The Birds & The Bees (and the flowers and the trees)

So I know y’all are just getting settled into Nightshade but this is a fast paced world that we live in. “Keep up or fall behind” is what my mom always told me. In an effort to drive you crazy just a little bit sooner than you had scheduled I bring you my newest collection of fabrics. Please meet The Birds and the Bees! No, this is not a tale of when a boy meets a girl and all of that it just literally has both birds and bees in it. Clever, I know. This is a preview of what is to come.


I really thought that Nightshade was a singular collection using a dustier color palette that was unlike anything I had done before. Now that The Birds and The Bees is in my studio I am finding that is coordinates back in with Nightshade quite nicely. I guess I am not the spontaneous creature that I suspected I was. We all have our crosses to bear. Mine? I am committed to rainbows. I cannot escape the persistent call to use every single color in the crayon box. Luckily, y’all seem to be okay with that so I shall continue.


The Birds and the Bees is not due in Stores until July/August. So keep on the look out for projects that may require squirrels, sparrows, honey bees, lady bugs, meteorite looking polka dots,trees and so on. I always find myself in need of a good lady bug.


The Birds and the Bees will consist of 29 quilting/fashion weight cottons, 6 Laminates and 9 Voiles.

33 Responses to “The Birds & The Bees (and the flowers and the trees)”

  1. Oh my heart is beating fast. Wonderful!

  2. Wow! Jaw dropped when I saw this one. Time to start saving up now so I can get LOTS of this group!

  3. These are beautiful. I feally like the geometrical line prints.

  4. These are stunning- love the floating trees. I’m still working on drawing out a design for the Prince Charming fabrics I got recently…way behind!

  5. I LOVE THIS STUFF! We felt so special getting to see it at your talk in W-S! :)

  6. Another amazing range!!! Go Tula!!!

  7. Oh my gosh…..I already have lots of ideas for this one…in all the color ways!

  8. I love the rainbow goodness. Cannot wait for it Tula!!

  9. Have been a diehard follower of everything Tula – except Nightshades – and cannot wait for The Birds and Bees – great colors and design.

  10. Love love love love love……

  11. Like always: Insanely fantastic!

  12. EEEEK!! Oh the purple palate is going to look SO GOOD with my nightshade I’m hording! And let’s not get me started on all the other goodness! Love it Tula!

  13. Love it!!! Love it all!!! It’s a little tortuous, waiting for this line to be available. I can’t wait to see it in person!!!!

  14. i love the orbs and the trees! amazing! and i love all the colors, so keep it up!

  15. Gorgeous.

    I love it when art feeds more art; methinks I’ve seen that prism design somewhere before… :-)

  16. Oh, those triangle balls (I don’t know what else to call them) are super fab!

  17. Really gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  18. You are fun.

    And so are your prints.

    And prolific. Which adds to the fun.

    Great job, Tula!

  19. I just want to giggle out loud and I LOVE the colors! You are soooo amazingly talented and add so much excitement to sewing!!! Thank you!!

  20. Now those orange/pink squirrels are adorable.

  21. I adore your fabrics…all of them. One ? tho’. Are you doing the Pattern Parade blog tourSummer 2012? I’ve searched all over here and on your site and can’t find anything.

  22. Love it! Great colors and prints!

  23. You never cease to please and amaze!

  24. Love all your lines, but I especially miss Neptune. Boo-hoo!

  25. Missed the giveaway.But I feel that I must complement you on your latest creation. We (my girls and I)love it! Great coloursand patterns. I have yet to see a Tula Pink fabric which I did’nt love

  26. These are so cool. I love the pink and purple swirls

  27. I especially like the aqua blue/green color way.

  28. Love the colors, especially the purples, greens, blues, and pinks. Going to have to make something (like a dress) out of these prints.

  29. I just love looking for what you have hideing in your designes!~ The colors in “The Birds and The Bees” are just so warm and inviting! I will be on pins and needles waiting for the release

  30. I can’t wait!!! This is beautiful!

  31. I can’t wait!!! This collection is beautiful!

  32. Absolutely gorgeous.

    I can’t wait to get sewing with some of these fabrics.

  33. Totally squealed outloud when I saw these at market. Squealed again yesterday when I received my shipping notification from FS. Can’t wait unitl it gets to my shop!!

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