Wisdom and Party Hats

Hey friends! I’m not sure if you’ve heard but I’m teaching for a week out in Sisters, Oregon next month. The Quilter’s Affair runs from July 4th through the 8th. Oh and did I mention that it’s my birthday right smack in the middle of it all? So expect excitement, wisdom, and non stop super fun. I take my birthday very seriously and I plan on dragging everyone along for the ride. Go sign up already!

I also made a quilt specifically for the quilt show. It is the best quilt ever. I am so stinkin’ excited about showing off that I can barely stand it. It’s called Space Dust, just imagine the possibilities from the name alone!

Here is what I am teaching:

Tuesday- Spiked Punch (I may actually Spike the Punch just for effect)

Wednesday- The Fabric Salon (fabric dyeing workshop)

Thursday- Cartwheels (circles are not hard, say it with me!)

Friday- Modern Alphabet (My favorite quilt of all time)

11 Responses to “Wisdom and Party Hats”

  1. I won’t be there… but now I really really wish I was coming. Have fun teaching!!

  2. July 6th??? My bday too!!!

  3. Yep! You, me and Sylvester Stalone.

  4. Looking forward to the quilt, the class & celebrating your birthday with you.

  5. OH HOW I WISH I COULD BE THERE!!!!! but my anniversary is July 5th, 14 years!!! and i don’t think that would go over well ;0)

  6. OOhh Space Dust sounds cool!! A super big Happy Birthday to you! I know you’ll have lots of fun at the Quilter’s Affair!

  7. Dude, why can’t you be on my coast?! :) wish i could come join in the shenanigans! hope you post a pic of Space Dust (please! ;) ) when its over.
    Happy early bday and party like you mean it!!

  8. If I didn’t have kids, I would SOOO be there!

  9. Where can I get the info to enroll for that? I’d love to!

  10. Hey Pat! You can sign up by following the Quilter’s Affair link in the post.

  11. I have the Spiked Punch pattern and can’t wait to get it finished up! :)

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