Paint Me a Pillow

Another super cool feature other than the CutWork tool on the new Bernina 780 that I have been blabbing about is the PaintWork tool. When I first checked this out I thought “I can draw all on my own what would I use this for?” It took me a hot minute to load up the anchor and re work it in the DesignWorks software. I loaded the file onto the Bernina 780 and just started scattering little anchors all over a piece of linen I had lying around. You can make your own dang fabrics! Granted I make my own fabrics already but every once in a while I need a special print for one specific project. I really liked how the pens, which come with the tool by the way, moved over the linen which is quite rough. It gave the piece a vintage sea worn look that I really liked. They glided smoother and more solid over plain cottons and even twill. In the Design Works software you can dictate the amount of fill you want, which direction the strokes will fall right down to the exact brand and size of the pen you are using. It’s pretty brilliant how detailed the whole thing can be. It can be a simple or as complicated as you make it. If I had more than a couple of weeks to work with this tool I think I could come up with some pretty amazing ways to bleed these pens dry.

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