Who wants a Tula Can?


In between re-runs of America’s Next Top Model I was able to get some new products up in my store. Yay for me! Yay for you! I received a ton of emails about the quilt labels that I use on all of my quilts so now I offer them up to all of you. I have also used them on the inside of tote bags as pockets. I am pretty excited about them and if I happen to see them everywhere I won’t mind at all.


My little Tula Cans come in 5 colors, Eggplant, Aqua, Sweet Pea, Mustard and Tomato (I couldn’t come up with a cute food related name for Aqua. We all have our short comings). I feel very strongly about labeling projects. I just know that in 100 years or so people are going to be taking my quilts to the Antique Road Show on Mars. They will all be properly labeled and there will be no question about their extraordinary value.

I always label mine with the date, pieced by, quilted by and location is a good thing to have on there too. I also like to add special info like the fabric I used, the pattern or technique I used to piece and any info about why I made it (like if it was for a special occasion, charity, show, quilt market, pattern sample). What really makes a handmade item special is it’s history. You won’t be around to explain forever so leave a clue, ya know?



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  1. I am so excited to get a can!!!! Just wishing the other night that they would be for sale!

  2. I want a Tula can!!! Those are so cute! And as far as the Aqua can goes…just say it’s Spanish water. I think that’s how you spell water in Spanish. :)

  3. A quilt designer here in Australia – Leanne Beasley – suggests putting historic details like the current cost of milk, bread and petrol (gass) on the label as curios about the price of living at the time the quilt was made.

    I think it is a lovely idea if you are into writing a really wordy label.

    The tin cans are very sweet, the tomato is my favorite.

  4. These labels are new to me, but I really like them! I have a quilt to label now and have been at a standstill of exactly what to do. I like all the colors but Eggplant is my favorite.

  5. I do! I do! I do! Ordered mine yesterday in aqua, eggplant and mustard!!!!!
    I cannot wait till they arrive in my mailbox! Almost more excited than when my tufted tweets arrived……..

  6. Happy day at the mailbox…..got my Tula Pink can labels today!!!!
    Thanks so much for sending them so quickly!

  7. Perfect! I made a series of 3 quilts with HUSHABYE and will be sending two off to my best friends from college. These will be so perfect for the labels on each! Thanks.

  8. Hi…. Do you have these for sale? Or how might I get one? I am super keen for a quilt I am sewing for my bro….

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