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Tula Pink x Urban Threads



Ever since I took delivery on my Bernina 830 I have been absolutely obsessed with machine embroidery. I want to embroider everything or at least just zone out while I watch the machine make it’s magical stitchery. It’s kind of awesome. When I started playing around with the machine my first stop was Urban Threads. I wanted some little things to play with while I got the hang of it. I could seriously watch that thing go forever. It’s meditative and not just a little hypnotizing. So here’s the deal… I have partnered up with Urban Threads to make my very first machine embroidery design available to you. I thought it only fitting that my first embroidery design would be a version of my very first fabric design. So I’m not going to get all nostalgic and mooshy on you I just thought I might point that out ;) There are a whole bunch of different file types available so you should be able to find a file type that will work with any machine that is capable of embroidery. The Owl is available in three sizes and downloads instantly to your computer. Fun right? Yep I thought so too. So have it!


Featured Artist interview is in the link provided below.  Available for Machine Embroidery and for those with more time and less machinery there is the Hand Embroidery option as well.

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Done, Fin, Ende, Avsluta…


The contest has finally ended! The last winner may claim their prize and I can stop waking up at 3 am every Friday morning because I forgot to post a winner. Yay!!!! The Full Moon Forest Jellyroll winner is Karielynn. I hope you enjoy it! (because I probably could have sold it on E-bay for tidy little lump of cash, oh wait, did I write that out loud?:) Thanks to everyone for being rad and participating!

 P.S. I don’t actually speak any other languages so all that stuff in the title was just googled. If you have informative dialog regarding the proper way people say this or that send them to the language wiki. I was trying to sound awesome and multi-cultural but it’s just a clever smokescreen. Don’t fall for it.

Full Moon Forest… Foreva!

Just to clarify… THIS IS NOT MY TATTOO… Just a few lovely ladies out in the world who liked my owl and decided o make it a part of their lives forever and ever and ever and ever.


Okay, let’s discuss commitment. Personally, I have commitment issues, just ask anyone I have ever dated (no wait, don’t). I don’t know that I even have words for this. Who says that this whole crafty thing isn’t tough? This looks pretty rockin’ to me. Full Moon Forest has been immortalized in ink. I couldn’t be prouder. Can you even stand how amazing this is? Is that a tear of pride? Yes, I believe it is.


I can just picture Corrine and Kathy bouncing their grand children on their knees telling them inappropriate stories of their wild youth. I like it. It’s the kind of grandmother I always imagined myself being. I told my mom that if she really loved me she would get a tattoo of my fabric across her back. She just glared at me and then her Christmas present got a lot smaller, like magic!

How Much is Your Love?


It’s a wrap. This contest is now closed. Thanks for playing!

In an effort to appear more popular I am offering to buy your love with free stuff. Okay so that’s not the only reason. I haven’t been doing this blog thing for long but so far it’s been nice. I have met some awesome people and found other amazing blogs that I would have never found otherwise. Most of all I have read some really nice things about myself from people other than my mom, it’s very validating. So in response to your overwhelming generosity I am giving things away.

I spent my whole Sunday working up some goodies for y’all and I hope you like it. The first thing I am giving away is a lovely tote bag made from Full Moon Forest tree trunk stripes. I stitched on a little squirrel at the bottom because I love you all that much. The second thing I am giving away are 4 charm packs of my new line Nest, in little bags that I made all by myself. So let me be clear on this there are 5 winners in all (don’t be fooled, you are all winners in my heart). These are some pretty good odds.

How do you win these fabulous prizes? It’s so easy it’s almost criminal. All you have to do is tell me what your favorite animal is. Leave a comment and the winners will be chosen at random. I will announce the 5 winners on August 17th. Just so you know… there will be no favoritism shown towards any animals, we are equal opportunity animal appreciators here in Pinkerville.




My mom sent me these pictures of my little sisters in Full Moon Forest get-ups and I just about died! They call me LaLa Pint and I think that’s adorable. Of course these two could probably call me anything they wanted and I would think it was cute. I’m a sucker, I know, but I’m okay with that.

I have nothing else to say. They are perfect.

