I always like to peruse the embroidery files come preloaded on embroidery machines. I found this regal little zebra head waiting patiently on the Bernina 780. His little eyes were practically begging me to make him the rainbow colored stallion he had always dreamed of being. He told me that he was not so distantly descended from the Fruit Stripes Zebra that once graced the wrapping of that awesome bubble gum I used to chew when I was a kid. Anyway, I am once again off topic. ┬áThis was the perfect excuse to play with all of that embroidery thread I bought with absolutely no project in mind at all. My local Bernina Store was having a sale on thread and if you filled up the caring case you got the box for free. Yep, I am a retailer’s dream I will buy absolutely anything that comes in multiple colors and has a carrying case in which to display said colors. Again, off topic. I used the 780′s interface to copy, position and flip the zebra heads and then input the colors I would be using. I liked how the two heads started to look like some kind crazy ink blot test. I set up the colors in a nice little rainbow, designed myself a piecing project and voila! Zebra-head-ink-blot-color-wheel-compass-kind-of-pillow-thing!

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