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BERNINA Faceplate Face-Off

There is a heated competition going on and I kind of want to win, like a lot, so I am going to need your help! BERNINA has put together an awesome group of designers to battle it out for the privilege of designing the new 2015 B350 Special Edition faceplate. The contest starts March 17th and ends on April 14th. You can vote once per day for my, I mean ummm your favorite, design for the duration of the contest. The designer with the most votes wins and BERNINA will put that machine into production. What?!?!? That’s amazing! I try to keep my competitive side fairly low key so I apologize in advance for the hurricane force of thunder-dome like fierceness that may waft your way in the coming weeks. I’m just excited! Eeeek! You can wish me luck by voting…


I may have forgotten to mention, One voter will win the new B350 Special Edition sewing machine! GO VOTE!


Here are the details:


Vote once per day for 30 days!

Sew 4 Home

Check out the super cool article on about mixing it up with fabric collections. If choosing fabric outside of a specific collection, of which I am entirely against (just kidding :) ) remains an enigma to you then check this out. They have chosen a couple of different collections and mixed them up with velveteens and trims and lace to create a little bedroom scene. It’s fun and informative which we all like. There will be a new post everyday this week so take a break from what ever you are doing and take a peak.

Tula on the Radio



Hey guys! I was interviewed on American Patchwork & Quilting’s internet radio today with Pat Sloan. We touched on quite a few interesting topics, so have a listen!


You may listen here:

Modern Quilting Magazine

“Tula Pink The Queen of Quilting” on the cover of Modern Quilting Magazine! Well hot damn! I have always felt, in my heart, that I ought to be the queen of something. I’m not picky. And now after all of this time I think I might trade in my plastic crown for one with glitter or possibly something that glows in the dark. I promise to let you all eat cake for the duration of my reign.


Seriously, this magazine is pretty awesome there are some really great articles in this issue on David Butler, Valorie Wells and Bari J Ackerman. All great designers who are super cool to read about. Pick up a copy and take a read, make some projects and bask in the glow of a bunch of really great contributors.


This is issue two of the newly revamped magazine. You can pick up a copy at some Independent Quilt Shops, Barnes and Noble and all of those randomly great places that awesome quilt magazines are sold. It is definitely worth a lookyloo.

The Birds & The Bees (and the flowers and the trees)

So I know y’all are just getting settled into Nightshade but this is a fast paced world that we live in. “Keep up or fall behind” is what my mom always told me. In an effort to drive you crazy just a little bit sooner than you had scheduled I bring you my newest collection of fabrics. Please meet The Birds and the Bees! No, this is not a tale of when a boy meets a girl and all of that it just literally has both birds and bees in it. Clever, I know. This is a preview of what is to come.


I really thought that Nightshade was a singular collection using a dustier color palette that was unlike anything I had done before. Now that The Birds and The Bees is in my studio I am finding that is coordinates back in with Nightshade quite nicely. I guess I am not the spontaneous creature that I suspected I was. We all have our crosses to bear. Mine? I am committed to rainbows. I cannot escape the persistent call to use every single color in the crayon box. Luckily, y’all seem to be okay with that so I shall continue.


The Birds and the Bees is not due in Stores until July/August. So keep on the look out for projects that may require squirrels, sparrows, honey bees, lady bugs, meteorite looking polka dots,trees and so on. I always find myself in need of a good lady bug.


The Birds and the Bees will consist of 29 quilting/fashion weight cottons, 6 Laminates and 9 Voiles.