Spells and Hexes


I’ve got it bad! I can’t stop making these little hexagons. The are seducing me from my little project bag across the room.  They whisper my name and beg me to make just one more, then it’s “well just keep going until the thread runs out”. This can’t be natural or maybe I’ve been watching too many sci-fi movies, both are possibilities. What are they you ask? They are little paper hexagons that fit a charm pack perfectly. The only drawback is that they come in packs of 25 or 150 and charm packs come with 40 pieces. It’s sort  of like that whole hot dog /bun conspiracy but I won’t get into that here. I don’t even eat hot dogs but I reserve the right to be upset about it anyway.

Sorry for the detour. So you take these little paper hexagons and wrap a charm square around it and losely stitch down the corners. It is so satisfying! they are perfect every time with oh-so-little effort. I’m a line it up, make it match kind of girl so the precision is intoxicating. It’s going to take me forever to finish (because I am dead set on doing the whole thing by hand, we’ll see how long that lasts) but I’ll keep you updated on my progress. I am making this one out of Full Moon Forest, Flutterby and Nest. The first two collections are hard to come by at this point so I had to do a little bargaining with my mom to get her to release some of her stash. That woman drives a hard bargain.


Duct Tape and Twigs


I have been crazy busy this week although I can’t exactly remember what it was that was so furiously occupying my time. Instead of some greater insight into the magical world of Tula Pink I present you with a little bit of eye candy. I took these pictures when I first designed Full Moon Forest about a year ago with the intention of using them in some great advertising campaign that was going to shake the quilting nation to it’s core. That did not happen. The collection came and went leaving me in a cloud of pastel dust. Now, as I work through the ideas for my fourth collection while wrapping up production on the third and pour over the fabric from Flutterby, I have stumbled across this forgotten photo that held so much promise. I incurred great injury taking these photos. It was summer in North Carolina and the bugs were determined to eat me alive. I was invading their natural habitat so I really can’t hold it against them. Maybe that is where Flutterby came from…hmmm. Off topic. There is no great point here just a lovely photo that I thought I would share.

The Making of…



Sorry it’s been a while but I was busy receiving gifts in between shoving delicious little cookies in my eager little face. Now I feel ill so I thought this might distract me from all of that mirth. Since I have been a little wrapped up in myself and my baby twin sisters (a.k.a. the “Twinkies”) I thought I might take this time to post some of the drawings that went into the making of Full Moon Forest. I have been assured that this will be interesting to others. I am not so sure. Anywhoo, here they are. From drawing to  cotton there isn’t a whole lot that changes. I take the drawings, scan them and drop them into Illustrator where I redraw them digitally so I can play with the line weights, change out colors and adjust the sizing. That’s about it. So, enjoy the drawings maybe next time I will make them more colorful or jazz them up a bit, decoupage on them or something.

Sightings: Part 1

Dear deer head

I never thought that seeing my work in a bathroom would be so uniquely gratifying. When a person sets out to make something with which they intend to adorn the world as they see fit this is usually not the fantasy shot. Yet, as I sit here wishing that this was the place I parked my toosh at various intervals throughout the day I wonder… could this be it? Is this the ultimate statement of thinking beyond the cotton? Is this the perfect post childhood marriage between Bambi and Thumper reincarnated as bathroom art? My vote is an astounding yes. I approve and will now set out on the hunt for a ceramic dear head of my very own.

Welcome, Bienvenidos, Willkommen, Aloha mai


Ok I am not that worldly, I had to look up all of those languages on line. It does have a nice ring to it though. So, Hi! Welcome to the first post on If you have made it here then you are either a friend, family or made a wrong turn somewhere. Hopefully you are here because you love my fabrics or at least want to see more of them which is what this is really all about.

Full Moon Forest, my first collection of fabrics for Moda is finally in stores, yay! I am super curious to see what people do with it. I have had my sample yardage for sometime now and couldn’t bring myself to cut into it until yesterday. I spent months waiting for it to come in, thinking up elaborate projects and imagining all kinds of possibilities. At one point I contemplated covering all of the walls in my living room with paisley owls, don’t fret, I reconsidered. Then it came in and I was paralyzed with fear. I kept thinking “What if someday I have children and then they have children and that aqua bunny is the perfect fabric to finish their little summer dresses and I don’t have any left because I made some table cloth for a party 30 years ago that was ruined because someone spilled something on it and now i don’t even know those people and my grandkids have no clothes and…

Well you see where I was going with that. So I gave myself a good mental slap in the face with a splash of cold water and forged ahead, scissors in hand. The pieces are cut and the sewing machine has been unearthed. Now all I need is a little bit of time which may not come until after the holiday rush. You win some you lose some I guess. Until next time…