Done, Fin, Ende, Avsluta…


The contest has finally ended! The last winner may claim their prize and I can stop waking up at 3 am every Friday morning because I forgot to post a winner. Yay!!!! The Full Moon Forest Jellyroll winner is Karielynn. I hope you enjoy it! (because I probably could have sold it on E-bay for tidy little lump of cash, oh wait, did I write that out loud?:) Thanks to everyone for being rad and participating!

 P.S. I don’t actually speak any other languages so all that stuff in the title was just googled. If you have informative dialog regarding the proper way people say this or that send them to the language wiki. I was trying to sound awesome and multi-cultural but it’s just a clever smokescreen. Don’t fall for it.

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  1. Well, I’ll teach you about the swedish one anyway, it has a nice twist for you in the end! “Avsluta” would be the verb, to end or to finish, “slut” is what it says in the end of tales and movies, that’s “the end”. What’s good about you knowing this is that you can now go around calling people slut all you want and if you get any complaints you just go wise ass on them for not having educated themselves in swedish as you obviously have.

  2. Darn! I didn’t win! I guess I have to be satified with all my amazing Neptune finds recently. You have some serious hardcore fans out there! Don’t get me wrong, I love you and all your fabric lines, but these eBay people are crazy about you! :) I may have to break down and buy up all my LQS Neptune and sell it to fund my fabric addiction. Don’t worry, I’ve kept plenty for myself!

  3. omigosh!! omigosh! omigosh!! omigoshhhhhh!! Is that really me??! Omigosh!!! Tuuuullllaaaa!!!! ***dancing around*** THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap!! Please don’t tell Julie…LOL!

  4. Even if I didn’t win any of your awesome fabric it was a great giveaway. I probably lowered my chances of winning by telling all my sewing budies to log on and sign up! I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Can’t wait till Sept. when you come to Storm Lake, Iowa to speak at our guild which reminds me to get in contact with your mom again. Thanks a bunch!

  5. please don’t tell julie??

    oh come on… if it wasn’t me that was going to win miss karrie lyne don’t you think i’d want it to be a friend of mine?? i’m super excited for you!!!

  6. Yay Karrie! What a great series of giveaways!!!
    BTW I received my Tula can and delightful pattern, thank you very much…will post a pic tonight in the flickr group! :)

  7. Avsluta!!!!!

  8. Congrats KarrieLynne, you lucky duck!!!!!
    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway Tula. I can’t wait to see your next fabric line, I’m still hoping for a purple colourway! ;-)

  9. Congrats to Karrielynne, Lucky lucky girl!! Thanks so much for the generous giveaway.. Your fabrics are fabulous!!

  10. Congrat’s to all your winners.. Tula your fabrics are divine and thanks for a chance at your giveaways.

    Happy quilting.

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