From A to B and back again…


I get asked a lot about how I come up with my ideas. My thought process is anything but linear. I have been holding onto this issue of Vogue magazine since September of 2006 when it was released. I loved the idea of a Teen Queen and the movie, Marie Antoinette, by Sophia Coppola was mesmerizing for me. I have no idea what the dialogue was because the volume on the visuals were at like 10,000 decibels. My eyes took over and apparently took all the function out of my ears.

I consider myself to be a maximalist, if there is a swirl, a drape, a flourish, a color I will use it, multiply it, blow it up and roll around in it. This whole era of decadence has been screaming at me for 4 years. I finally got the chance to do it.

This is my idea landscape. It’s how  I start thinking about something. The photos set the mood, I start gathering colors and making sketches. More often than not some Dr. Seuss characters will creep into the pics to see what’s going on. They are good at letting me know when something is getting too stuffy. When a picture is finally starting to form in my head I will begin to draw more seriously. I usually know exactly what the collection will look like before I ever start drawing. Then it’s like I’m my own production slave. I like working for myself. I am a good boss, fair but firm and I always bring good snacks.

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  1. such an interesting insight to your process! can’t wait to have my hands on your little brain child ;)

  2. thanks for sharing. It’s amazing to see your inspiration and your process.

  3. Thanks for the glimpse into your imagination. I remember that magazine cover!!

  4. You have a remarkable brain! Love your boss, glad she brings you great treats! ~~Sheri

  5. I love the inspiration board–complete with Dr. Seuss characters. Their playful input is awesome.

  6. i am by no means an artist, but i totally get what you’re saying about that movie! i was fascinated by the colors, the clothes, the sets…everything! it was beautiful, and so will this line be. i’m currently working with your plume line, and i am so in love with it. keep up the amazing work!

  7. I love Marie Antoinette – I can watch that movie on repeat without ever getting bored. There’s always something new to see and it’s always breathtaking. I also re-watched Amadeus this week and found a girl with a sail boat hat, a la your teen queen! Can’t wait to see the whole line in person :-)

  8. Such a great visual! I love it! I can’t wait to get my hands on the fabrics.

  9. I’m glad you think the way you think. Hope I can actually get my hands on some of the yummy fabrics.

  10. Wow, I love the way you think! I just finished a project with Hushabye and it was such a delight to spy all the hidden images as I sewed.

  11. Love this! Thanks for sharing your process with us.

  12. I have that same Vogue! It was the first issue I ever bought. Back when I was a Freshmen in High School. Which was only 4 years ago actually :S Great post as always, can’t wait to see the new line! :D

  13. That movie was a feast for the eyes wasn’t it? :) I don’t care where you get your inspiration, I’m just glad you get it and do something with it! :) How exciting! :)

  14. Oooooooo la la!! I posted about some Gorgeous (capital G) Marie Antoinette-esque plates last week that I found at Anthro, and totally gushed over them. I mentioned my love for all things Versailles, as portrayed by Sofia C in her incredible film (one of my faves). Anywhooooo, one of my readers — mentioning your mutual Marie Antoinette love and your Gorgeous (capital G) inspired fabrics — was kind enough to direct me to your blog and I’m soooo glad!!!! Your fabrics are to die for and I’ve loved reading!

  15. Your Parisville line is AMAZING! The color, the line, like a big slap in the face with a powdered wig. Thanks for that! I can’t wait to buy some!

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