Hi friends! I have been given the opportunity to work with the newest machine and software from Bernina. I spent a couple of weeks tinkering around with the new 780 and DesignWorks software, over the next 10 days I will be sharing what I have learned and all of the super cute things I have made. I won’t be spending a lot of time talking about the ginormous bobbins or the 9mm stitch width or the hook system or the dual feed or the touch screen, ok I might talk about that a little, it’s like sewing with an iPhone. If I could get the screen to play movies while I sew I might just marry the thing although they might have left this feature out on purpose it could easily promote crooked seams and miss matched embroidery threads, you know, because of the distraction.

Instead of talking about all of the features which you could learn from any Bernina Retailer and any simple google search I would like to spend the next week or so showing you a tiny bit of what this machine is capable of. I am neither a pamphlet nor a sales person. I am just a girl who loves to make stuff and cherishes any opportunity to work with a new tool that will give me a more precise way to execute my vision.¬† With the new DesignWorks software and tools this is not simply a sewing machine, it’s a crafting dynamo! I wish I had a year to explore everything that I can do with this machine, you couldn’t cover all of the options in a lifetime.

So stay tuned. I made some pretty cool stuff that I am really excited to show you. For more information check out my Facebook page, Twitter (@tulapink) and Instagram (@tulapink). It’s a Bernina explosion over here in Pinkerville if you are interested at all in what a full on crazy crafting bonanza can do or if you just like looking at weird little projects¬† and anomalies like a sewing machine that can cut wood or a garland of mini anchors then by all means hang around. It’s going to be fun…

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