Leather and Lasers

It’s a natural vegetable dyed leather that has been laser etched with my own design! What?!? That’s awesome! It’s so stinkin’ cute I could die but I won’t ’cause then I wouldn’t be able to use it. I don’t think the afterlife let’s you bring junk with you just because it was made with lasers and is the coolest thing ever.

I used one of my original sketches from Parisville for the cover. They are made specifically to fit Moleskine sketchbooks which just happens to be the brand I use to sketch my little idea thumbnails. I just wish they made bigger ones! Sometimes my ideas don’t fit on a page that small.

The company that makes the leather covers is in Portland, Oregon. They are handmade, probably by  bunch of hippies which is super cute or maybe they’re cool indie designer types or crazy smart techie types? Idunno, since they don’t talk about themselves on their site I am left to wonder in a fog of speculation. I like it. Oops, sidetracked… They are called engrave and this is their linky-link.

Oh and your reward for reading all the way through this post is that I will be revealing my new fabric line pretty soon. Just thought I would throw that in there;)

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  1. This is the coolest thing!!! Also excited about the new fabric reveal.

  2. New fabric line soon??? But when??

  3. Now that is a cool cover! I will definitely have to check out that link! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. I can not wait to see the new line! Love the leather covers too.

  5. I love the leather cover! And a new fabric line?? I haven’t even had time to stitch up anything in Parisville yet!! Of course…that won’t stop me. I’m currently working on a project with my precious Neptune stash. I’ll be catching up for ages!

  6. NEW FABRIC LINE AHHHHHHHH I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! I really love that leather cover…so cool!!

  7. love that cover! i use Moleskine notebooks all the time so i might have to order one for myself…. & new fabric… yay!

  8. wow – those are so cool! And I can’t wait to see the new fabric line :-)

  9. way cool! and yay for your new line! too exciting! :D

  10. Ok, that is too cool, and this is coming from a borderline vegan (just can’t give up the cheese!). I can’t wait to hear about the new fabric line!!!

  11. You are killing me. You make me so happy telling me there is a new fabric line yet so sad that I cannot buy a Tula cover for my moleskine!!

  12. Would love to have a Kindle cover like this!

  13. I really don’t know what I am more excited about. The fabric line is definitely exciting a squee response but the cover is just making me plain jealous. My favourite image from the entire collection on a leather cover!!!!! That’s useful as well and I can have in my handbag all the time and stroke………I WANT one!!!!!!!

  14. Looks good on leather too. And I am so looking forward to your fabric news!

  15. that is nice – can’t wait to see the new line

  16. New fabric line??? I’m sitting here at my computer renewing the page until you reveal ;)

  17. That is so cool! And hurrah(!) I can’t wait to see the next line!

  18. that is fantastic!..You’re a tease!..I cant wait to see your new line!!!!..I am obsessivly checking your blog for the reveal!!

  19. So if you are doing a fabric reveal, soonish – how long until it would be available in stores?

    Just curious. I’m finishing up using nest and need to find a pattern for parisville – there is just too much awesome.

  20. I agree, you are such a big tease… As much as I cannot wait to see the new fabric line, I’m so disappointed that I/your fans cannot have a Tula Pink moleskine cover. I don’t even have a moleskine. But I would so have one to draft my quilts in if only I had a Tula Pink cover for it. Do I have any votes for a give away!!!

  21. Yes, a tease, I know. It’s a character flaw. I did look into getting the covers for the shop but they would have been brutally expensive. Boo. I don’t have a release date on the new collection yet. Just keep your eyes peeled. It will come. It’s nice to know that a few of you actually read this though ;) and here I thought y’all just looked at the pictures.

  22. Ooooh YES we do read this fabulous blog!! That moleskin is divine and a new fabric collection… Cannot wait!

  23. Hi! I was recently introduced to your lovely line of products through a conversation I had with your mom via my Etsy shop. I think I am your newest, biggest fan! Your taste is beautiful, and I wish you increasingly great success with your business!

  24. These looks so fantastic. I recently started using a laser cutter / leather in my projects – but you take it to another level! So beautiful.

  25. Oooohh, can’t wait to see the new line. I hope soon is very soon:)

  26. Holy moly! They certainly did you proud with that leather cover.
    I’m going to submit some of my original artwork, and order a custom book.

    Now, go get busy with your new fabric line. I’m currently scouring cyber world buying up Nest for quilts and clothes.

  27. Just ordered the final piece to complete my collection of Tula Pink, Parisville fabrics — Eye drops in Mist. Can’t wait to create something gorgeous with these beauties! I’m totally blown away by the Damask Dots, online pictures don’t do it justice. It is fabulous!!

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