Hex on the Beach


This thing is seriously awesome. Hex on the Beach is produced by Free Spirit Fabrics as ready made kit. Seriously, you just open the box and start sewing. All of the Hexagons are pre cut and comes complete with 1008 Hexies and 100 paper templates. If you are down with Y-seams then you can easily make this on your machine since the fabric pieces are die cut and all exactly the same. If you are not into the Y-seam thing you can hand piece it using the old school methods of English Paper Piecing. I made mine by hand but feel free to make this how ever you wish. It is crazy fun and an amazing travel project.I took mine with me everywhere when I was making the sample; I made 30 hexies while waiting to get my oil changed, 68while listening to my sister practice Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the violin (over and over again), 109 while waiting to find out who was going to be America’s Next Top Model, you get the idea. Then one day it was done! I call these kinds of quilts “nibblers” because you don’t sit down and make this in a day or even a weekend but it is a great quilt to make over time in little bites, get it? You nibble on it you don’t scarf it down in one sitting. Hex on the Beach will be available in your local quilt shops and online stores in January so check in on your favorite shopping spots!


What’s in the box?

1008 die cut fabric hexagons

100 paper hexagon templates

1 skillfully written pattern by me, obviously ;)



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