’s couch, already bought the fabrics and chosen the layout!

  37. I love Flutterby. But the anchor print in Neptune and the colors in Nest are pretty fabulous too. Decisions, decisions!

  38. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!! My favorite line was Neptune. I just ADORE the blues in this line.

  39. Choosing a favourite line of yours is like choosing your favourite child. Impossible! I can’t really choose one but the top three are Neptune, Flutterby and Nest.

  40. This is the most amazing giveaway ever! It would be too hard to choose a favorite…they are all beautiful.

  41. Oh, this is fantastic! Flutterby is my all time favorite fabric, ever! I started sewing after Full Moon Forest and have never even seen it! Thanks!

  42. I love Hushabye and Neptune.

  43. Oh my, how to choose?! Every one is stunning – and being kind of new to sewing, I’ve never had the chance to really get a hold of any of them. I have one fat quarter from Neptune and I’m hoarding it as if I’ll ever find anything worthy. :) And Full Moon Forest – I only saw that for the first time about a week ago and was heartbroken that it’s long gone. They’re all gorgeous, but I those two are my favorites – I can only daydream about the lovelies I could make with them!

  44. Hi, this is pretty cool, honestly, i have never seen any of your fabric in person, i rarely get to go to my lqs (1/2 hr away) so i window shop online. i love plume for the feathers, but all of your lines look pretty!!! thanks for this awesome chance!!

  45. Ummm it is so hard to choose one….I would probably say flutterby!

  46. I love them all but Plume is my favorite! Those pinks are gorgeous and I LOVE the prints!

  47. Neptune. No contest. There are many fabric collections I’m a fan of, but Neptune is not only favorite Tula Pink collection, it’s my favorite of all time.

  48. Wow how can I even just pick one. One of your amazing fabrics. I have tried them all except Full Moon Forest can not seem to get any in my hands. I would have to say Hush A Bye because I am creating a quilt with it currently and I just love the softness of it. This is actually my second quilt with it. I just love your fabric you have so much talent and I appreciate you doing a giveaway!

  49. Wow…so generous to give away your babies!!! If I only had to pick one, cuz you are making me (haha) I’d have to say …. *drum roll please* ….. Nest….and Full Moon Forest :) But really, I love them all!!

  50. I absolutely love Neptune! I made my first quilt out of it and wrap myself in it every evening. I absolutely love the colors!!

  51. my favorite tula pink is neptune. your fabric designs are wonderful.

  52. I LOVE them all! Since I have to pick one it would have to be Full Moon Forest! What a fun giveaway! So many chances!

  53. I wish I could say one or the other. Being as I am a new quilter… 1 month now, I am not familiar. They all looked lovely and fun to work with.

  54. I am a die-hard fan of Full Moon Forest – I have 99% of the collection in yards and yards – My next fave is Neptune – no one else has achieve the richness of the deep blues and I am trying my hardest to collect what little is left of this range. I am crossing my fingers for any of the giveaway prizes Thanks Tula!!

  55. I’ve already won one of your giveaways so count me out but I wanted to tell you I *love* plume. I just got my hands on some and I’m on the hunt for more. I also loved neptune and can’t get enough of it either. You rock!

  56. i would consider myself lucky to own any….but i join the bunch that love Neptune….

    thanks for being so generous!

    *fingers crossed* shannon

  57. I love all of them! Especially Hushabye & Full Moon Forest

  58. Oh GOSH…I absolutely love all of them but I would have to say that my favorite is Plume…but that may just be because it’s the newest one. Really they are all perfection so I’ll just have to win ‘em all! ;-) hehehe Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!

  59. It’s a tie – neptune & nest. so in love.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  60. I just adore the colours in Neptune, but they are all gorgeous!

  61. It would be incredible to have any of your collections! I think I am partial to the Neptune. Thanks for the giveaway.

  62. Neptune for sure! Sadly, I came back to fabric/quilting world after it became extinct so none in my stash :(

  63. Neptune is my favorite…Full moon forest a close second….
    can they EVER be reprinted??

  64. My favorite, hands down, is Plume. I begged and pleaded for it for my birthday and my wonderful parents sent me a layer cake of it. However; I absolutely love all of your collections and wish I had been quilting when FMF and Flutterby had come out. What a fab give away! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to get our hands on these fabrics.

  65. Neptune and Nest are beautiful!!! :)

  66. !Love them all! Was just at the Chicago show and was lucky to find Neptune Honey Bun. Would love to get my hands on Plume, Full Moon Forest, or Flutterby!

  67. I absolutely LOVE NEPTUNE – the colors, the little sea creatures, the delicate coral – if were a person I would marry it or have an affair with it or stalk it… I just LOVE NEPTUNE !! My next favorite is PLUME – OH the FEATHERS !! I dream of those feathers and again with the colors. I want to cover everything with PLUME !!! Hushabye reminds me of candy – those lovely little wheels…. I don’t have any of the other fabrics – as I didn’t see them until too late…. :(
    I think I would reallly love NEST – those flowers that look like eggs – so wonderful. Hopefully Nest is the one with the egg shaped flowers – I’m just so over whelmed thinking about a chance to win some Tula Pink – AAAAHHHH !! Thank you !

  68. I love them all…how to choose my favourite…..Flutterby…no, Neptune…Plume has just just arrived so I havent seen it made up yet so it may just become my favourite…:-)

  69. dude, what a killer give-away!
    this is like asking a parent which kid they love best (even tho we all know one DOES outweigh the other).
    plume & neptune are neck n neck…..i think i’ll have to say plume, they all just keep getting better and better!

    thanks for having this sweet contest!

  70. Neptune is my favorite I think!! Soooo pretty! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  71. Neptune, Nest and Plume! I love them equally the best. I also love the others but you made me pick!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a very generous giveaway!

  72. Neptune, definitely! Although I have pined after most of these at one time, and love them all. Absolutely, completely talented, you are! I love the posts about developing the fabric designs and the different phases of the fabrics. Completely mesmerizing!
    Thank you :-)

  73. NEPTUNE!!! I love neptune SO much. I want to make everything with it, but also at a very close second is Full Moon Forest. Hope I get lucky :)

  74. Oh gosh – I just don’t know which to choose! I’m going to say it’s a toss up between Neptune and Full Moon Forest (the hidden squirrel is my absolute favourite and I still have some sitting pretty in my stash)!

  75. When I saw Nest on the front cover of “Sew Hip” last year, I rang some local patchwork shops and all I could get locally was the jelly roll. I bought it that afternoon, and sewed from after the kids went to bed til 2am and had a completed moebus wrap of my own. That wrap has been used as clothing, a baby bassinette quilt, a pillow wrap and a costume (so far) and I just love it. That’s the range that brought me back to sewing, and let me to sew my first quilt. Thank you!

  76. Neptune is absolutely my favorite, although I love FMF and Hushabye, too, but it’s definitely Neptune all the way. I have a huge stash! I think I love it most because it’s really a collection of downright traditional patterned fabrics (damasks, geometrics, strips), but with an absolutely hilarious twist. DAMASK TURTLES! KILL ME NOW!

  77. I love Neptune but didn’t discover it until it was impossible to find. Curse being late to the party!!

  78. SO HARD TO CHOOSE! I think I’m going to go with Neptune, though. My fiance’s in the Navy, and it reminds me of him.

  79. I love Hushabye, I made a quilt with it for my granddaughter, but would love, love any of the collections!

  80. I love me some Neptune!!

  81. Neptune, hands down. The colors just make me SWOON.

  82. Neptune. For sure. The colors are just too good.

  83. I Love Flutterby and of coourse Neptune! I have made heaps from Neptune but none from Flutterby yet. Love them all really, Keep up the great work!

  84. Most awesome giveaway ever. I don’t think I can go past the absolute beauty of those feathers in Plume. I only hope that one day my illustrator work will be of such a high standard.

  85. OMG how can i chose?!?! omggggg to win one or ANY of those! i would die! i think my most favorite is full moon forest…it’s a classic and i still search for those precious owls even though i hoard yards and yards of them! hehe! but a VERY close second is definitely plume. good lord girl, that collection is FABULOUS! i have charm packs staring at me longingly….eeep i can’t wait till you start picking winners!!

  86. This is so hard for me. I love Hushabye for a baby’s room…I love Nest for the brightness and funky feel, but I think my FAVORITE of all time is flutterbye- because of the PRECIOUS little owls. LOVE the owls.

  87. I love them all but I think I would have to choose Plume…. I am just a middle aged plagiaristic quilter, but I would love to make something modern

  88. Best. Giveaway. Ever. Do you know how hard it is to track down your fabrics? I guess that makes it part of the appeal. I love Nest and Neptune, and I’m planning to make a quilt for each – I have a bunch of charm packs but a jelly roll would really be the icing on the cake :-) I love the colors and patterns that are bold and sophisticated all at the same time.

  89. So much fun!

    My favorite is Hushabye…I am working on a baby quilt right now, and that is what I am using! One of my best high school friends is expecting a baby girl in July, so this seemed perfect :)

  90. How can you expect us to answer such a hard question? Ack! I love them all! Full Moon Forest inspired me to make my first quilt, which now lives on my bed. My second quilt was made with Full Moon Forest, Flutterby, Neptune, and Nest! But Plume…that one is killing me I love it so much!

  91. I love the Neptune! if i win i’m making my 5 year old son a quilt with it!

  92. Such a hard decision!! I guess if I have to pick just one i would say Neptune. I love the color combinations so much. Thanks!

  93. I can’t even decide which one I like the best! I think it might be Plume . . I think

  94. Hi,

    My favorite fabric collection was Neptune! I made my friend who is very “modern” and not into “traditional quilts” (even though her mom is very much a “traditional quilter type”) a baby blanket using the Neptune Moda charm pack and she loved it!!!

    Picture a very contemporary couple living in a loft – she’s a designer and he’s an architect (you get the picture)…..the baby blanket had to fit into their lifestyle or it would have been abolished into a cupboard somewhere….I backed it with green flannel (even though it was for a girl) and it rocked. Oh yah – the front panels I added white shirting 1″ strips to block each printed square. It turned out so great she said she would hang it on the wall.

    Hats off to you and an awesome fabric collection which met the approval of discriminating designerly types!

    PS. I would love to win one of your jelly rolls – I never win anything but I still keep trying!

  95. Ooooohhhhh I love Neptune and Nest, I think it would be a pretty even split for me between those two.

  96. HI. Love them all. My favorite? Plume.

  97. Neptune and Hushabye are my favs…but really LOVE them all!!!

  98. love them all….really….but Neptune is my fav (don’t tell the others)

  99. oh please oh please. I’ve never won anything especially not anything this awesome!

  100. oh please oh please. I’ve never won anything especially not anything this awesome!
    I love plume!

  101. Wow Jen…what a great give away…I am in!!! Because i am so new..I have a disadvantage here. I am not so familiar with all the lines:( So I would have to say I love the Plume colloection! Anyways…maybe heading up there again on wednesday…..see you then!

  102. Neptune? Plume? Argh! How do I choose just one… not possible. Love them ALL! :)

  103. Neptune is my favorite for sure! ♥

  104. Today my favorite is Nest. Tomorrow, however …. could be Neptune, or Full Moon Forest, or Plume…… Just never know!!

  105. They are all beautiful, but I love Nest, followed by Plume!

  106. Oh So hard to choose – They are all so beautiful but I think that Hushabye is my all time fav.

  107. Oh my goodness!! What an awesome giveaway! I have to say that my favorite collection of yours is Nest. I have my own little stash of it and have BIG BIG plans for it. At least two quilts. Then, in second I would have to say it’s a tie between Plume (LOVE the colors) and Flutterby (LOVE all of the little creatures). I discovered Flutterby much too late and only have a couple of fat quarters. Yay, so glad that I’m entered into your giveaway. Off to gather my good luck charms… :)

  108. Neptune…I love every single fabric in the collection and I have loved every single project made with it. The fabrics combined so beautifully and the tone on tone prints were amazing. I would love to see a Neptune 2. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  109. They are all pretty! I choose Flutterby as my favorite. It’s fun!

  110. My favorite is Neptune!

    I find all of your design work – and the drawings etc. that you show extremely inspiring.

    Can’t wait to see what you will do next.

  111. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I love Nest the best…. Plume is great too.

  112. If I were to pick right now I’d say “Flutterby”….but I love the others too….I’d be thrilled to win any of it! :)

  113. Plume! Um, no Nest! Uhhh, Flutterbye?! Aw, do we have to choose just one??? I would love to win one of these lovelies.

  114. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think, (at least for today), it’s Flutterby.

  115. Wowee, what an awesome giveaway!

    I think my favorite is Plume, but it’s so hard to pick!

  116. I love them all but I think Neptune is my favorite.

  117. I LOVE Neptune, but Nest is a close second. :D

  118. Your fabrics are so gorgeous. It’s very hard to choose a favorite, but probably would be Hushabye. I love the softness of it!

    Oh, and thanks so much for doing this giveaway! This is awesome!


  119. I love Full Moon Forest- I stalk it on various store websites and need to grab some before it’s gone for good!

  120. I love the prints from Flutterby and the colors from Neptune. If I had to choose one, I’d probably pick Flutterby–the ladybug print is so adorable.

  121. Love all your fabric! My first quilt I ever attempted was with Hushabye. My favorite though is Neptune or maybe Full Moon Forest. I have some of each that I am saving for the prefect pattern! What a fun giveaway!

  122. Without a doubt – NEST!

  123. I started sewing not too long ago and my very first quilt was made with a Hushabye charm pack!!! I love it very very much!!

  124. I love neptune….I found this fabric while we were stationed in CT, and the husband with his submarine. I was in love with the submarines! We will be getting out of the navy in a few years, but iI know my neptune quilt will hold a special memory for me our own submarine adventures. I bought so much of this fabric! I have grand plans for gifts for all my wonderful friends! I have one layer cake left, three jelly rolls, two honey buns and 8 charm packs, and assortment of yardage waiting for inspiration….so many exciting projects to come!

