Night Owls Bicycle Club

In my final days reviewing the new Bernina 780 sewing (among other things) machine I decided take a little walk down embroidery road. I just recently worked with to develop a machine embroidery version of the very first fabric I ever designed, the Full Moon Forrest Owl. He marks the beginning of my fabric career so he will forever be one of my favorite designs. I really needed to do something special with the little guy. It may be because I was watching too much Sons of Anarchy or maybe I just have a rebellious streak but either way I decided that my Owl would become the mascot for a gang of baby bikers, bicycles not motorcycles, my little sisters are not yet old enough to drive cycles with motors. We all have our limitations. They obviously needed jackets to identify them as toddler outlaws and what good is an older sister with a killer embroidery machine if they won’t make you club leather jackets once in a while? I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t at least try. So these are the Night Owls, they always stay up past their bedtime. They rule the sidewalks with their matching tricycles and handlebar fringe or even the occasional pink plastic scooter. They may be pint sized outlaws but they always obey their mother because she is the only one that is tall enough to reach the garage door opener which entombs their wheels of fury.


Machine embroidery is crazy fun and the Bernina 780 makes it pretty easy. The interface on the machine lets me input every thread color so I can preview my color choices and see what each change will look like in the final piece. It’s pretty cool especially for a crafter who reserves the right to change her mind a million times a minute and would like to preview every change to make sure it’s the right move. If I could get the machine to pick up my groceries it would be the perfect assistant, understanding and accommodating without complaint.

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