Prince Charming

Welcome to my big, fat, PRINCE CHARMING post! Yay! I know a bunch of you have already seen this on Facebook but I refuse to abandon my blog. I have been working with my sample yardage non-stop for the past couple of months. I am scrounging for threads until the rest of the fabric comes in. Eeeek! I hope you love it as much as I do. Now, on to booth preparations for Quilt Market in Salt Lake City! Busy busy…

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  1. Just beautiful.

    I love the colours, but then, I always do :-)

  2. Oh my goodness, this is my most favorite fabric ever! This and Neptune of course. :) My fiancĂ© is not going to be happy with me considering we’re saving for our wedding, but I’m going to have to figure out a way to buy this beautiful fabric when it’s available for purchase!

    Thanks for not giving up on the blog! I would have missed this fabric entirely!

  3. OMG this is amazing. the frogs are fabulous!

  4. Love it. Can’t wait to touch it!

  5. just died. love it so much!!!


    ;) Fede

  7. I’m so excited for this! You did such a phenomenal job! I love all the elements of past lines that you brought into this. And I’m so excited that the color flow with old lines too – especially that coral! I have some coral neptune that just needs something else to play with.

  8. Gorgeous collection!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of that Voile!

  9. I am so excited to see this line and you at market in a few weeks!!! Will you have bundles at Spree for sale?

  10. I am in love with Prince Charming! The frog print is SO CUTE…and I love the silhouette print of kiddos swinging and such…perfect!

  11. Love it! Love the colors. And I especially love the silhouette prints. Reminds me of a Kara Walker artwork. GORGEOUS!

  12. love the colour range

  13. Phew I thought you were going to ask us to pick a favourite ….. I couldn’t anyway I love them all ! Well done !

  14. Colors are wonderful…the indigo has my name all over it!

  15. Whoop! I have it ordered for the sho already. Thanks for sharing it. It is our favorite colors and you know what I mean. LOVE IT!

  16. Beautiful! and Wow!

  17. I asked the shop I buy from if they have already ordered it. They said they are going to see it next month, @ show, I hope they do!! I have so many plans, especially for the laminate! :)

  18. I absolultely LOVE your fabrics! Are any of them available in a home decorator weight?

  19. Love, Love, Love IT!!!!!!!!!!! I am super excited to see it in person.

  20. Oh the Pinkness!

  21. oh man, i can’t wait to mix some colorways. GORGEOUS!

  22. Voile….ahhh what a beautiful scarf this will make…just…can’t….wait…
    Lisa in Texas

  23. LOVE. beautiful work, madame! :)

  24. loving the new blog design tula!!!!
    p.s. i am DYING to get some voile!!!!
    can’t WAIT til we get it in the shop!!

  25. Beautiful – love ALL of the color collections!

  26. I love it all! I’m sooo looking forward to seeing your booth and meeting you at market…I leave two weeks from tomorrow!!!

  27. I wish I could get my hands on some of that voile right now to make a dress out of!

  28. Still waiting for the moment my eyes meet with Prince Charming’s. Will I be in a LQS here in the suburbs of Anchorage or will it be on my road trip from Alaska to Colorado?

  29. The colors are so amazing. Loving the raindrops and hexie prints.

  30. These fabrics are gorgeous…can’t wait to get them locally.

  31. so, this is AWESOME!! i wanna make something for my niece with this…she LOVES frogs.

    and please don’t abandon us :) of course i “like” you on FB, but blogs kick ass.

    you rock! can’t w8 to see what you’ve been concocting!

  32. You are so Talented! I love this new line!

  33. I am SOOOOO excited about these!!! I think I will have to start saving now :)

  34. You are a genius! Very pretty fabrics.

  35. Oh I DO love it as much as you do..I DO I DO I DO!! :D
    Can’t wait till it hits the stores (since I can’t be at market..boohoo)

  36. LOVE… LOVE… LOVE your fabrics, they are so clever! My fav is the ‘LIVE’ pink and green… can’t wait for it to come into the stores!

