Let’s make stuff…

What’s a bunch of new fabric without some patterns? It’s like a sandwich without peanut butter, lame. Anywhoo, My new quilt patterns are super rad and are finally available! You can find them here… or shipping out to quilt shops everywhere, all week long! Yay for commerce! It keeps me in ink and paper through the winter.

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  1. Love the alphabet one, Tula. It’s the most modern pattern I’ve seen from you yet, and it is RAD!

  2. i love them all… and want them all!!
    especially modern alphabet!

  3. Love the new patterns!!!

  4. Man. Why don’t we live closer? you’re so fun. Loved meeting you lady!


  5. Tula, the Alphabet is wonderful! I’m definitely going to need that one! Congrats on your beautiful new collection of fabrics. I especially like the blue range. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I’m waiting for the fabric to arrive! I do love the alphabet quilt.

  7. I love the patterns, but the first of my Parisville just arrived today and I’m not done petting it. Cutting it will have to wait a bit longer!

  8. I will buy 2 of these patterns, I like them. Your fabric is wonderful and different. I will buy that too!

  9. Love the kiss one, it’s adorable.

  10. WANT………………I think Kiss Kiss might be my favorite but I wouldn’t want my Plume Cartwheels pattern to think less of herself so I must love everyone equally!

  11. Just got the Modern Alphabet pattern in the mail and Tula Pink you rock! I am making my son a quilt for when he goes off to college next fall and adding his name to the back with this cool alphabet.

  12. Congratulations on everything! These new patterns are great, and of course, Parisville is to die for. So awesome. Keep up the fab work!

  13. Hi Tula, is there any way to get the fabric requirements for Kiss Kiss, (your shot of the back of cover doesn’t have it)…I want to buy pattern & fabric together but not sure how much to buy. Ta!

  14. Oh gosh I don’t know how I found you but I am so happy I did. I LOVE everything but especially kiss kiss. IT’S GORGEOUS. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Patti xxx

  15. Hi Tula, love the Kiss Kiss quilt. Would love to see some photos of the Mist version as I’m not sure about the dark background and need convincing. Do you specify the solid colours you use in your samples in your patterns? Ta.

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