  125. I like them all but I think my favorite has to be Full Moon Forest. Good luck to everyone!

  126. I have a “thing” for Hushabye, but would love to see the entire line of Full Moon Forest before I make my final commitment.

  127. My favorite is Flutterby. I am a sucker for those ladybugs…..I wish I could still find them.

  128. I love all of them, but I think Plume or Full Moon Forest are my faves!

  129. I think Hushabye is my favourite – I have a quilt half finished in that at the moment:) But they are all gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway

  130. It’s also hard for me to pick, but I’ll go with Flutterby.

  131. ooo thats hard…. i think i will say nest, but dont hold me to that
    sweet of you to do thid giveaway

  132. I am in love with them all, but I think flutterby is my favorite! You are awesome!

  133. I am in love with them all, but I think flutterby is my favorite! You are awesome!

  134. I love them all– I just made a rag quilt from Hushabye, and have Flutterby and Nest in my stash. I am also working on a Neptune quilt now, and I think it’s my favorite. I like how there’s lots of tone on tone color, and all the hidden images. Somehow I missed Full Moon…

  135. NEPTUNE! I just love it.

  136. I love, love, love Neptune!!!

  137. wow! gorgeous fabrics!!! Plume or Hushabye or Nest… or….

  138. Oh my goodness – be still my heart – what a lovely give-away! I love all your fabrics but Neptune has to be my favorite. Thank you for holding such a wonderful give-away!

  139. Thanks for the giveaway! As for my favorite… I think it would be a tie between Nest and Neptune. Both have amazing colorways but are completely different

  140. Hands down my favorite is Nest. I have made 2 quilts using Nest fabrics and a wallhanging. But I also love Neptune, having used charm packs of this collection to make another quilt.

    I used Flutterby and Nest charm packs to make a double sided raggedy quilt. When I want to see the other collection, I just flip over the quilt.

    I just got a Plume jelly roll in the mail and want to stare at the luscious fabrics a while before chopping it up. LOL.

    Cannot wait to see what you come up with next!

  141. My mind is scrambled because I love all the flavors that your collections deliver. Since I had to pick just one, I’d say it was Nest because those fabrics have been the most versatile in all the quilts & other projects I’ve seen. Somehow they look different everytime the combination is changed. Lovely!

  142. eeep… I love them all.. I have a ton of Hushabye and have made two quilts out of it so far. I have also made two from Plume… hmmm… Hushabye if I had topick just one.

  143. Thanks for the giveaway! I think my favorite is Neptune but it’s a tough call :)

  144. Plume, Nest, Neptune….it’s hard to pick just one!
    Thanks for including me in your give away…how nice of you to organize this AND design great fabrics too…
    Thank you.

  145. My heart is drawn to the colors of Neptune! :0)

  146. my favourite… neptune! i LOVE the color combos in it and the patterns blend so nicely together!

    keep them coming!

    xo me

  147. Nest … of course… I would love to win this … but; if not, I’ll just dream a little… thanks

  148. I simply cannot choose between these beauties…but ill narrow it down…neptune and nest rock my world! thanks for the chance(s)!!

  149. They are all beautiful!! But I think I like the colors of Nest the best :)

  150. Ohh I really would love one of those….or all six but what are the chances of that. hee hee My favorite, so far, is neptune! I love the color combination!

  151. I will have to echo someone else’s comment and say that I’m new to the game of quilting so I’m the most familiar with the last couple of lines. I’ve made baby quilt’s in Hushabye for my new soon to be niece (the first one!) who might be named Lola. How adorable! I love how each print has a little hidden surprise in it. I’m a Biology teacher who is always itching to create something, so I love those little shout outs to nature… Plume is on the docket with the Cartwheel Quilt Pattern and I’ve managed to hunt down a few remaining pieces of the beloved Neptune that I’m going to make up my own pattern for….. so many fabrics, too many final exams to prepare for!

  152. I love them all! But Full Moon Forest looks like spring to me!

  153. I love all of them but if I have to choose, Neptune!

  154. I recently discovered your fabric as a new quilter. I also love them for purses!!!!

  155. It’s a toss-up between Nest and Flutterby

  156. I love them all, but my favorite is Full Moon Forest. It is one of the first fabrics I ever bought when I began to sew. I made and apron for a friend. Only after it was all done, did I notice the owls perfectly centered on the apron. I went to get more yardage, but it was all sold out…

  157. Oh, man, I’m not sure, they are all so great! I’ll just say that today my favorite is Full Moon Forest. Thanks for having such awesome giveaways!

  158. OOPS was so excited about chance to win forgot to put favorite line Plume.

  159. I think plume is simply delightful

  160. I just love Hushabye…the colors are so calming and sweet. But I would also love Full Moon Forest. I found out about it after it was discontinued and have always wanted to play with it:).

  161. neptune is one of my all time favorites?

  162. It’s got to be NEST! I have a stack of Plume too but NEST is the all time fav!

  163. I love Neptune!

  164. oh man, i want to win all of these!

    nettiepete at gmail dot com

  165. Well – I have actually used (made more quilts) out of Hushabye than any of the others, but if I were to make a quilt for myself I would use Nest, so I guess it is my favorite.

  166. Neptune. I just really love Neptune.

  167. Good lord, it’s like asking who I love more, Mom or Dad? I’m a huge fan of Neptune, BUT Full Moon Forest is also right up there!!

  168. Oh, I am so excited about your giveaway. I’ll be sure to let everyone in our guild know about it. Now, to pick my favorite. That is really hard because they are all so incredible. I personally own some of Plume, Hushabye, and Nest. Owls and birds are a few of my favorite things, so naturally I love your fabrics. If I had to pick, I would say Pl…, no hush…, oh geeze this is too hard. I love them all! Looking forward to seeing you in Ponca in June.

  169. I love blues & greens so neptune has been my favorite. It is hard to choose though!

  170. ooooh how can one choose when all the fabrics are so truly luscious indeed!!! Full Moon Forest certainly pushes my buttons, if I have to choose, but being a true Pices, I also love the colours in Neptune.

  171. i would have to say that Neptune is my absolute favorite…so unfair to make me pick! :)

  172. I’d have to say that Neptune is my favorite. Can’t get enough of it…I just completed my third quilt using it!

  173. I think I’m liking Neptune more than any other right now :)

  174. WOW, that is a tough call…I really think I would pick Full Moon Forest, but I also very much love Plume…with Nest and Neptune running a very tight 3rd and 4th…that’s my answer…. and winning any of them would be great fun!!

  175. I guess if I had to choose it would be Hushabye since it can be used for children’s as well as adult’s quilts.

  176. Whoa! Tough question! I think I love Neptune most and Plume next!! But any of your fabrics are amazing!!! :)

  177. Oooh, this is so fun! I think I love Neptune the best…no, wait, Plume. No, Neptune. Ack! Hard to decide. I’m gonna go with Neptune. (But really, I love them ALL!)

  178. Which is my favorite. Well, I wish that I had bought Full Moon Forest when it was out, I actually did buy lots of Flutterby to make a quilt (it is in the middle of being cut out, and it will be done soon, I hope). I’ve loved all the Neptune quilts I’ve been seeing lately . . . but really I love them all!

  179. The first collection I ever saw of yours was Nest. Loved the colors. Now, though, I really like Plume. So my answer is, I can not decide!

  180. I love Hushabye!! Well really I love all of your fabric but Hushabye was my first time to get hooked!

  181. The first collection of yours I saw was Flutterby, so I think that’s got to be my favorite, though Plume is a close second.

  182. I really like Neptune, but i also love the bunnies of full moon forest. :)

  183. My favorite is “Neptune” but they are all beautiful and I would be proud to own any (or all) of them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  184. Flutterby all the way! love love love!

  185. Ooh! How fun! I love Neptune…and Plume.
    What a great give-away!

  186. I love Full Moon Forest.

  187. I love them all, but Hushabye is my favorite!

  188. I’m partial to those sweet Hushabye bunnies, but I’m also rather fond of Plume.

  189. I love Neptune and Hushabye. I tried to order some hushabye recently but they were all out of stock so I had to cancel my order and cry a single tear. (also I love free beautiful fabric)

  190. Oh gosh! Are you gonna make me pick just one? This is sooo hard!

    If I were stranded on a desert island in the middle of nowhere with nothing to sew with but one limited edtion Tula Pink jelly I would have to pick Neptune! I adore everything about it.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway Ms. Pink!

  191. Plume! Plume! Plume! Just love it :->
    xo, suzy

  192. Full Moon Forest would have to be my favorite, but all the fabric collections are gorgeous.

  193. I like them all, but I LOVE Hushabye!!!!

  194. Holy crow! What a giveaway! I think I could do something really nice for my daughter’s room with flutterby but they’re all lovely.

  195. When I started sewing a few years ago, I saw Flutterby and snatched it off the shelf. (Rather violently, I remember….) I made a purse of it and carry it everywhere. Since that time, I saw all of your other collections and LOVE them, but Flutterby remains my favorite.

  196. How nice! My all-time favorite is Nest, and I stocked up while I had the chance. But now that Neptune is hard to find, I’m getting a little panicky because I think it may overtake even the birds in my affections.

  197. I am pretty hard pressed to find just one favorite … I have all of Neptune just waiting for me to create something but I think my favorite favorite is Hushabye with Flutterby coming in a close second!

    Good luck everyone but mostly me … I haven’t won anything in a really long time and it’s feels like my time!

    Thanks for the give away … so generous!


  198. not sure what my favorite it, but I love those hidden bugs in the flutterby

  199. Plume, just because you forced me to make a choice and I’m using it now in a project, they are all wonderful though!

  200. Oh It’s so hard to choose, If I had to though, I guess I would say Plume. Thanks for the amazing Giveaway!!!

  201. I love plume and neptune. Actually, I love them all.

  202. I love Neptune… I should disclose that I have two boys so I think if I was making girly quilts Hushabye might be a favorite also! Thanks for the chance to win!

  203. I love Plume and Nest. But ALL are amazing!! Thanks for doing this!

  204. Flutterby was the very first Tula Pink that I ever bought.

    I am going to get me some Plume for a project I’m working on.

    I’m with Ryan on this one. Neptune is my fav it has them darker colors that I so love.

  205. Looove Neptune. Neptune has to be my favorite and runner up, Full Moon Forest.

    PS This giveaway is insane! (The good kind)

  206. I am really lovin’ Plume since I just made crib bedding from the FABULOUS Tailfeathers fabric. There is just so much to look at in that print, its just wonderful! I also love all your others, but that one is a special fav right now!

  207. FMF will always hold a special place in my heart. I made my first real quilt (and my first real online interaction with other quilty peeps) with that line. I must say that Neptune is a close second, and I haven’t worked with Plume yet but I think I’ll love it. Of course, you know I love them all!

  208. I absolutely adore Hushabye! I love the quilt I made with that fabric!

  209. Awesome giveaway! I love them all…Nest first…and then Hushabye!!!

  210. I seriously love Hushabye. I would love to make a quilt for my baby with it. Thanks for having a great giveaway!

  211. plume is my favorite thus far. it’s the colors – i love ‘em! i also really like the printed images you did for the neptune line. pretty cool.

  212. I was introduced to your design genius in an interview you did for Sew Hip magazine. You were revealing Neptune at that time, and I have to say, I think it’s still my fave! Thanks for being so generous!

  213. I will never get tired of Neptune!

  214. Hmmmm, if I have to choose then today I am in a hushabye mood. But I love them all!

  215. Definitely Neptune. I think it’s genius.

  216. I absolutely adore Hushabye. I’ve made two quilts and several smaller project with it. I’ve never seen Flutterby in person, but I think I’d really love that line too!

  217. I love them all but Full Moon Forest is by far my favorite!

  218. Well, I think you know I love all of your fabric but Hushabye has a little edge for me. Sadly, I re-ordered the Bunny Damask from Moda for the store 3 times and then it was gone! Sigh….Bye bunnies….Bye…..

    My customers have loved Hushabye also. I would say that Flutterbye is my next favorite. I don’t know–it’s so hard to pick. You are very talented. I watch everything you do and even love the tuna can fabric when you first had it made at SpoonFlower. Your colors are yummy and sort of melt in your eye.

    So now that I’ve waxed euphoritic about your talent and your fabric and your sense of color, I will return to my “real job”. Sigh..I miss the bunnies…

  219. oh how could i possibly pick a favorite…because you asked…well i could narrow it down to Neptune or Flutterby…but between the two…it’s like asking which child i like best. all your work is amazing.

  220. Oh please do enter me in this giveaway! How fun looking back at all your pretty fabrics. At the moment, I LOVE neptune and I am kicking myself for doing a quilt front using charm squares and now cant find any yardage for the backing! :( Anywho,.. its my fav, especially the navy. :)

  221. Oh! *sigh* I just love, love love the Nest collection! I found it too long after it came out, so I’ve only ever had bits and pieces. I love the orange plumey goodness, the colors are so lively. I have had too much fun following you on twitter!

  222. I looooooove hushabye!!!!!

  223. It is so hard to pick. I love the colors of neptune, but I almost just bought a kit this weekend of hushabye, just for the fabric. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  224. I am declaring myself eligible for this terrific giveaway, despite my recent luck in getting a Neptune jellyroll. ;)

    Favorite= Neptune!!

    I think we should make a wager on how many comments this bad boy will get up to before the final winner is picked in June!

  225. Oh my goodness what an AMAZING giveaway! It’s so hard to choose just one fav since all of your fabric lines are so unique! I have a little bit of all your lines in my Tula Pink collection! I was able to stop by your mom’s shop a few years ago while I was in college in Nebraska (what a treat)!!

    I think my favorite would be Flutterby if I had to choose then Plume!!

    Thanks for the chance to win some of your awesome fabric!!

  226. Wow, what a terrible decision between your fabric lines. I really love Full Moon Forest. Well, I also really love the turquoise colorway in Plume.