  37. Seriously!!! I love them all – how will choose which color palette to order – they are all AMAZING!!!

  38. Nope, still can’t decide on my favourite colourway. Yesterday it was Olive, today it is Coral.

    Still totally in love with that turtle. Can he be my Prince Charming? I’ve kissed enough frogs in my life!

  39. I love love love it all, but to pick a fav, I think Indigo is running first! Don’t give up on the blogging – I much prefer to see what you’re up to in a much more personal way!!

  40. I saw a sneak peak and it’s worth waiting for…beautiful! Can’t wait until I can get my hands on it.

  41. Love, Love, Love it!!!!

  42. Indigo and olive are so my colours in this line, which is weird since I’m really a red and pink girlie. I will definately get some frogs, I just hope the store I order from takes it in but I’m kind of taking it for granted. I can’t get any coral frogs though, that one actually scares me! Very good job, not the scare me part, the drawing and designing part.

  43. LOOOOVVVEEEE IT! It has a Neptune feel to it (Which is still my fave fabric of all time), but a different twist! Totally gonna have to grab some of this!

    Keep pumpin’ out these great designs please!

  44. Beautiful! Love all the hidden goodies, the colors, the “texture” (love the fans, I wanted to touch my monitor!).

  45. I love it! Great job!!

  46. I am so waiting for it to be available…love it!

  47. BEAUTIFUL — all of it !!!

  48. Girlfriend, you have some SERIOUS talent. BRAVO, really from NJ Bravo . I started working on a wedding quilt for my brothers wedding. I started with Parisville. The pattern didn’t go with the tone of a beach wedding so I went back to see, and Wala!! Its perfect Prince Charming is Perfect! Sooo, How fast can I get it? HAAAA HAAA Good Luck to you and I look forward to seeing your Future masterpieces.

  49. Unbelievable! Haven’t been this excited since I discovered Neptune….

  50. Beautiful colors…can’t wait to touch the voile!

  51. Usually when a fabric line comes out I really love a couple of the prints but the rest are so-so for me. But EVERY line you come out with, Prince Charming included, I have to have every one, every colorway. It’s my splurge every time you come out with a collection. Gotta have it all!!!

  52. It is awesome! I am inspired to make something great!

  53. I LOVE your new line. I can’t wait to see it in person in a week!!!

  54. I LOVE it!!! I’ve purchased every line since Neptune…considering I’ve only been sewing for a little over 2 years. I’ve realized who the rock stars of the fabric world are very quickly. You, my friend, are one of a few. Your ideas and designs are so inspirational. Seeing what you’ve done in such a short time is amazing. Prince Charming has the best of all your previous lines in one place. I can’t wait!

  55. Wow! I love another scallop/scale print- I loved to ones in Parisville too. I haven’t felt such an urge to buy a fabric in a long time (mostly because I am broke) but I am feeling quite the yearning for a long raincoat made with those giant raindrop laminates!!

  56. I’m really loving these fabrics, especially the colors.

  57. I can’t wait to see the booth in SLC! I think that you should do a line of fabric with mermaids Tula Pink Style. Have safe travels next week!

  58. LOVE it all and the giant winged frog…the best!Can’t wait to buy some maybe the reds first….

  59. I want to tell you that I love the concept of using a narrative theme for a fabric set. I have been looking through yards and yards of yardage for a project. Once I came upon your work I was sold: wonderful color combinations, well designed, and wrapped together with a clever narrative. Keep up the great work!

  60. I love your Prince Charming line as well as many of the others…but I don’t see any place where there might be some in stock yet. Please let me know where I might find some of your wonderful prints!

  61. Mr. Pink just called me. He is so proud of you … Looks like you are doing wonderfully. Happy for you. Auntie Tina

  62. I cannot have enough fun w u whether I am piecing mod alphabet or collaborating with my husband on how to show off Nightshade fabrics, his choice by the way. Tweaked the LOVE and is my current WIP. Love your book and have encouraged Seattle shops to stock it. Thanks for your vision!

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