Right this way please…

As promised Prince Charming is ready to be seen! Check it out at my Facebook page, click here if you missed the first link.

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  1. You realize you are going to create mass hysteria when the line is officially launched…there are many of us Tula Pink fans out there who have sweaty hands just waiting for the day!!! Too bad I don’t live close to you…I would probably be peeking in your windows to see the fabric in person…in a good way…not a creeper-type way!
    Lisa in Texas

  2. Incredible! Love the snails. And the geometrics. I can’t wait to see all the things you’ve been making up for this collection.

  3. As always I am amazed at your designs! Can’t wait til this is available!

  4. Tula, this collection is amazing! Every single print is impeccably designed, and the colours! I want all of it!!! I think I might even start sewing clothes again because of these prints. Some blouses in the voiles, skirts in that clamshell. Is it weird when your clothes match your bedding? I sure hope not!

  5. I’ve loved every fabric collection you’ve done. This is my favorite!!!

  6. I am sooooooo in love with this !!!!!!! I want it all…might have to buy it all !I love all your lines of fabric, but this one is tops !!!! Great job.

  7. I forget sometimes that people don’t know what Quilt Market is so here is the rundown:

    Quilt Market is an International trade show that happens twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. It’s a wholesale market so it’s closed to the general public. It’s where everyone in the Quilting industry, quilt designers, fabric designers, manufacturers, distributors, notions companies etc… go to show what is new for the up coming season. This is where retailers go to see and buy new stuff for their stores.

    I hope this helps clear it up!

  8. Oh, and thanks! to everyone who commented here, on Twitter and on Facebook! I will be posting the whole line here on the blog soon too.

  9. I think I’m in love!!!

  10. Wouldn’t this look awesome on a t-shirt!

    Tula your Hushabye was the first fabric I fell in love with when I went into my first quilting fabric shop. This new collection is even more devine – I know what I am asking for for Mothers day (2nd Sunday in May here in Australia). Can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    Congratulations on a stunning design. Where will it be available and will it come in pre-cuts?

  12. I love that frog. I’m not on facebook and never will be so I’m glad you won’t forget about your blog readers who really want to mentally role around in your fabric. I will so buy some of that, I’m sure the whole family will get a better nights sleep if we all sleep on frog covers.

  13. Beautiful – when will this line be in the stores?

  14. YES! sure do! My personal page is http://facebook.com/tulapink … and my Shoppe that I own with my Mother, The Quilt Shoppe in Stewartsville, MO page is http://facebook.com/homeoftulapink . Hope that helps! 0:)

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