    Honestly, I love them all.

  227. How amazing would this be to win….
    Pick me pick me! :)

  228. My favourite would have to be Neptune, but I do love the quilt I made from Hushabye, too. Is there something new coming soon, maybe?

  229. Really loving the Plume right now! I have LOVED every one of your fabric lines though!

  230. I love them all, of course. Flutterby might be my very favorite.

  231. My favorite is flutterby! or maybe plume… I can’t decide. But I love all the ones with birds in them. I guess I will stick with the first, Full Moon Forest. I love the owls!

  232. Awesome!! I think Neptune is my favorite, but Plume and Full Moon Forest are close seconds. I Love them all; you’re my favorite designer!

  233. What a fabulous giveaway! I’m going to sit here with my fingers crossed til i hear from you :)

  234. I LOVE..LOVE..LOVE..all of them. I really love Plume, but I honestly think it would be extremely hard to pick a favorite. Your fabric lines are truly amazing!!!!! Can hardly wait to see what you come up with next.

  235. My favorite is Neptune! I love the colors and the turtles.

  236. So hard to decide! but I think I’m leaning towards Plume. I want to make my first quilt, and any of these would be FAB!!

  237. Neptune rocks! all though they are all so pretty.

  238. They are all just beautiful…just to hard to pick a favorite…would just love to win any one of them…Full Moon Forest is rather special…aahhh..they are all special. Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely give-a-way….hugs …LindaB

  239. Not fair, not fair at all. Choosing just one of your lovely collections is just too darn difficult. If I absolutely had to I’d say Full Moon Forest. The colors are beautiful and the patterns oh so pretty.

  240. I am pretty new to quilting, and have a healthy stash of Plume (which is beautiful), but based on the picture, the Flutterby really intrigues me. Full Moon Forest too.

    Great jelly rolls. :)

  241. Yes please!!! My favorite is Flutterbye, but they’re all sweet!

  242. Too hard to choose! My two favorite would be Plume and Flutterby.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  243. Oh! Please pick me.
    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Pick Me!

    I cannot possibly choose a favorite but I will mention that I recently picked up a couple JR’s of Neptune so my heart is full of Neptune Love. : )

    Please pick me.

    Love your BBNF, (Best Blonde Nebraska Friend)
    Becca : )

  244. My favorite is Flutterby, followed by Nest and Hushabye. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  245. Are you kidding? Do I have to choose? Hmmm Flutterby. maybe. Today att least!

  246. Wow my favouite is Neptune, but I do love them all. Thank you for sharing

  247. I love the Neptune line! But I love fish, so Neptune gives me my fish fix… but what an amazing giveaway!

  248. I have to pick ONE?? I can’t. I’m torn between Hushabye and Full Moon Forest. I have so much love for your owls!

  249. Nest is probably my favorite because of the bright, vivid colors. I also own and love Neptune. I’m sure I would have loved Flutterby and Full Moon Forest also, but I just recently got into sewing and they were sadly, no longer available.

  250. Oh, it’s hard to pick just one favourite, but I think Plume is it for me :)

  251. I love your fabric, it’s art in its own right. You are very talented.

  252. What a fabulous giveaway! I love all your babies, so it’s hard to choose a favourite – do you have a favourite?

    I can probably narrow down my faves to Full Moon Forest and Flutterby. If forced to pick between them, I’d probably pick Full Moon Forest, because I didn’t discover it until after it was OOP. I do have a little piece of the purple owl fabric, it is being hoarded for exactly the right project – it would love a jelly roll for company! LOL ;-)

    Can’t wait to see what you do next – would love something very bright – with purples, pinks, blues, jade greens, perhaps some peacocks – aren’t their feathers just the most beautiful thing ever?

    Thanks for the giveaway love. :-)

  253. I love Neptune! But I come from the coast so probably that is why. But I really like Plume as well.

  254. What a fantastic giveaway.

    My favorite is Full Moon Forest, followed by Flutterby
    Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

    Have a nice Week

  255. Ohhh I just really love them all!

    I would love the Neptune bundle, then the plume, then Hushabye.

    Thank you!

  256. ohohohoohohohohoh…FEATHER stack of Tula pink!

  257. Wow, seeing them all stacked up like that, makes me want them all!!! Theya re all so lovely. If I had to pick a fav it would be Neptune, but they are all great. Love your work.

  258. My favourite might be nest… Thanks so much for the entry!

  259. My all time Favorite is Neptune.
    I love the colours they are such a stunning combination.
    Full Moon Forest is my next Fav,The worst thing about your Fabric is that it sells out to quickly!

  260. Wow-weeee! What an awesome giveaway!!!!

  261. full moon forest and after that hushabye
    i love that owl
    i even have one of them in green from hushabye
    but…. i need more!

  262. I think my fav fabric might be nest. Thanks for the giveaway!

  263. I am a late comer to Tula Pink. I think so far it has to be Hushabye. What a great giveaway!!!!!!

  264. Full Moon Forest…hands down!!

    I have made 3 quilts from it…and treasure my dwindling stash of it!

  265. Really hard to choose, but I’d pick Neptune. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  266. Eek, you want ME to choose???? Neptune of course as I am a total waterbaby, especially Caspian in Pink. Probably tomorrow it will be Plume or Hushabye. I am a late comer back to quilting but your fabrics are the ones I really swoon over and snatch off the shelves when I see them. I’d love to get a proper look at Flutterby, FMF and Nest though as my choices could change in an instant and I could be off on mission impossible in the UK to hunt out near extinct Tula Pink fabric!

  267. I have yet to win a free anything contest, but this is one I really really want to win! My favorite is Neptune — I appreciate it more and more as time goes by. My next favorite is Nest and then Flutterby. I LOVE the ladybugs and wish I had some more of that fabric-especially the red. Oh, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  268. May I please win? Please? I love these!!

  269. I love Neptune! Gretings from Slovakia!

  270. I’ve used Hushabye quite a bit, but I think I could learn to love Plume just as much!

  271. They are all so pretty, but my favorite is hushabye. Love the soft colors.

  272. I like the colors of full moon forest. Thank-you for such a great giveaway!!

  273. I ike them all but my favorite would have to be flutterby, I love the intensistyof the colours.

  274. Of course I love them all but ohhhh, Neptune. I just love the colors and all things fishy! Well, not all things, but I do love that line. In fact a couple weeks ago I was staring longingly at it at our quilt shop and actually showed restraint…. barely. So, it would not be so bad if I WON it.

  275. That’s like asking me to pick a favorite child! I do love Neptune though. But what about Nest? And Flutterby?

  276. For me it’s a tie between Plume and Neptune

  277. Oh wow, what a HUGE giveaway! Hmm, so many choices of such beautiful fabric. I have mainly worked with Plume & Neptune, but I believe Hushabye is my favorite! Thank you soo much!

  278. I love Neptune but honestly, I love them all!!

  279. I think Neptune is my favourite – I am not very confident using lots of colour – when other people do it it looks great, when I do it, it looks messy or too busy so I am drawn to fabric collections with a muted scheme – and I think Neptune is just gorgeous.

  280. WOW what a fabulous giveaway! My all time favorite is Hushabye. Love the pinks! Thanks so much for entering me in your sweet giveaway :-)

  281. Ooh I love them all, but I think neptune is my fav!

  282. Oh wow – what a decision…favorite? I would have to say plume – it’s just sooo pretty!

  283. Neptune is my favorite–but they are all pretty amazing! =)

  284. Flutterby! I love all the collections but I chose to make my very first quilt from Flutterby for a reason. All those bright colors and happy bugs are just adorable.

  285. It’s so hard to choose just one! I’d have to go with Neptune. With Plume as a very close second place.

  286. Well, since I have to choose one, I’m in love with Plume right now. But, I’d certainly be happy with any of them!

  287. Oh my goodness what a wonderful giveaway! I looove flutterby, with all the little creatures hiding:-) But Hushabye is also a big favorite, as well as the other fabric lines.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  288. I have two favorites. Nest and Neptune. Thanks for the giveaway!

  289. What a generous giveaway! I love the colors of Neptune, thanks for the chance.

  290. I think my favourite is Full Moon Forest. That owl reminds me of a children’s book called The Owl Service by Alan Garner.

  291. Great giveaway! I love all of the lines, but my favorites are Neptune and Flutterby. Thanks!

  292. Neptune! Wish I could find more of somewhere.

  293. It’d have to be a tie between Neptune and Hushabye but who am I kidding, they’re all stunning.

  294. I think I like Full lMoon Forrest the best. All of the lines are full of wonderful graphics and colors so it makes it really hard to pick just one!

  295. I LOVE Neptune’s color pallet but I do really like Plume as well. Oh goodness… What an insane give away!!! I hope I win.

  296. My very favorite is Full Moon Forest. Great giveaways!

  297. Your fabrics are so fun. I really enjoying using them. Can’t wait to see more.

  298. How exciting!

    Love neptune!

  299. I think my favorite is plume but it was hard to choose!
    Thank you for this GREAT giveaway!

  300. Neptune as I have made quilts with Flutter bye and in the middle of the Nest one and then its Plume but I have to say they just keep getting better … Thanks for the give away. I love them all really and can’t wait till the sneak peeps for your next collection

  301. One of my favorite quilts ever was made with a layer cake of Nest, but I also have a wrap skirt out of the Full Moon Forest owls. I love them all, thanks for being so generous!

  302. I love the Hushabye, Flutterby and Nest. They are all absolutely beautiful! Here’s hoping I win!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  303. They are all beautiful, but Neptune has always held the no 1 spot because of my love for the ocean. Great giveaway.

  304. The first moda fabric I ever bought was Flutterbye! So pretty!

  305. They are all great but I am drawn to the colors in Neptune.

  306. Nest is my favorite – I use one of them in my kaleidoscope quilts.

  307. i have to say i love all your lines…but if you twist my arm and i absolutely must pick just one as a fav..

    …well….jeeez….it’s Flutterby….for the name it’s just too cut…and i have always loved butterflies and dragonflies so very very much…so much that my first two tattoos were those lovely little creatures….so you see that Flutterby JR needs to come live with me….

    thanks for such a fantastic giveaway…you absolutely ROCK!!

  308. OMG! I am only #265, better late than never I always say. If Tula is opening her personal stash of fabrics I want in. As her mom, I’ve seen it, I want it! Now, what cute charming thing can I say to win?? No…can’t print that.
    Love you baby

  309. Its like trying to pick between your children. Love them all, but maybe the colors in Full Moon, or Neptune,…or anything really.(really)

  310. I would have to say Plume… and I don’t even have any of it! Need to work on the LQS :)

  311. They are all lovely but I love Nest the best! I even have a Next Jelly Roll sitting in front of my Monitor at work so I can look at it when the going gets tough.

  312. I just saw Plume at the AQS show last week. Loved it!

  313. It is so hard to decide.

    I love the hushabye and nest. It is a toss up between those two!

  314. How can I choose which I prefer, they are all such gorgeous fabric lines! I simply can’t choose! Thanks so much for the great giveaway.

  315. Hmmm? I think after looking at all of the collections once again, I would have to pick Flutterby – especially the Moss line. I love a blue/green combination – add dragonflies and butterflies and you had me at first glance! Thank you for this chance to win!

  316. how neat! What a great giveaway :)

  317. Full Moon Forest is my fave, followed closely by Neptune. Such a fab giveaway!

  318. Wow, so hard to pick just one out of this amazing stack! Your designs are so inspiring. I especially love seeing your sketching process as it leads to your designs. My favorite would be Plume, second would be Full Moon Forest.

  319. i love Neptune! and Nest! this is such a great giveaway, thank you thank you!

  320. I’m a new quilter and a new fan of your fabric. Love it – thanks for an amazing set of giveaways! I think my favorite is Full Moon Forest. :)

  321. Oh man, I’ve been looking for a Nest Jelly roll for a while now. I’d love to win one of those jelly rolls. Love them all.

  322. Wonderful!!!!! I love them all equally. You rock!!

  323. Choosing a favorite is very difficult. . . today I choose Neptune~

  324. After looking at each and everyone of them in details, I have to say, I like Neptune the best. Maybe because I live near the ocean, I don’t know. But, it speaks to me the most.
    I would love to win whichever one, they are all fabulous.

  325. Flutterby for me but it was a very difficult choice!

  326. I really love the newest collection Plume, but Full Moon Forest is beautiful too! Thanks for this awesome giveaway, your designs are beautiful!!

  327. Love them all! Thx for being so generous :)

  328. I would have to say that Nest and Plume are my favorites. They are all lovely. Happy giveaway!

  329. My Love affair started with Full Moon Forest! Love them all sooo hard to choose just one!

  330. I really do love NEST!

  331. Hushabye with the bunnies is my favorite!!! Great contest.

  332. I am very partial to Neptune but I love them all! What a great giveaway!

  333. To choose is just too hard! I adore them all. I so love the way you ‘hide’ elements to be discovered in your designs. If push came to shove, I would probably choose Flutterby or Nest as my favourites – love the intensity of colour. Mind you, I’ve not seen Plume ‘in the flesh’, so perhaps I should reserve judgement! Thank you for such an AMAZING giveaway.

  334. I am just beginning in this big quilting world and I’ve already fallen in love with so many of your fabrics! :) I first was intrigued by your Full Moon Forest but I think I am in love with Neptune because of the colors and the patterns.

  335. I loved hushabye, closely followed by neptune.

  336. I love Hushabye!!!! Hope I win! Love these giveaways!

  337. Okay considering I recently kinda nicely begged you mom to sell me some of her collection of Flutterby and ship it to the great white north I would say it’s my fav. By the way your momwas very gracious and my first project with her stash was a little quilt for my newborn.

    In all honesty you fabric made me want to quilt and so I started. Thank you for making modern quilting a beautiful thing.

  338. I’m a new quilter and am about to start on my first jelly roll- I’m excited to see what can be done with them–would love to own another.

