Parisville… The early years


As long I am waiting for my fabric to come in I thought I might just start at the beginning and work my way up to the present. It seems like the most orderly and logical way to proceed.

So imagine this… There’s this 21st century teenager with mad style and a tendency toward the over dramatic.  Maybe she doesn’t have a lot of money for fancy clothes and junk so she exercises her creativity with a bottle of hairspray and a well placed bow. She sits in the back of a coffee shop, shrouded in a veil of aqua net, reading a second hand copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance or maybe something from the Dr. Suess oeuvre, depending on her mood.


People look at her, they stare even. The people wonder if that small corner of the world lacks gravity like that mystery spot in the Redwoods where the ball rolls uphill. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t notice. I’m pretty sure her shoes are untied, a dilemma that seems infinitely more pressing than the many wondering eyes. I mean, how does one bend over with all of that hair on their head?


Maybe she’s just a regular girl cursed with too much hair and no way to tame it so she just accepts it for what its worth and works with what she’s got. I think I would want to know her. I would probably design a collection of fabric just for her. I might even call it Parisville…

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  1. I love it! I can’t wait to see more! … And I suddenly have the urge to curl my hair into a grand up-do ala Marie Antoinette and Parisville.

  2. Those are amazing illustrations!!

  3. These drawings are beautiful. I can’t wait to see the collection.

  4. Oh wow! I can’t wait to see the entire line! Will charm packs still be available with Free Spirit?

  5. Oh my! I wish I had your talent.

  6. dude those are awesome! i think i will be camping out in front of the Quilt shop for this one :)

  7. Simply Amazing!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this line.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I had to share this with my hair stylist. She used to do stuff like this on her daughter’s hair for crazy hair day at school. I think she even did a bird cage with little birdies in it. Now her daughter’s to grown up to let mom do her hair, lol. She will love these. Beautiful illustrations too. Thank you for sharing them. Can’t wait to see the fabric line.

  9. And I am just reading something from the Eighteenth Century ….. I wish I had your artistic talent… amazing.

  10. Crazy fun! I am totally intrigued now…Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  11. Fantastic drawings!! I love it. Love it. Can’t wait for it to come out. My favorite is the 1st one! :) Wow.

  12. you have NO CLUE how excited I am. Will I need to find some space on my body for more ink?
    Ah, my body is a shrine to Tula Pink. Perfect.

  13. Wow~ you are as talented with your words as you are with your drawing, You are ubertalented!

  14. Gorgeous drawings! Can’t wait till I get to see Parisville in person!

  15. Even more excited to see the fabric now!

  16. I adore the top one – that is just so me and 18 months ago I had more than enough hair to achieve it. Love ships and the sea so much. Can’t wait to get my hands on Parisville when it finally arrives in England

  17. OMG, I sooo can not wait! Saving all my pretty pennies for that special day. Still waiting to find out when that special day is.

  18. My oh my! Your drawings are spectacular! Cannot wait to see the fabric!

  19. I am SO EXCITED that you are moving to Freespirt (and for this fabric collection).

    Your middle illustration reminded me of something I learned this summer. I am a fashion major, and I spent half of this summer studying in London. While in London I stumbled upon a store called “The Silver Mousetrap”. The name dates back to the 1700s, when the store sold hair accessories known as “silver mousetraps”. At that time it was not uncommon for mice and rats to make nests in the massive wigs that were in fashion at the time. These “hair-pieces” were meant to trap the vermin before they made an apperance at a social function, while also looking fashionable. Just thought you might be interested.


  20. Oh.My.God. Those illustrations are amazing! What goes on in that brain of yours?! What inspiration and execution! Thank you for sharing these with us. I was hooked from the ship and then scrolled down to see even more wonderful illustrations. THANK YOU!

  21. those are so freaking cool I could throw up!

  22. And I have finally achieved what I set out to do… inspire bodily functions through art. I can die a happy little fabric designer:)

  23. Wow, what a font of creativity! I *love* the concept, tale and drawings – all so amazing… The lion ‘do is TDF!

  24. Oh…you are such an amazing artist. How does your brain even come up with such creative designs? :)

  25. Oh wow! I love this!!! You are amazing talented!

  26. part of your story reminds me of the girl in “pretty in pink”!

  27. No problem Tay. Glad it worked for ya.

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