Anchors Aweigh

In anticipation of Salt Water, my new fabric collection for Free Spirit Fabrics, hitting the stores in December we are giving the gift of free patterns!  Every day this week we will post a new free pattern so you can start planning your Salt Water projects or at least give your loved ones an accurate holiday shopping list, wink wink.


Anchors Aweigh is basically the coolest quilt I have ever made, in my opinion anyway. It’s one of those magical quilts that looks all complicated but is actually really easy to make, my favorite kind of quilt. I am an illustrator by nature so I tend to make quilts that are essentially just large illustrations. Anchors are the best, this is a fact, sailors tattoo them on their arms which is both rugged and tough, they make sure boats don’t float away all willy nilly, they are super heavy and heavy things are always pretty awesome, anchors also take up the perfect amount of space on a quilt top.


To get the pattern click on the pretty little (big) pink PDF icon below. The file will open in Adobe Acrobat automatically then save the file to your hard drive and start sewing OR right click on the icon and choose “save file as” then save to your computer. You can print it, share it or just admire it but I hope you enjoy my little gift to you in celebration of my new fabric collection Salt Water! Happy Sewing!




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