    Norma Casad

  339. Since I didn’t jump onto the sewing wagon until a little over a year ago, I’m only familiar with Plume, Hushabye, & Neptune, and so far te only thing that I have created was a quilt from the Neptune line.

    So my favorite is NEPTUNE….mainly because I was able to make a quilt for my husband out of the blues and he LOVES it! here is a direct link to the quilt, well the top anyways.(

    Well thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  340. My favorite that I’ve actually seen in person is Neptune. I’m planning to actually cut into some of it soon. My favorite that I’ve never seen in person because it’s so hard to get is Nest. The colors are so vibrant and the designs are lovely! That said, your other collections are beautiful…I love all the hidden animals!

  341. Gosh, Nest or Neptune, I can’t decide! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  342. Wow – how great do those look all stacked up together??? Love them all, but I think Flutterby and Nest are my favorites. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  343. My favorite fabric of yours… hands down.. is flutterby! I made my first quilt from a flutterby jellyroll.

  344. Wow, they are all so pretty stacked up together! I love love love full moon forest, followed by neptune and hushabye.

  345. WoW! What a giveaway!! Thanks for the chance. I have to say that I love the hushaby. But to win any of your fabrics would be so cool!!!

  346. Nest was one of my all time favorite lines. I still have a bunch. Like most, I love all your lines. The colors, and different prints are really interesting and pretty. With all the fabric lines available “interesting” ones really catch my eye.

  347. Hard to decide, since they are all beautiful! I’ll say Flutterby…until I change my mind. Thanks for the giveaway.

  348. Neptune is my absolute favorite (I love nautical type prints and just love the colors in that line). Hushabye is a close second … love it for baby projects :) .

  349. Hushabye is beautiful. Hope I win!

  350. this is the BEST give-away ever. I LOVE your fabrics! I don’t have a firm favorite, and I have only been able to use 3 of the collections since I just started sewing very recently, but I adore Plume and used it for a tiered dress for my 4 yr old, who thinks it is the best thing EVER (pink swans.), I coveted hushabye and wanted it, but it left the stores too quickly and I wasn’t able, and I LOVE Neptune, used it many times, and for a really cool jumper for the same 4 yr old as above. I also really like full moon forest (had to look it up though, never could buy it). I would love them all..if you could somehow draw my name everyday I would be an exastatic, greedy, girl!

  351. Hushabye is my favorite–but they are are so so neat!

  352. ZOMG! I would love love love to win these!

  353. i’m new to tula pink (where have i been?!) but i’m hooked!

  354. Oh how hard it is to choose my favorite. I will someday be on the TV show Hoarders due to my ever collecting stash of Tula Pink fabrics. I will also have to explain to my daughter the reason I cannot pay for her college is because of my deep love for your fabric ;)
    In truth your newest collection is always my favorite, Plume became my favorite after I was so devoted to Hushabye. I cannot wait to see your newest fabric, darn you Tula Pink for being such a genius.

  355. I love them all but I think Neptune would be my favorite. i would be happy to win any of them.

  356. It is impossible to pick just one favorite unfortunately, all your designs are beautiful. I envy your creative talent!
    My favorite 2 are Flutterby and Neptune.
    Thanks for the mind-blowing giveaway!

  357. I love Neptune. Blues and greens are soothing to me. Although, i do love the color combos in Plume…

  358. WOWZA!!! What a giveaway… I must say my favorite is Flutterby but I have been dying to get some Neptune… I really love that line!

  359. Oh must I choose, your fabrics are all beautiful. Fun, colourful and perfect for all kinds of projects. Hushabye is perfect for baby gear. Thank you for your generousity!

  360. My favorite is Hushabye. It was the line that I used to make my first quilt and everyone that sees it comments on the fabric.

  361. Please enter me!!! I would LOVE any of them!

  362. I do like Nest too, it’s close, but I think I’d have to say Flutterby is my favorite. (The olive colorway really speaks to me.)

  363. I only started quilting recently so most of your collections were no longer available when I finally started building my stash. I absolutely lust after Full Moon Forest.

  364. I love them all, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Neptune!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  365. Flutterby, I have some fabric here, ready to go!!

  366. I LOVE Hushabye! I am expecting my first child in the next couple of weeks and I did her nursery in the Hushabye fabrics. I made the curtains and all of the bedding using the pink and brown patterns. It is so special to me… whimsical yet still sophisticated. I love it!

  367. Oh, to choose I love them all but maybe Nepture might have a bit of an advantage. Great job, I just love all your lines.

  368. My favorite is Neptune! I’ve been saving up to splurge on your fabric!

  369. Woot, Woot Great Giveawy!! Hushabye is my favorite.

  370. Well, I’m in the middle of finishing my first quilt from Plume, with plans for a second one… so currently thats my fave

  371. SO BEAUTIFUL! Well, I first fell in love with Neptune. Seriously, I cant get enough, I love the color combos. But I really, really love Plume.

  372. Well, I am old school, I love Full Moon Forest because it is the first one that I fell in love with….but the odds of winning out of 300+ comments are slilm, but thanks for the offer! LOVE YOUR WORK!! ~~Sheri

  373. I love Full Moon Forest best! Also love Plume :)

  374. its hard to pick just one! I really like Hushabye though! or full moon forest! but hmmm…any one would be great!!!!!

  375. Flutterby is my favorite. BTW, you link to the Hushabye collection actually goes to the Full Moon Forest collection.

  376. I would have to choose Neptune, because my first ever quilt was made with a Neptune jelly roll. I love all of your collections though – I wish I was around when they were all released :)

  377. Nest is my fav. I’ve already made a quilt using the charm pack. I’d still love to have more or even another line!

    Thanks for the awesome give away!

  378. Plume is a gorgeous fabric collection! Would love to win!

  379. its really hard to pick just one favorite, but if push comes to shove…..flutterby. those ladybugs are just the cutest ever and seem to find there way into everything very easily!!

  380. I really like Nest. Gorgeous. Thank you for the chance to win.

  381. neptune is my favorite – love the greens and blues together

  382. Oh, this is so cool! I really love them all…but I’m going to say Hushabye is my fave.

  383. I think they are all beautiful but I lean towards Hushabye. It’s so soft and girly :o )

  384. Hushabye is my favorite. I’m waiting for a granddaughter so I can use it in her quilt, but so far I have five grandsons! I’d love any of the jelly rolls.

  385. Ooooh, I love jelly rolls! Full Moon Forest is my favorite.

  386. Oh easy, Full Moon Forest—the most elegant owl ever!!!!!
    What a wonderful giveaway…..thanks!!!

  387. I love hushabye!

  388. I don’t think I can pick! Love Neptune… and Nest… and Full Moon Forest!

  389. Oh I love the Neptune. I love the colors! So bright but not so bright that you would be afraid to use them! You are one talented woman and THANK YOU for doing this giveaway!

  390. Neptune… or maybe Hushabye. Dang.. it’s not an easy choice! They are all so pretty.

  391. I love all your collections, but Neptune is my favorite! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  392. La la la love fultterby! Great giveaway! :) Wahoo!

  393. Neptune is my fave! I’ve been in love with it ever since I saw it at our local store.

  394. Fingers and toes crossed! I love neptune and fiull moon forest…

  395. Ok, I have read your post and giveaway about 3 times since last night. I honestly thought about these fabrics last night and tried to decide on my fav. Very difficult. I love them all. But, IF, I had to chose… it would be a tie between Full Moon Forest and Plume. Your talent and designs AMAZE me!

    I also discovered last night that you must live near by! Just read about the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild and that you are a part of it! I was planning to check it out anyway, now there’s even more inspiration!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  396. I absolutely adore Nest. SO gorgeous. I melt!

  397. Full Moon Forest and Flutterby are just precious – but there are patterns of Hushabye and Nest that I just adore, too… :) It’s not easy to pick favorites, gosh darn it… Thanks for the chance!

  398. Looks like I’m voting for Neptune! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  399. Oh you are mean making us choose! LOL I would have to say Hushabye first, and flutterbye and neptune taking close seconds! LOL They is ALL wonderful!!! :D

  400. Neptune is my fav and it is getting harder and harder to get. So, may I have some please?

  401. My two faves are Neptune and Full Moon Forest. The colors in Neptune are genius and I love the whimsy and intricacy of FMF. Thanks for doing a giveaway. What fun for us!

  402. I made my second ever quilt form Neptune for my son and the fabric is gorgeous!!

  403. What is not to love about them all? But I would choose FMF.

  404. FULL MOON FOREST!!!! Love it love it love it!!!!!

  405. Your collections are all amazing. I would have to say I love Flutterby the best. I wish thrilled to get a while ago the Owls from the Full Moon Forest Moon set. Thank you for such a great giveaway and your fabulous designs.

  406. Neptune! Neptune! Neptune!

  407. Neptune is my all time fav. I hope I can win!!!! Thanks.

  408. How do you have all of this great stuff?!! I absolutely love the flutterby collection. I was new at quilting when this line was available and I hadn’t quite figured out how to get my hands on it (our local quilt stores are the chain variety). My close second favorite is hushabye. Thanks for the give-away!

  409. I absolutely adored Flutterby! I love Neptune and Hushabye though.

  410. I love Hushabye. It is so sweet and pretty! All of your lines are beautiful! Neptune is a close second, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some Plume! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  411. I am drooling over that stack of jelly rolls. They look delicious! I don’t know if I can pick a favorite, they are all SO beautiful! If I have to choose then I would say Hushabye, Neptune, and Plum are my top for now. :)

  412. I love plume!

  413. I really love Nest, but Neptune was also a joy to quilt with.

  414. I love love love Neptune and Nest!

  415. Love them all, but Nest really hits the spot

  416. I heart nest and Neptune super hard!

  417. Love Nest! But I also purchased 6 Flutterby fat quarters yesterday when I found them and had to have them. Oh, and I’m on the hunt for Neptune.

  418. oh my – you are very generous! I have a hard time picking between Neptune and Plume. I would have to say that my favorite would depending on what I’m making.

  419. Full Moon Forest makes my heart swoon!

  420. I just love Nest, I have a quilt front already made out of a layercake, but no fabric to finish it so the poor guy has just been sitting on my shelf!

    What a great giveaway, this is really kind of you!!

  421. I am an ocean lover and I am drawn to anything that has a ocean theme…my absolute favorite is NEPTUNE!!! I am still trying to add Neptune to my collection.

  422. Can I pick 2 favorites? Yes? Ok, thanks. I love Flutterby and Neptune.

  423. I think my favorite is Plume ….. I love the feathers and the trees w/ the keys hanging in them!

  424. I love Neptune! I need some more. What a fabulous giveaway!

  425. This is an awesome giveaway!!! I love them all and will do a little dance if I win. I am crossing my fingers.

  426. I love Plume in Mint! Thanks for offering a wonderful giveaway (or 6) with EASY requirements. I’m glad to not have to worry about coming back each week to enter them all!

  427. Neptune is a wonderful collection!

  428. It’s so hard to decide!!! The first line I bought was Flutterby because of those awesome butterflies and dragonflies, and then I found Nest in quilting book at my local shop (Strips or Squares: Suzanne McNeill) with a pattern that featured the most bold turquoise I’d ever seen in fabric and I was hooked! I then found Stray Feather in Sunset/White and I was in LOVE! It is my favorite print of any line ever and I’ve got about 6 yards of it. Now that my office is painted a lovely shade of aqua, I plan to cover a large canvas with it and stick it up on the wall to give the space a little more spark of color :) While I love all the bold and bright colors of Nest and have stocked up on several charm packs for future projects, it’s really Neptune that I’m hoarding the most. It has so much versatility, and while I don’t ordinarily purchase those colors individually (I typically go for the super bold/bright of colors like Nest and Plume), there’s just something about the way those corals/blues/greens work together that just seems calming. Especially the geometric prints. LOVE it! So, I guess for now, Neptune is my favorite complete fabric line. And that’s my final answer! At least until I have enough saved up to stock up on Plume…and then I reserve the right to change my mind again! :) Thanks for sharing your awesome fabric with us!

  429. They are all so lovely, but I think my favorite is Nest in green. What a giveaway! I hope I win! Thanks for the chance!


  430. Without a doubt, I love all your collections…..but if I had to choose one, and only one, I’d go with Nest. Thanks!

  431. I literally just separated my Hushabye layer cake into boy & girl stacks and now this?! Oh my heavens I’m in love! I’d love some more tula pink, I don’t have nearly enough!

  432. I love Nest! I actually love all of them…

    Jennifer :)

  433. Today it’s full moon forest but really I love all your collections. Thanks for the chance!

  434. I would have to say Hushabye and the new to me Full Moon Forest. Thanks for the chance.

  435. Full moon forest and Neptune are my faves. I love blues/greens/purples the best.

  436. I.LOVE.YOUR.FABRIC!! I don’t even know which I love the most! However, I don’t have ANY Plume…so I could be REALLY, REALLY happy with a little Plume in my life :)

  437. I like Flutterby the best, I think. All of them are delicious, but I love this lines colorways and its mix of modern and traditional patterns.

  438. I love Hushabye–my mom and I both made quilts from this line.

  439. My first quilt EVER was with Hushabye, and you know what they say about your FIRST…but I’ve been dreaming (fantasizing?) of walking into an out-of-the-way quilt shop and discovering a cache of Full Moon Forest!

  440. I don’t know if I can really pick a favorite. Maybe just my favorite right now and I think I might have to say Plume. Although I do have some Hushabye waiting to be used. I just can’t seem to cut into it. I do love it so.

  441. I love full moon forest. Great giveaway thanks for the chance to win.

  442. Oh my goodness you are gonna make me choose!!! Love Plume!!!! But on a side note you make amazing fabric and I have to confess that I love them all, have used several for quilts and clothing…

  443. Ooh, this is a toughie. Full Moon Forest. No, Flutterby. Ooh, ooh, Neptune. No, Full Moon Forest. . . . No, no, it’s Flutterby.

