Support Your Local Quilter

I whipped up this little gem for all the Tula Troops out there! Feel free to throw it on your website, blog, Facebook, or Twitter!  It is a .PNG file which means it has a transparent background instead of being a big white square. This makes it look great on your custom layout or themes.  When you go to resize the file for whatever application, keep it a .PNG instead of converting to .JPEG so it maintains the transparency.


So here it is, a fun little gift from myself to you. Enjoy! #SupportYourLocalQuilter



6 Responses to “Support Your Local Quilter”

  1. On my blog now; thanks for making this!!! :D PS: I’m @klassykara on Instagram.

  2. I am obsessed with your new book. My good friend visited your shop and raved… I want to make every. single. thing! You are an amazing talent!

  3. Thanks, pinned that, put onto FB…..very cool!

  4. Tula,
    Thank you for this button!!! I’m trying to promote my longarm machine quilting business; this will be a big help, I’m sure.

  5. This would be adorable on a tote bag! I know that I’d buy + carry one!

    BTW bought my very first pattern from you (I usually don’t use patterns) + rushed out to get your book the minute it hit B+N near me. LOVE IT!!

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