Floating Sinkies


As you will see over the next week or so I have fallen in complete love with the CutWork tool. It is such a simple and elegant solution to cutting complicated shapes that I am surprised it has taken this long for someone to figure this out. I have seen many tools and contraptions over the years that cut intricate shapes, the beauty of this one is that using the DesignWorks software I can come up with any shape I want and in any size. Transforming the shape into a file that I upload to my sewing machine is easier than it should be. If you know me at all then you know that the only thing I am ever really after is maximum praise with minimum effort. I love to make easy things look complex. This way everyone thinks I am brilliant and I still have time to go out for coffee and catch a show. In order to explore the many features of my 780 I decided to choose one shape to work with in a bunch of different ways. I chose to work with an anchor. anchors are a pretty cool shape. They are not terribly complicated but have enough little ins and outs that I wouldn’t want to be cutting a bunch of these with a pair of scissors. They also need to be symmetrical which can be difficult when cutting, drawing or otherwise working with by hand. Also, anchors go so very nicely with my newest fabric collection Salt Water. This will allow me to bring up said fabric collection over and over without it getting awkward.


Project number one with my little anchor shape and CutWork tool was the garland. I had the idea to make this for my booth at international Quilt Market but it became entirely too time consuming to do by hand so the idea was scrapped… for the time being. This was also a really great opportunity to see how much stress I could put on the tool. I stressed it even more later but we will discuss that another time. I pressed all of my fabrics to a really stiff fusible pelted just to give the fabric some sturdiness and weight. This stuff is about an 1/8 inch thick and really means business. They cut beautifully and gave me a happy little string of identical anchors. I cut all 19 anchors in about 30 minutes. That is less than 2 minutes each and every one as flawless as the one that came before it. Then I strung them up and that was that.


Check back in to see what I made with the rectangles that the anchors were cut from. They were just too dang cute to be tossed out…


Fabric is Salt Water by, well, me Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics backed by fusible Peltex for sturdiness and strung up with baker’s twine. Cute, right?

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