  444. I love Neptune.

  445. I REally can’t pick a favorite. I love all your lines and would love to make something beautiful from them. Thanks for this GREAT giveaway!!!!

  446. I have to PICK!? Hrmph. Fine. Neptune then. Or Nest?

  447. I’m going to say my favorite is Neptune–it is very hard to choose just one!
    Thanks for the generous giveaway-I am crossing my fingers!!!

  448. That’s a difficult decision, but I really like the colors of Neptune. But I also love Nest!

  449. WHAT AN amazing giveaway!!!

  450. This is so crazy exciting! I have been falling more and more in love with your fabrics lately, and I soooo wish I had gotten some FMF and more Flutterbye! I just found a bit of the ladybugs and now I’m hooked! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  451. Each and every fabric is beautiful and would make me one happy camper.

  452. Argh, you’re going to make me pick?!? ok, Neptune, followed closely by Plume, then by Nest … but they’re all wonderful.

  453. PLUME! no Full Moon Harvest. NO Plume. NO NO NO – Full Moon Harvest. Ooooh goodness it’s a tie – I love all your fabrics, but those two are my favorites – big bold and beautiful colors, textures and patterns. Yummmmm.

  454. Neptune is my favorite then Flutterby, but I would love to win some Full Moon Forest as I never saw the whole collection together and it’s hard to find now.

  455. I love them all. neptune, hushabye if I had to pick. You are great. Thanks,Mary Jo

  456. Wow, so hard to pick! The first quilting fabric I ever bought was Full Moon Forest so I have fond memories of that one. I completely missed out on Flutterbye so I’d love that one, but the collection I really, really adore is Plume. The colors, the swans….Plume would definitely be my first choice.

  457. Full Moon Forest, with Nest a close second. It’s hard to choose!

  458. I think Plume is my absolute favourite!
    although nest is beautiful and I did love using it!
    I do like the full moon forest but came on the quilting scene too late to ever see the whole line :)
    but if I won it I’m sure I would love it!
    thank you for this generous giveaway!

  459. I guess I have to say Flutterby, since I made a purse out of it that gets a lot of compliments. But I love them all!

  460. Oh, without a doubt it’s Plume. I used this fabric for my 3 year old’s filmstrip quilt and loved every second of making it. The feathers! The bright pinks and lime greens! GORGEOUS.

  461. You are so not nice making us choice which one we like best. It is like asking us to choice between different kinds of chocolate truffles, it just can’t be done. I love them all and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

    Erin Muree

  462. I love Nest! Thanks for the giveaway!

  463. I just got back into quilting and I must say you do amazing work. I love your use of colors and the way you work hidden animals into your prints.

    Cheryl Gennaro

  464. I love flutterby very much. Thanks for the great give away

  465. My favorite Tula Pink line is Nest, but I am obsessed with the cute ladybugs in Flutterby. I love the colors and intricate designs in Nest, but those different prints of ladybugs on white work great in every quilt I have ever made!

  466. Your collections are always so beautiful, it is really difficult to pick a favorite. I must confess I don’t always buy an entire collection, as much as pieces of given collections. As a complete collection, I would probably say Plume is my favorite. I definitely have a design already in mind for it too!

    Thanks for sharing yourself and inspiring.


  467. I’m going to be honest here and say that I don’t know which one is my favourite. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with any of them, yet.

  468. My favorite collection is Neptune. What a great giveaway, THANKS !

    Carrie K. in Wisconsin

  469. Hushabye all the way! Love It!

  470. My favorite is Neptune. It’s the perfect fabric for my family full of boaters. Of course I have to say that if I could I’d buy one of everything because your designs are amazing!!

  471. Looks like some groovy stuff.

  472. Neptune!?!?! I recently started quilting and I.Am.In.Love with Neptune but have only found a few leftovers here and there. I would be estatic to win this!

  473. Flutterby! I love it!

  474. As a whole collection, definitely put me down for Full Moon Forest. Love!!! I also adore pieces from other collections, like the birds from Nest and the feathers from Plume.

  475. my fave is Plume…Nest is almost my favorite though : ) I love alllll Tula!

  476. You said ask and “I” shall receive!! Okay, I’m asking for Full Moon Forrest, but I love them all. I just bought a bunch of Plume! So pretty.

  477. Wow! That is all I can say about how great this giveaway is!

  478. plume is my favourite!!!


  479. Hushabye is my favorite! Love it!

  480. Full Moon Forest, but they are all lovely! Love to win.

  481. I like all the lines a lot. My favorite fabric is the the Flutterby butterflies on honeycomb, with the mechanical flavor. Love it.

  482. I love them all but of the six, Hushabye, Neptune and Plume are my favourites. Hushabye because I love the pastels and the patterns, Neptune because at first I did not go for the colours, but the more I saw it, the more I loved it and now I think they are great! Plume I loved straight away. I saw the birdfabric in the middle of the quilt at market and combined with the feathers and others it’s wonderful. So I love them all but for different reasons. And as they are all so different you can’t really compare them as you only compare like with like.

  483. I love jellyrolls – and the Neptune wins my vote. What a great give a way!

  484. Neptune! I am in love with the navy & aqua especially. Although the mint from Plume is so fantastic.

    Actually would you mind reprinting FMF and sending me a half yard set? I need some for my stash. Thanks!

  485. I’ve always loved Nest, but Plume is my new favorite and I’m dying to get my hands on some!

  486. I love them all OF COURSE!!! But my mostest favorite one is Neptune!!
    I’ve been trying to get my hands on some for ages.

  487. Definitely Plume! I love them all but I have been working lots with this one since I’m a designer for Moda Bake Shop. I love it! Thanks for the chance.

  488. I love the colors of Plume, but of course any of these would be fabulous to win.

  489. Love them all specially Nest

  490. *fingers crossed* I wanna be a winner!

  491. Flutterby….hands down without a doubt for the whole entire rest of my life… it’s Flutterby. I could wear something from that collection every single day of my life!

    Thanks for this amazing chance to win something so completely and utterly cool!


  492. Wow what a great giveaway! My Fave is Neputne. Love the colors!

  493. I love Plume and I love Flutterby and pretty much any and all of your fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win one of these beautiful fabrics.
    Kelley Oletzke

  494. Wow they are all gorgeous, but I’ve long coveted the owls and rabbits of Hushabye. :-)

  495. I LOVE Neptune. I have made a bag with it for my mom and a quilt with it for my sister. I still love it even after working with it that much! Your designs are so luscious!

  496. Flutterby was my first love and is still my fave.

  497. Hushabye! I Love it!!

  498. I love Nest

    jenkinstobeach at gmail dot com

  499. I LOVE Flutterby, but it is tough not to love each one.

  500. Love Flutterby, and you newest,Plume.

  501. Love the Branchy Birds of Nest and Full Moon Forest is awesome as well. Actually I love all your fabrics but these two are my faves. :)

  502. I love Plume! And Full Moon Forest! And Nest! And … Okay I love evry design.

  503. I love Nest and Neptune. I’ve made a beautiful quilt out of Nest, but was not able to get my hands on Neptune…too slow :( I would love to win any of your gorgeous fabric though.

  504. I think for me, it’s a tie between Neptune and Plume. They are all pretty rockin’, though

  505. Woo hoo what a contest!

  506. Honestly, I love them all. Neptune was my favorite last year and I can’t wait to buy some Plume. Your work is outstanding.

  507. Add me in, please! They are all so beautiful, I would be grateful to win any of these beautiful fabrics.

  508. Beautiful and so generous! Would have a hard time picking my favorite :)

  509. Neptune.. i am sad you cannot find it anymore… I love them all though. thanks for the giveaway

  510. It’s way too hard to pick only one favorite, so I’m gonna have to say either Neptune or Flutterby!! But really, any of these jelly rolls would be so fun to have :]

  511. Hushabye, but flutterby and nest are very close. All are lovely.

  512. Full Moon or Neptune… but they’re ALL beautiful. nice work.

  513. NEPTUNE!!! Love love love it. I wrote to you a month ago about its availability in the states. I started quilting about a year too late to get my hands on beautiful Neptune. :(

  514. I want to re-do my bathroom with NEPTUNE – my favorite quilt collection ever. If my humble opinion counts, I feel it is the strongest designed collection in quilt fabric history thus far.
    I have a great idea for a shower curtain, and towels, and a rug. Not sure if a Jelly Roll will do all that – but I’m willing to give it a try. :)

  515. Hushabye! Goodness, I just discovered your blog and these are fantastic! A close second would be Plume.

  516. Oh, Neptune wins hands down! Unfortunately I don’t OWN any…yet. But I love all of your fabrics! Soooo gorgeous!

  517. Oh man, I LOVE Hushabye, with Full Moon Forest coming in at a very close second. But I love them all. AH! I REALLY WANT ONE!

  518. I tie at flutterby and plume… but so hard to choose!

  519. Definitely Full Moon Forest

  520. A history in Jelly Rolls. that’s my kind of class! Love Neptune, but don’t make me pick a favorite!

  521. Neptune and Nest are tops…..but Full Moon is beckoning for attention, too. *grin*

  522. I love Flutterby!

  523. I love Neptune. It is hard to choose a favorite. They’re all wonderful.

  524. I love Flutterby! The colours are so intense, rich and gorgeous!

    Thanks for such a wonderfully generous give away :)

  525. Wow what a great give away! If I was lucky enough to win I hope it would be Full MOON forest, love that line. Thanks Sharonj.

  526. oh my!! What a fantastic giveaway!! I love all of your collections, but Neptune might just be my favorite ;) Thanks for the chance for awesome goodies!!

  527. Wow Count me in pleeeaaaasssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  528. Your fabrics are gorgeous, but My favorite is Hushabye.

  529. My favorites are Neptune and Hushabye — not sure if I can pick an absolute favorite, though!

  530. love, love full moon forest! especially the dusk colorway! beautiful! :)

    thanks so much for the awesome giveaway opportunity! :)

  531. It has to be ….all of them! but especially Neptune!:)

  532. I truly love them all. Lately, I’ve had a hankerin’ for some Neptune– probably because of everything your biggest fan makes:-)

  533. My favorite is Flutterby! What a wonderful giveaway.

  534. Wow, what an amazing giveaway. My absolute fab is Full Moon Forest!

  535. Ooh, I love all of them, but I’d have to say Flutterby is my fave!

  536. What a generous giveaway!! I love all of the fabrics, they are so pretty… If I have to choose just one I think it would be Nest, no may be Flutterby, wait, no Nest… eh I can’t decide, I like ‘em both!

  537. I love them all, but I’ve used Nest on one of my favorite projects.

  538. I think you are super talented, but I would love to be the winner on May 14th because I am addicted to Neptune!

  539. Definitely a hard decision, but I have to say Neptune is my favorite!

  540. Neptune is far and away my favorite! I have seen so many beautiful quilts and projects done with that fabric.

  541. Choose ONE favorite….oh my..that’s almost next to impossible!!LOL! In the end, I would say the reds in it! And the turquoise. and…LOL! I would love to win any of them!

  542. I love them all for different reasons. Flutterby for hand appliqueing leaves, flowers and stems ; Hushabye, hands down for the sweetest baby quilts ever made; Neptune takes me to a vacation near the shore,… however if forced to choose you had me at “PLUME”(even in it’s drawing stages…love, love, love the rich color. Thank you for the beautiful fabric lines and the inspiration to quilt once again !

  543. I love them all ! Hushabye for making the sweetest baby quilts ever ! Flutterby for hand appliqueing leaves, stems and flowers ; Neptune takes me on a summer vacation to the coast…however, if forced to choose…”You had me at PLUME(even in the drawing stages), the rich colors appeal to my love of color and design(and my daughter too, because her room is painted the same shade of green). Thank you for all the beautiful collections of fabric and inspiring me to sew again ! Kimber

  544. I love Neptune. The colors and designs are so great. In fact, I just ordered my first jelly roll the other day which was Neptune. Would love to have another or any of the other beautiful collections!

  545. My favorite Full Moon Forest (owls), changed my mind to Neptune (sea), but so pretty is Plume (birds), ok maybe Flutterby (butterflies), Oh forgot this favorite Nest (birdies), changed my mind again Hushabye (owls and babies) — If had to pick would select FMF. Tula, Please enter me in your giveaway.

  546. wow … I would say #1 is full moon forest, and #2 is hushabye. But I like the others too!!

  547. full moon forest with flutterby coming in a photo finish second

  548. Oh my gosh, what a fantastic giveaway! I absolutely LOVE your Neptune fabric! It reminds me of my childhood in Annapolis, MD. Great fabric and a great giveaway! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the next six weeks!

  549. I love them all, but I’m going to pick Nest, since I must name just one ;)

  550. Full Moon Forest! Love those salmon!

  551. Full moon forest!!

  552. I love Plume!!! Followed closely by Neptune. Thanks Tula!

  553. I love the Neptune fabric – I have a jelly roll already and have made some purses from it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  554. I would really enjoy a jelly roll. I used Neptune to make a very-gladly-received quilt for my DIL and would like to try a new project. Thanks for the chance.

  555. PLUME! I love the lime colourway- just gorgeous!

  556. I love them all, of course. They are all so much fun, but if I have to choose only one….it’s Flutterby.

  557. Neptune!!!! Definitely Neptune.

    I have not been quilting/sewing for very long. Neptune was my very first “oh-my-lord-I-have-to-have-that-fabric-or-my-life-will-never-be-complete” fabric.

    Really though, they are all fantastic, and I’m looking forward to working with more of your fabric lines.

  558. Love Tula Pink! If I have to choose my fav–I guess Hushabye–but I truly am a fan of all things Tula Pink….

  559. I love Neptune the best then hushabye second best but I love them all they are awesome. Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful fabric.

  560. I LOVE the uber-cute and sassy, but yet sweet Hushabye collection!

  561. Neptune… although I never actually got any. Can’t find it anywhere. :( But I still love it and would like to use it someday.

  562. Hushabye = love!

  563. It’s got to be a toss up between Nest and Full Moon Forest. Beautiful!

  564. OMG! How do I decide. Have made quilts from Hushabye, Nest and Flutterby. All are faves. Would love to have a quilt from the Neptune range. Love, love, love all your ranges.

  565. Wow, what a wonderful give away! All of your fabrics are delicious, however my favorite is Flutterby…and I like it in all the color ways, but the Moss is my most favorite! I made a lovely bag for someone from it and wished I had bought more so that I could have made one for myself! :o (

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  566. Neptune, I have a quilt top made with neptune charm squares that I need to get quiltied.

  567. Hushabye is my favorite! I love, love, love it. But Plume is only a hair behind it. I really like those bright colors. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  568. Flutterby is my favorite, with plume a close second. But I am all about the bright colors; at least it’s an openly admitted bias. ;)
    Thank you for the great blog and awesome contest!

  569. I made my first ever quilt out of Flutterby, so it’s my favorite (but I love them all, of course)!

  570. Neptune is my favorite! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  571. Plume! I LOVE Plume!!

  572. Definitely Full Moon Forest, although they are all nice. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  573. I can only pick one favorite? I like them all, but I think I like Hushabye the most. Thank you for the chance to win!

  574. They are all lovely, but I think my favorite is Flutterby. Thanks for being generous with your jellyrolls!

  575. I love the cool colors of hushabye and that it looks like there’s an owl on the large print.

  576. I loveeeee me some Hushabye… seriously its just sooo perfect! I do really like the others but this one .. love it!!!

  577. I love Neptune. The colors are so beautiful and as a Pisces, I’m partial to it!

  578. My all time favorite is Nest but I do love them all!!

  579. I love all the designs but Hushabye chocolate is my favorite

  580. Ohhh! I absolutely love the Hushabye~!!! So generous, thank you~!!!

  581. Guau todos me gustan. Preferidos “Neptuno” y “full-moon forest.Gracias por el regalo

  582. A chance to win your beautiful designs in the fabric flesh??? Thank you!

    Favourite is Flutterby but only by the slightest edge..

  583. NEPTUNE!!!!!!! Is by far my favoritez! I am doing Jaybirds Hexi quiltalong in it. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  584. I would be thrilled to lay my sticky mitts on anyof your delicious jelly rolls! Awesome giveaway! If I have to tell you a fave I would say Flutterby because i got back in to my quilting too late to get any of that wonderful collection. Of the ones I have been able to get i adore Nest because it is just so dang clever design wise!

  585. We have to pick just one?! Umm…um….UM….well it’s between Neptune and Plume…but I LOVE LOVE LOVE swans, so..


  586. Hmmm, that’s a hard one, I love Full Moon Forest, but then there is Neptune… oh! and Hushabye! LOL, I’ll stick with that order… I think. ;-) thank you for the chances!

  587. I love them all, but I’m currently infatuated with Plume! Seriously, though, there’s not a single one I haven’t purchased! Yay!

  588. My fav of your collections is Nest. Thanks for the giveaway.

  589. OMG what a haul, thanks so much for the chance to win.
    I have some Hushabye that I just can’t bring myself to cut up. I am still looking for the perfect pattern.

  590. I just saw a quilt made with Plume….oh yes!

  591. I just LOVE all the names but “Full Moon Forest” seems to speak to me. *grin*

    Tks for adding my name to your draw!

    Rosa Robichaud

  592. Neptune! Hushaby a close second…

  593. Would LOOOVEE some of this!!!

  594. Hushaby is my favourite. Great giveaway!

  595. Neptune is still my favorite hands down, followed (not too closely) by Flutterby

  596. I think I have to say Plume is my favorite…but I have favorite fabrics in each collection!

  597. I love all, but my favorite right now is neptune.

  598. Nest! So very pretty and elegant.

  599. I’ve loved them all, but Full Moon Forest is my favorite. Well. . . .maybe Neptune, but I HAVE some Neptune. I’d love to include Full Moon Forest in my granddaughter’s graduation quilt.

  600. Pick a favorite? That’s just wrong. If I must, Flutterby. No, Nest. Wait, Hushabye. Definitely Hushabye. Or Plume.

  601. Your designs are so clever! For me it’s a toss-up between Full Moon Forest, Flutterby, and Nest. I look forward to seeing what you are up to next!

  602. I think Hushabye – but really, they are all wonderful!

  603. Nest. For sure!

  604. I think I am partial to Neptune. Yes. I think that is my favorite.

  605. I love them all! But I think I’m especially partial to Neptune and Flutterby (though, sadly, I started quilting after Flutterby was long gone).

  606. Oh man my heart just skipped a beat. I have been dying to get my hands on some flutterby. What a great giveaway thank you

  607. Neptune is my favorite.

  608. Wow, what an incredible giveaway–so generous of you! It is VERY hard to pick a favorite, as I absolutely LOVE all Tula Pink prints! ALL of them! I am partial to Neptune right now because of the color pallet. I am currently making a quilt with hushabye and I was thinking about making a diaper bag with Plume for my best friend who’s having her first baby.
    Thank you, THANK YOU for the chance to win!

  609. I love the flutterby, such beautiful prints and colors.


  610. Oh man..I don ‘t want to pick just one favorite. I LOVE neptune and hushabye. :) Thanks so much for this great giveaway…I am beginner quilter and would love to have the chance to add more of your fabrics to my stash! :)

  611. It has to be Neptune! I can’t tell you how many honey buns and charm packs I’ve purchased to used in quilts. I absolutely love the cool blues and greens. Every time I see this collection, it makes me think of lazy days in the Bahamas, sitting on the dock drinking an icy mixture of rum and fruit. Thanks for the memories!

  612. I have a huge obsession with hushabye!!! I have been known to jump and down with excitement in a store when I find it. I can’t help it I just love the line!

  613. I love hushabye follower a very close 2nd by neptune the are all awesome you have an amazing eye for colour thanks for the chances take care of yourself
    Nicole x

  614. You have beautiful designs! I think favs would be flutterby and neptune. Oo-o, now you have me dreaming….

  615. I love them all, but I’d have to say that Nest is my all time favorite. What a wonderful giveaway – I’d be so thrilled to have any of your designs!

  616. I LOVE them all, but Hushabye is my favorite!!

    What a wonderful, generous giveaway!

    Thank you SO much and I can’t wait to see who wins!


  617. I’m really torn between Flutterby and Plume… :)

  618. Neptune really grabs me. Although I have to say….there is not one of your “babies” I’d turn down….your fabrics are beautiful.


  619. Difficult to pick just one, but Plume is great! Thanks for the inspiration!

  620. Plume! It is so fresh and Spring-like…and the birds are so pretty.

  621. Love Love Love Neptune!!! Blues and greens have always been my thing. Thanks for
    this great give away! (fingers crossed)

  622. I love all of your fabrics, but Nest is my very, very favorite, followed closely by Flutterby and Neptune!

  623. The Neptune is my favorite. Love the colors!

  624. hard decision but I would have to say Full Moon Forrest sweet giveaway thanks for the chance – you have beautiful fabric.

  625. Me too, me too….I want a chance!

  626. Neptune is my favorite!!

  627. Oh I love them all but totally LOVE full moon forest. But I really want them all! :)

  628. Without a doubt it’s Neptune. So far at least!

  629. oh they are all beautiful!! I really really like Full Moon Forest <3 !! Plume is a very close second though!!

  630. I think my favorite of all is Plume, although it was hard to pick just one!

  631. Wow! So hard to decided which one is my favorite. Hmmmmm! I will pick Hushabye…wait! No, I like Neptune…oops, gotta be Full Moon Forest that I like the best. No…let’s just say I love them all!

  632. Love this giveaway! :)

  633. I LOOOOOOVE Nest. I had heart palpitations when I finally saw it at a store in large quantities. (I had only seen it as a layer cake before) Love love love it. I have plans for a quilt.

  634. Um i love them all but Nest is my favorite:)

  635. What an awesome giveaway! I love them all, but I’m going to have to say I heart Nest the most. Although Flutterby would be a close second. Or maybe it’s a tie.

  636. It’s not easy.
    I do absolutely love the cute wheels in Hushabye .

  637. What a fabulous giveaway! Do hope I get lucky ;) . I think Plume has got to be my favorite! But Flutterby is a very close second! The little fleur de lis and ladybugs in those lines are irresistable!

  638. I love them all, but Nepture is my absolute fave!!!!

  639. I absolutely love the Neptune line. I wanted to make a quilt for my 11 year old son, and this is the line we chose. He even helped me with the layout. We are currently waiting for it to come back from the quilter. We used to live in California also, and really miss the beach. I love the connection we feel to this line. I aslo really like the Flutterby, but I haven’t worked with any of it yet. Maybe this will be my chance! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  640. WooWee! Pretty sure your ego has had a boost after all of those kiss butt..I mean lovely comments haha! If you weren’t so darn popular I might have a chance at winning this fantastical giveway! What I wouldn’t do to get my chubby little hands on the flutterby jelly roll but I am not picky!

  641. I love the way you incorporate animals into the designs. My favorite is still Full Moon Forest, but Hushabye in Chocolate is pretty awesome, too.

  642. Absolutely LOVEEEE PLUME! Cannot get enough

  643. It was so hard to pick just *one* from your range of collections, but I just love Flutterby! The shapes you’ve created from bugs and feathers are really clever, and also cute & artsy at the same time :-)

  644. I think my fave right now is Neptune. I have a project in the works (aka in my mind) for a Neptune jelly roll I have sitting here.

  645. Hushabye is my favourite. Or maybe Neptune… Mmm… I can’t choose!

  646. I love Hushabye – greaat fabric! Thanks for this opportunity. All the best :)

  647. This is not an easy choice, but (today, anyway) I’ll pick Neptune. Thank you so much for all the great designs, and for the giveaway, of course.

  648. My favourite is Hushabye.

  649. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful fabric.

  650. I love them all but I think my favorite is Flutterby. Thank you for the chance to win!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  651. Golly Gosh! what a giveaway feast!!! I have to say that my all time fave are the ladybugs in Flutterby, I’d love to have some in every colour! But as a line (lol, no pun intended) I would love to have every single one of Neptune. Darn it girl! they are all fabulous, cause I’d love to have some Full Moon Forest and Nest too! Not that I’d knock back Hushabye or Plume come to that. Hope I’m a lucky one!

  652. Very cool giveaway! My favorite is definitely Nest. I love the colors so much!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  653. I love them all but my favorite is Nest. Thanks so much for offering the awesome giveaway!

  654. Oooh, I really need me some Full Moon Forest. I have a charm square pack and need more fabric to make a quilt top for my sister. I love all your fabric collections, but Full Moon Forest, for now, is my fave. Thanks!!!

  655. Hmm, this is such a tough question, Hushabye or Full Moon Forest I think,,,but it might be Neptune!

  656. Ooooh! I just don’t know if I have a fav! I love everything you design with special fav fabrics in each collection! If I had to choose, it would probably be Neptune followed by FMF (which I completely missed when it was initially introduced because that was about the time I was getting into quilting). Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  657. I just recently discovered your fabric collection and love how you incorporate animals into your design. I had a pet turtle once so, Neptune is my favorite. Boy, is it hard to find.

  658. Umm, i think it might be Neptune. Yep definitely. Neptune.

  659. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the fabrics and they are all my favorite, but…Hushabye just makes me want to cuddle my babies and that is definitely the best!

  660. Flutterby would be my favorite but I love them all and would be thrilled to win! Congrats on your new collection.

  661. This is difficult! I think Hushabye, then FMF then Neptune but really I love them all! Thank you for such a generous giveaway!!

  662. I really like Full Moon Forest, but they all are great!

  663. I LOVE Neptune! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the giveaway!

  664. I love them all so it’s really hard to pick a favourite. I think I will have to go with Plume.

  665. Gosh, I love them all. Neptune is narrowly the fave but the colors in Plume are to die for. Thanks for the giveaway!

  666. Oh My Gosh! What a terrific give-a-way and I love all of your designs. Please enter me into your give-a-way. My favorite of all time has been Nest:)
    Laura T

  667. I love, love, love plume!

  668. Oh wow. This is an incredible giveaway. All of your stuff is just full of awesome. My favorite is probably Nest followed closely by Flutterby (which I haven’t actually seen any of in person) and then Neptune. But really I love them all.

  669. Can I say all of them are my favorite?! Alright, if I had to choose just one, it would probably be neptune or flutterby :) This is an awesome giveaway, thanks!!

  670. Beautiful fabric! I hope I win! I hope I win!

  671. I think my favorite is Flutterby. I just love the richness of the colors in this line. Thanks for the chance to win.

  672. I Love the Hushabye ! I hope I win…I hope I win!

  673. I have purchased fabric from the Full Moon Forest & Flutterby but did not have the pleasure of seeing the entire collections up close and personal. I do hope I get the chance with your latest edition, Plume. All your fabrics are fantastic, choosing a fave is oh so difficult. I’m torn between Neptune and Plume. Both. What can I say? I’m a Libra.

  674. I love them all, so which ever one you would like to send me, I would absolutely love!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  675. I like all of them but I choose Plume.

  676. Oh my gosh! do we really have to just pick one?! Is that possible? Hushabye and Full Moon Forest are probably my top two, but honestly, they’re all my top one!

  677. My favorite is plume! But, I like them all!!!

  678. I would love love love to get my hands on some of your Full Moon Forest!

  679. Love your designs~Neptune is my favorite! But, Hushabye is a VERY close second. . .

  680. Hard to chose, but I think Full Moon Forrest first, then Hush A Bye, then Neptune. They are of course all wonderful and I own a few bits of all of the above. Thank you for offering this great bunch of goodies.

  681. Pick just one? Have to be neptune, tho I really love them all!

  682. My favorite would be flutterby. Have my fingers crossed and thank you.

  683. My fav–Flutterby.

  684. Full Mooon Forest hands down. I love them all, but that is by far my favorite (with hushabye coming in a close second). I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want that FMF Jelly Roll, I want to make a dress like this for my daughter out of it!!!!

  685. I love Neptune and Nest. I’ve got a couple of Nest fat quarters still hanging around waiting for the right project and I’d love to have more.

  686. Goodness! Only one?

    I love Hushabye…made a very cute baby quilt (if I say so myself!) out of that line. Cute Cute Cute!

    But I also love the Neptune and Full Moon Forest.

  687. I love, love, love Neptune! To be fair, I love them all, but Neptune just a tad more. :) I would love to make a jacket out of this jelly roll as it would be so sweet.

  688. I absolutely love Flutterby! Like everyone else, I am truly a fan of your fabric lines – what a generous giveaway.

  689. I love every one in your collection. My fave would have to be Hushabye.

  690. I unfortunately got into fabric late in the game and since I have used Plume, I would say PLUME!

  691. Plume hands down, omg those pinks and greens are to die for!

  692. I LOVE all of your lines. But I am very taken by Plume. I have a hundred ideas in my head of how to use that line. Thanks for offering such a wonderful giveaway.

  693. Neptune for sure! You are an inspiration, and funny too! I like that….

  694. Nest hands down. I am hoarding some of it but know exactly what I want to make with it.

  695. Fun giveaway! I’m in!!

  696. I have 3 quilts, so far, in Nest. It was the first line of yours I saw. SO, I would have to say, it’s my favorite, Since then, I have other quilts in waiting with all your fabrics. I even bought 2 charm packs of Full Moon Fever last week!
    I made a baby quilt out of Plume last week with a Disappearing 9 patch. It was so pretty!

  697. I love the Nest ….

  698. FMF without a doubt! I absolutely LOVE that one, the colors are just the best! And since I’m a “boy” mom, I can make most of them work for my little blondie. If I could only use one fabric for the next 6 months, it would be every color of the Full Moon Forest line!!!

  699. Super great giveaway! How can I decide which one is my favorite! I love them all. Probably Nest would be my favorite!

  700. It’s flutterby for me…. or plume… yes plume… I guess

  701. I love them all, but I’m especially fond of Hushabye.

  702. They’re all wonderful. And I couldn’t tell you which is my fave but if I had to pick one, randomly, I’ll just say Neptune.

  703. Plume. Hands down. I am really mad at myself for not getting it in the store.


  705. Thanks for the generous giveaway. I will keep my fingers crossed for a high number.

  706. Wonderful giveaway count me in please!!! I love Tula PInk’s collections. Difficult to choose only one, so I have to say two: nest and flutterby. :D

  707. I got a few little snippets of Plume with a recent fabric order and be still my heart! Those feathers and teensy fleur de lis! So gorgeous.

  708. I feel like such a bad Tula Pink fan as I haven’t seen much of Full Moon Forest or Flutterby. Of the other 4, that is tough!! I think its a tie between Neptune and Plume… love the boy-ish colours in Neptune but not for myself and I love all of Plume for myself.

  709. I just finished a quilt top in Plume, so I love that one. I love Neptune, but I just ordered some Flutterby, and can’t wait to use it…so…hmmm…I think my all time fav it Nest! Just can’t decide ;)

  710. wow! that sure is a lot of comments & love… i have a dragonfly obsession so of course i am in love with flutterby :)

  711. thanks! count me in!

  712. I only just found out about your fabrics recently, but I love what I’ve seen! Thanks for the opportunity!

  713. Ooooh, I love all these designs. I guess I would like to have the Plume, since Idon’t have that one yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  714. I love Neptune!!!

  715. My favorite??? I love all of them?!? If I haaaaad to pick just one I would say Nest. It’s just so lovely!

  716. Awesome giveaway but to make us choose is so hard. I love them all but my top 2 would be Flutterby and I love the colourways in Neptune. Sorry couldn’t just pick one!!

  717. Pick me, Pick me! Definitely could not choose which one, any would be a delight

  718. My all time favorite of yours in the Flutterby line. I love Nest too but Flutterby makes my hear flutter! I think one of my best selling bags did so well because it was made with Flutterby! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  719. So hard to choose…but I’d have to say Neptune.

  720. It would definitely have to be Full Moon Forest. I love the little hidden creatures throughout. Thanks for the give-away. Hope I’m picked from at least one of the drawings!

  721. Luv Flutterby!

  722. Plume! I have some in an online shopping cart right now!

  723. You’re killing me here, and I actually mean it, killing me! I’ve been at it for HOURS trying to pick one collection and let me tell you it’s starting to fuck with my head! I’m one of these people who aren’t so easily seduced by a whole collection, like a finished concept, but like to pick something here and something there and I just adore many of your prints, but of course from different collections.

    Since I have to pick one I will pick plume because right now I’d just love to rest my head on a pillowcase with that lovely tree in mint with pink and red birds and flowers, and because I could imagine living with many of those colours quite easily. But since I suppose you were really looking for what people goes for I though I’d give you some feedback too.

    The only collection I have actually managed to get my hands on is hushabye and I love it, that will not only be stuff for my baby but also for me. I love that the pink on the owl fabric there is the shade it is, it’s perfect. Then I really love all patterns you have done where there are animals to be spotted if you have a look around, that’s soothing for the soul. I also love when you make things that are very detailed although it just shows as silhouettes, not a hysterical colour explosion but an explosion of detail and artistic splendour. When it comes to colours I prefer either light, but still clear ones (the pink owl mentioned above is a great example) or bright or strong colours. There is your neptune collection something that makes me weep a bit, I really really love some of those prints but I also really really dislike murky blue…

    I hope the answer gave you something even though I couldn’t really for sure pick a favourite collection, if you would ask for a dream collection based on your prints though, then I’m your woman!

    Oh how I hope I will win one of them, or all! I’d love them all, and I mean that from my heart. Keep up the good work and please show more drawings and working processes, I love those.

  724. I LOVE Full Moon Forest! My favorite is the fabric with the fish- I have the incredible urge to hoard it! Thank you for the give-away!


  726. What a great giveaway! I love all the lines but for a favorite… Neptue, all time fav. But Nest is a close second:) Thanks for the chance to play!

  727. Full Moon Forest. The purples, the bunnies.

    But I love those birds in Nest too.

    Aw heck, it would be sweet to have any of the collections. Loveliness runs throughout.

  728. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!! Love your fabrics and your colors are amazing. Have a lot of love for Plume and all your other fabrics :-) . Would be thrilled to win any of your jellyrolls!!!!!!!!!!!

  729. I would adore any of these, but I think Full Moon Forest is my favorite!

  730. I love Neptune. It’s just perfect. PERFECT. I feel really happy and at peace when I look at it.

  731. Plume has got to be my favourite. It reminds me of gothic fairytales. I feel inspired to make fun clothes for boys and girls when I see your fabrics – you have something for all ages – it just keeps getting better!

  732. Plume, Hushabye, and Neptune it’s all the beautiful bright greens blues and pinks. Lov um! Girl you definitely know what you are doing. I’d be “Tickled Pink” to win any of your collections.

  733. How cool. I have a hard time deciding!! I think it would be Neptune or maybe Hushabye:)

  734. Oooh! I happen to love Plume. I made the Spiked Punch quilt from a Plume Jelly Roll, which will be a gift for my mom one of these days!

  735. They are all absolutely wonderful but i would have to say my favorite is Full Moon Forest. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!

  736. That’s kind of like asking which kid is your favorite!! But Neptune is my favorite.

  737. Oh, for the beauty of Neptune!!!!!!! My Neptune quilt has to be my very favorite one; I won’t let hubby touch it.

  738. Hands down, Neptune!!!

  739. Hard decision. Let’s say my favorite is Hushabye. Love your fabric lines!

  740. Flutterby! Love it, love it, love it.

  741. i just adore full moon forest! i keep my eyes open for the owls all the time, and i’m using it in my jelly roll sampler

  742. I think my favorite is Nest, but it’s hard to decide. They are all beautiful!

  743. Wow, how fun! I love all your collections, but I think I love Neptune the best! Those wonderful Ocean colors!

  744. I haven’t ever used your fabrics yet but I’m loving the hushabye! Great idea for the giveaway, Thanks!

  745. It is so hard to pick one and I would love any of them, I am trying to get more modern into my quilts. If I have to pick I love Full Moon followed by Hushabye and blush.

  746. Plume is my fav…. Great offers!!!!!

  747. I love all the little animals in Full Moon Forest.

  748. Neptune, definitely!

  749. I would have to go with Neptune as my favorite – love the blues and green and then the surprise of the pink.

  750. What a generous giveaway! I absolutely love the Hushabye!

  751. I Love “Nest” and I LOVE this giveaway – thank you!

  752. Exciting giveaway!! Hard to pick my one favorite but Neptune is at the top.

  753. I LOVE Hushabye! My next favorite is Neptune. All your fabrics are wonderful though! I saw Plume at Paducah and it is gorgeous too!

  754. oh NEST!
    I am still hording the pieces I have, there is always room for MORE! Thanks!

  755. This Captain LOVES some NEPTUNE. I mean LOVES LOVES LOVES it!

  756. Ohhh I LOVE Hushabye! I love all of your lines, actually, but Hushabye is definitely my favorite.

  757. My favorite line is Neptune… I would love that jelly roll, lol

  758. Thanks for the generosity and the opportunity to win!! All your fabrics are beautiful… but if I had to pick one then…I”ll stick with Full Moon Forest…

    Again thanks and God Bless,


  759. awesome giveaway! pick me Mr. Random number picker!
    Wait a minute, no chocolate? Oh right, who needs chocolate?! There’s enough drool with the fabric!

  760. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Hard to choose just one, but it will be **NEST**!! Great give-away!!

  761. All sooooooo good, but I have to say for my faves would be either Full Moon Forest or Neptune! I’m a “blue” girl so the colors in Neptune are really me!

  762. I am loving Plume! I haven’t got my hot little hands on any of it yet, but I will soon! I also love Hushabye, and made my little girl a sweet patchwork quilt out of it. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  763. Still loving Full Moon Forest! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  764. I love them all! But if I had to pick one I would probably say Flutterby because that is the only one I have actually sewn with. I do also love Nest. I would love to make one of your mom’s Empty Nest quilts for my mom!

  765. I think Hushabye. I am actually in the middle of a quilt with Hushabye right now. Thanks so much!

  766. I love Neptune. No, wait, Hushabye. Okay, Flutterby. Really, I LOVE, LOVE LOVE them all. Please pick me.

  767. Really tough call…..I’m going for Plume, but they are all truly gorgeous. You are a very gifted lady!

  768. Okay, just one……. I think Hushabye… just by a whisper Its beautiful!

  769. Neptune… I think. It’s so hard to pick one!

  770. Wowser! What a stack of lovely quilty goodness! Oh how to pick just one! I’ve just finished a quilt in Hushabye and I am in LOVE with those prints.

  771. My absolute bestest fabric would have to be hushabye.What a fantastic and generous giveaway :) barb.

  772. It’s difficult to choose just one. I think my one fave is Full Moon Forest.

  773. I used the Full Moon Forest for my daughter Taitum’s room and it is amazing how she notices things at different times that she did not see before…we love all of your fabric! nest is the next project!

  774. ALL OF THEM.
    But I’ve been daydreaming about plume lately. Though Neptune runs 2nd. And then Nest. Good Lord. Don’t make us pick. Really. It’s like choosing between your children.

  775. What a generous giveaway…please count me in!

  776. I think Nest passed me by in stores, but upon seeing the images of your prints in the link you posted, I’m all for it!

  777. Plume is beautiful (but they all are!). I also love Flutterby.

  778. Beautiful fabrics! My favorite is Full Moon Forest. The colors speak to me and the quilt I would make would have a special place in my living room.

  779. wow! 6 chances of great giveaway! I love Hushabye!

  780. My favorite is Full Moon Forest. I am sad because I was not into quilting when this debuted. So I am collecting bits and pieces as I go. Please help feed my addiction.:)

  781. I definately choose “Plume” as my favorite. I just love it!!

  782. I love them all but Plume is my favorite so far!

  783. Mmm, I love me some Neptune. Thanks for the chance to win so many great fabrics!!

  784. My favorite is Neptune, but I really love them all!!

  785. the first quilt I made was with Hushabye – so cute! I love all of the selections listed – 6 chances is pretty good (better than one. ) :)

  786. They all are wonderful- how to pick just one??

  787. I absolutely adore Neptune. Those colours!

  788. How awesome, oh I hope I win!! Neptune would probably be my favotire…

  789. Flutterby. I love those little ladybirds!

  790. I really love them all but I think Neptune is my favorite! Plume and Hushabye are right up there too!! :0) Thanks for the chance to win!

  791. They’re all great! I like Neptune the best. Thanks for counting me in.

  792. Nest is my favorite. I like the bright colors. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  793. I love plume. Those colors are beautiful!

  794. NEST!!!! I am very sad that it is nearly impossible to find these prints anywhere these days! PICK ME!!

  795. I love your fabric. Plume is my very favorite as I have a complete fq bundle just waiting for me to do something with it. Thanks for a chance at winning.

  796. I love Full Moon Forest and was sad to see I couldn’t get it anymore. My next favorite is Flutterby and then Hushaby. Thanks for the opportunity.

  797. I love them all, but Hushabye is my favorite.

  798. I would have to go with Plume as my absolute favorite.

  799. They are all so beautiful, but Flutterby is my favorite.

  800. How can I decide on just one as a favorite?!? I love them all (so any week would be a fantastic prize) but guess since I have to choose just one it would be Neptune, no wait Hushabye, or maybe Flutterby….ok, so I guess I can’t decide!

  801. What a great giveaway! If I had to pick just one, my favorite is Full Moon Forest — but they’re all fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  802. I like them ALL
    but i think i like Plume the best!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  803. Hushabye rocks it pretty hard.

  804. I think I like flitterby the best or is it hushabye…LOVE them

  805. Wow, that is tough to choose just one… hmm, I’d have to say Flutterby. Truly inspirational.

  806. It has to be Hushabye, no doubts, no question about it – it fits the bill!!!

  807. I am so totally a Flutterby girl. (Though Neptune makes me heart go pitter-pat, too!)

  808. It’s gotta be flutterby, but really they are all so fab. You’re super talented and I enjoy using your prints very much!

  809. Being rather new to the quilting world I have a stash of Plume intended for summer dresses once this 4th baby is born and I’m back on my feet.

  810. I think Plume is my fave. I found your blog while you were conceiving this line and it was very cool to watch your process of creating.

    Also my daughter likes this line and has made me make a quilt for her bed.

  811. Oh my. Do we have to pick just one? I love them all. My favorite quilt right now is made out of Hushabye, I absoluetly love it. I am currently working on a quilt in Plume right now. Love it too. I was not lucky enough to be into quilting when the other lines were out. I would love to get my hands on any of them, they are all fabulous.. Thank you for the chance…

  812. I seriously love them all, but I’m using Neptune right now, so I guess that’s my “favorite.” I must confess that I’m pretty much mesmerizedly (is that a word?) staring at that stack of jellyrolls now.

  813. I’m very new to quilting but love everything Tula. I have admired Neptune but understand that it is pretty scarce these days so I would love some of that delicious series of designs. Can’t get enough of the amazing colors.

  814. I love Neptune – but I want them all!

  815. I love the bright colors in PLUME.

  816. I love full moon forest, and also plume, and also Hushabye

  817. Flutterby for sure!

  818. What? I have to pick a favorite? That might not be possible. Seriously, I can show you my fabric stash if you don’t believe me. Alright – here goes – I guess it’s ~~~ Plume. Whew that was a tough one! Next time ask an easier question! ;)

  819. Neptune….I’m a Neptune girl. But Plume looks awesome!

    Thanks for the super giveaway!

  820. Oh, they are all so incredible – but I’d have to say Plume is my favorite! What a fab giveaway……and the May 7th one is on my birthday, what luck! ;-)

  821. Oh, please pick me automatic number generator!!! :) I have yet to quilt anything for myself (I always make gifts) so I would loooove to win some of this fun fabric & make MYSELF a little something!

  822. Oh, darn! I forgot- my favorite is Nest. :)

  823. I’m partial to all things nautical, so my favorite would be Neptune!

  824. Someone has to win so why not me!!! Love your fabric and would gladly welcome more of it into my sewing room. What a fun giveaway!!!

  825. I love them all, but my fav is Hushabye. So perfect for the little ones, but so pretty for anyone too ☺

  826. Plume is my favourite to date.

    great giveaaway!

  827. Plume sends me on a pastel jaunt through Jimi Hendrix’s mind! Grown up psychedlic!!

  828. I love them all! I made a small quilt out of a Nest Jelly Roll because I couldn’t locate anymore. I really like the Neptune and Hushabye too! I just LOVE all Tula Pink.

  829. Did I mention that my favorite is Nest?

  830. I LOVE your fabric lines and would love to win some of them. My favorite right now is Husable!

  831. Awesome giveaway! Thanks. My fav is Full Moon Forest.

  832. What a generous give away and to keep on giving for weeks. I hope I win just one time, that would be so great. Love your designs.

  833. Hard to make a chioice. Neptune is great, as is Flutterby. I havaen’t seen Full Moon Forest but the colors in the Jelly Roll look wondeful, so if I had to pick one it would be that one.


  834. Absolutely, Plume! Although that one is my runaway favorite, each one is inspiring in its own way. I just never met a flourish I didn’t love.

  835. Hushabye is my favorite, I just love making baby gifts with it!

  836. My favorite like is Plushatune Nester Forest. Does that mean I’m eligible for all of the give aways? Seriously, I think this is awesome stuff. Good luck to me!

  837. What a great giveaway! I can’t believe all of these lines are included!

  838. WOW I love it! please pick me!

  839. Love them all but am partial to Neptune. Great giveaway:)

  840. I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with your fabric. I am brand new to quilting (second quilt in progress) and I have been looking for cute, modern fabric. I finally found it. Absolutely LOVE them all but the Nest pattern is definitely my next adventure. Thanks for sharing your blog!

  841. wowza! this is incredible… i LOVE hushabye the most!

  842. You want me to pick?! I would have to say Neptune is #1 then Hushabye in very close 2nd!

  843. Flutterby for sure, but of course I love them all!

  844. ….crickets…woah! That’s hugh! I’m kinda obsessed with feathers right now, so Plume, but Hushabye or Neptune are also gorg! Thanks!

  845. Love it, Love it, Love it, I love it all

  846. I would have to say that my favorite (so hard to choose!) is Nest – I loved the designs and movement and the color palette with that!

  847. Oooh, I love all of them! But Neptune would have to be my #1. The ocean colours, and the little seals and turtles are gorgeous!

  848. Full Moon Forest! What could be better than sitting in a forest on a full moon night??!!

  849. Flutterby has always been my favorite used to date. I think that could be surpassed by Neptune when I use it.

  850. The Full Moon Forest Collection is gorgeous!
    Thanks for the chance.

  851. Just one? Then, I’ll pick Plume.

  852. I love Neptune :-)

  853. Neptune is very cool with its subtle ocean references, and who doesn’t LOVE the flower-bird in Nest, but Full Moon Forest has got it all going on for me!

  854. Flutterby. Hands down. It was the first fabric I ever bought as a collection of fabrics because I liked them all.

  855. I love them all!!! Thanks for this great giveaway! If I have to pick one…. I would say………. (biting my nails)…. Flutterby! or Full Moon Forest! or…… argggggg … all of them! :)

  856. Picking an absolute favorite is difficult. Mine would be a tie between Nest in Teal or in Pink.

  857. Nest! Thank you Tula Pink & Moda.
    Aviva in Seattle

  858. Neptune! Or Plume. Or Flutterby. Or …

  859. I love the soft, sweet colors of hushabye. Even the lovely sound of the title “hushabye” evokes thoughts of sweet dreams, cuddles, rest, comfort. Ahhh.

  860. I love flutterby, simply because that is the only one I have so far.
    However, I want full moon forest, and it is sooooo hard to find in my little part of Australia.

  861. Oh…my favorite is Full Moon Forest. But right now I can’t seem to keep bagd made from Plume in stock. Yeah!

  862. Oh this is tough… Hushabye is my favorite, followed closely by Neptune and Plume and Nest! In other words, I love them all!

  863. I love Neptune. And Plume!

  864. I love Hushabye the very best. If I had to choose a second it would be Neptune. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  865. Love all your fabrics but I must be old school – Full Moon Forest for me :-)

  866. Neptune is my favourite :-)

  867. Hard Choice…..
    Full Moon Forest Dusk and neptune algae id loove to make pillows with this last one.

    Really generous giveaway thanks for the opportunity

  868. I adore Neptune with its gorgeous marine colours and unique prints. The quilt you designed to accompany this range is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and is carefully printed out for my ‘wish’list when I’m confident enough to have a go. Then I’l be able to give it to my new niece, Natasha.

  869. My first introduction was with Full Moon Forest and I felt a little twitterpated. I love the use of color and imagery. Then I saw Neptune and was head over heels. I grew up by the ocean and it spoke to me on so many levels. But, I’ve a wandering heart ;) I just happened on some pieces of Flutterby the other day and I have to say I am now in full on lust ;)

    Each line is such a delight, but I think my favorite is Flutterby (for now. I’m sure you’ll make something else to steal my heart away).

  870. I’m a Full Moon Forest kind of girl, although I dearly love them all!!

  871. I love them all but have a soft spot in my heart for Neptune:)

  872. Definitely flutterby! But I really love them all, I just love this one the most. Great giveaway
    Susan in sunny NC

  873. Neptune is my absolute favorite…. quite possibly my favorite from any designer. Sad to say that I was never able to purchase any. My son is 4 and is completely obsessed with anything and everything ocean related.

  874. I love Hushabye, it’s my all time favorite. Your designs are all special and make beautiful qulits.

  875. I really love Full Moon Forest, and Plume. All of your lines are beautiful. The colours are gorgeous.

  876. I like Nest. I seem to have a thing for chickens and eggs recently. (Plume is super cool, too.)

  877. LOVe IT ALL! You are an amazing designer!

  878. hmmm … from what I’ve seen online I think that Nest is my favourite. Sadly, I haven’t seen much in person (Great White North and all … )


  879. has to be full moon forest. great contest.

  880. Oh do we really have to choose?
    Okay full moon forest……..
    lovely just lovely.

    Happy sewing

  881. Love the Nest!!! so I guess I still have a chance :-)

  882. Love them all….but will say that my favorite has been Neptune. Being an ocean lover, I just love how it made me think BEACH!!!

  883. Full Moon Forest. Love the owl and tree prints.

  884. I’d have to say Hushabye is my favorite. But then again Plume was lovely. And who doesn’t love Full Moon Forest…..

  885. Full Moon Forest followed by Hushabye are my favorites

  886. Am I entering too late for the first giveaway. It’s still April 30th. :) I like Hushabye!

  887. OMG!!! The bestest giveaway evah! I love all your lines but if I had to pick a favorite I would be torn between Full Moon Forest and Flutterby. I’m still trying to get a hold of FMF. I love the theme of this giveaway too. Thanks for 5 chances to win your gorgeous creations.

  888. oh, love them all – but flutterby and next are yummy…!

  889. Awesome! I would looooove to win! :)

  890. another fan of all of ‘em!!

  891. Hmm… I would have to say Full Moon Forest and Flutterby! They are on my fabric wish list; I would love to make a quilt out of either of them!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  892. Full Moon…or Hushabye…or maybe Flutterby! Do I really have to choose?

  893. I fell in love with Neptune right away. Since then I’ve been collecting 9 jelly rolls and 12 honey buns, along with as much yardage as I can get my hands on! It’s perfect colors for baby quilts, or for a neat couch throw, table runners….whatever! :)

  894. I love those lacy butterflies in Hushabye, but they are all beautiful.

  895. Plume! I am captivated by the feathers drifting about…can’t get enough of it:) Have been dying to get my hands on Full Moon though as I suspect it might convert me to Full Moon die hard!

  896. I LOVE them all! However I must say my favorite is Hushabye!

  897. Who can pick just one!!? Narrowing down to just 2, I think Nest and Full Moon Forest speak the loudest to me. I like saying Full Moon Forest, it makes me think Full Tilt Boogie, I have a hard time finding the Tula lines where I live, I may have to move. Obviously, I am going to have to figure out Twitter, this lack of savvy has now cost me a weeks chance to participate. It is not easy being me. ((*-*))

  898. My big two are Nest and Neptune. Being a (really) new quilter, I came late to the game and missed the releases for both of these, and have had to troll Etsy and ebay for odd yardage and JRs here and there. My big dream is to collect enough JR of Neptune to build a bento box quilt for my Cal King bed…..a girl can dream, right??

  899. Sigh! I missed the Plume. But Hushabye is next! OOOOhhhhh. I do love Neptune and Full Moon Forest and Nest and Flutterby too. Tula, please enter me in your Giveaway. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  900. Love them all! Keeping my fingers crossed for some jelly roll love!!!

  901. Even tho I love them all, Neptune is one of my favorites

  902. Great contest! Beautiful fabrics!

  903. Hushabye is my very favorite

  904. I looooovvvvvvveeee Neptune, my most favorite colors, love the beautiful blues. But I also love Plume and Full Moon Forest and Nest and Flutterby, so really I’m indecisive and love them all !!!!!!!

  905. My favorite is Plume!! I’m a new fan of your designs and am using Plume in my soon-to-arrive baby girl’s nursery! My grandma is making a quilt and I can’t wait to take photos of my little gal wrapped up in it!

  906. i haven’t seen plume in person yet, so maybe it will take the top spot, but neptune was one of the first collections that i just fell really hard for…i love it to this day!

  907. It’s gotta’ be Full Moon Forest for an oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  908. It is really hard to choose, but my favorite right now is Nest. Yes, I will go with Nest. Thank you for doing the give away and also for the really awesome fabric that you design.

  909. I absolutely adore Full Moon Forest. The large owl design is just exquisite. As a collector of all things owl, I would sell my first born for a bolt of the large owl print in Dusk! Just as well I don’t have any children really! LOL!

    Love your work Tula Pink and keep producing those delicious funky fabrics, you rock!

  910. LOVE them all…I can see them in lots of lovely projects!

  911. I love Full Moon Forest so much, but Neptune is definitely a close 2d!

  912. hmmm… I like hushabye!!:)

  913. I adore the Hushabye collection in pink and sky. So sophisticated!

  914. I like all of them but if I have to choose a favorite it would probably be the Hushabye

  915. Impossible to choose a fav I think. But I do love Neptune, or Hushabye, or Nest… or maybe… yessss, Plume, I think…

  916. Difficult choice, obviously, but I must say Neptune.

  917. They are all absolutely beautiful! You are very talented!! Keep it up so I can drool some more lol!

  918. Im in love with Full Moon. I just wish I could manage to get my hands on some. Im in love with the owl!

  919. ‘Nest’ is teasing me…… It wants to make it’s new home in Wisconsin!
    Please make nest happy! Tula, I love all of your fabrics!

  920. I love neptune. I’m always looking for fabric for boys!

  921. So much creative talent….It makes me jealous. Keep creating I love your work!

  922. Hmm…I’ve done a Plume quilt and a Hushabye quilt, maybe some Full Moon Forest next! Thanks for have the giveaway!

  923. All of your fabric is beautiful, but Hushabye is my favorite…

  924. Ouchhhhhhh, my fave thematic, fabrics!!!!!, please pick meeeeeeeeeeeeee