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Tula Pink’s New #MoxieQuilt Pattern


Hey friends! My newest fabric collection for Freespirit Fabrics, Fox Field, is now available everywhere! I have decided to launch my newest quilt pattern as a free downloadable .PDF pattern to celebrate!  Please use the hashtag #MoxieQuilt across all social media channels to track the progress of everyone else making this quilt and to  join in on the social conversation.


The pattern, along with all of my other free patterns, are listed on my website under the “Free Patterns” section, or by clicking here.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up to date with all things Tula Pink. Enjoy!

BERNINA Faceplate Face-Off

There is a heated competition going on and I kind of want to win, like a lot, so I am going to need your help! BERNINA has put together an awesome group of designers to battle it out for the privilege of designing the new 2015 B350 Special Edition faceplate. The contest starts March 17th and ends on April 14th. You can vote once per day for my, I mean ummm your favorite, design for the duration of the contest. The designer with the most votes wins and BERNINA will put that machine into production. What?!?!? That’s amazing! I try to keep my competitive side fairly low key so I apologize in advance for the hurricane force of thunder-dome like fierceness that may waft your way in the coming weeks. I’m just excited! Eeeek! You can wish me luck by voting…


I may have forgotten to mention, One voter will win the new B350 Special Edition sewing machine! GO VOTE!


Here are the details:


Vote once per day for 30 days!

American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine – October 2013

The October 2013 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting just hit newsstands and mailboxes around the world! Inside you will find a 6 page Tula Pink feature titled Modernitional with a bunch of AMAZING photos of my work and studio.

Also included in the magazine is my new Peaks & Valleys pattern! I have been getting a ton of questions about this quilt and when it will be released, so yay! Its finally out. Make sure to subscribe to APQ or at the very least grab a copy of this issue before you checkout at the grocery store. Peaks & Valleys Quilt Kits are now available through i Heart Tula Pink

PS. I illustrated the title, Modernitional, for the story. Check it out when you read the magazine. What does this word mean to you?

[PHOTO] Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2013 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.


There is an old saying that goes something like this: “If you love something, set it free, don’t let it sit in a closet all wrapped up in tissue paper and handled with white gloves when all it really wants is to be loved and put to good use”. That might not be the exact saying but I’m pretty sure it’s close.  I have been asked time and time again if I would ever part with any of my babies, and I guess the time has come.  I can’t set them all free just yet but…


After much debate and a tear or two I am letting go of a fair few of my most treasured possessions.  It was killing me seeing them folded up and put away. The true nature of a quilt is to provide warmth and to be loved and admired, spread out over beds, bunched up on chairs, snuggling under as winter approaches or just enjoying a good book on the porch. What ever use each person finds for their beloved quilts, storage is not a quilt’s ideal setting. I have too many and  many more ahead of me. It’s time to set them free where they can love you as you love them back.  Quilts tend to live a lot longer than people, and one day I hope to be remembered for my work.


Each quilt comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a little piece of my heart.   Each certificate lists the name of the quilt, the name of the fabric line or lines used, the dimensions, the dates and all information regarding the methods, materials and any special places that the quilt has appeared or magazines in which the quilt has been published. Each certificate and quilt is signed by myself and Angela Walters (only on quilts that Angela Walters has quilted).


The quilts have been listed for sale on


YOUR City Sampler blocks – #Tula100

The Sew a long has begun! I am totally, jaw droppingly, overwhelmingly floored by how fast these blocks are popping up! You guys and gals are animals! Sew Sweetness , Jaybird Quilts, Crazy Old Ladies, and Gina Pina have put together a City Sampler Quilt Along for my new book, Tula Pink’s City Sampler | 100 Modern Quilt Blocks  and everyone is doing such an incredible job that I thought I should give y’all a little shout out and let other people see all of the fantastic work you have done. Go show these piecers some love on all of their blocks! There are quite a few that are making me jealous. I just might have to make another one here pretty soon. If you are making some blocks go upload them to the Official City Sampler Quilt Along Flickr group so we can all see them and tell you how wonderful you are.

Remember to use the hashtag #Tula100 on Twitter and Instagram we can all look at each others blocks!


American Patchwork & Quilting’s Radio Show!


I’m going to be a guest on American Patchwork & Quilting’s radio show with Pat Sloan this afternoon! I will be talking about all kinds of good stuff!

Tune in on at 4PM / 3PM CST

Quilt Market / Schoolhouse / Acacia Booth #2351

Thursday, May 16th - Schoolhouse schedule is as follows:

[12:00PM] Tula Pink Acacia for FreeSpirit Fabrics x Renaissance Ribbons | Room B116

[1:55PM] Tula Pink x Aurifil Threads | Room A103/10

[3:45PM] Tula Pink’s City Sampler | 100 Modern Quilt BlocksF+W Media, Inc. | Room B119

Come hang out and check out the all the new stuff that I am debuting! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram for tons of Quilt Market coverage the next few days!

City Sampler | 100 Modern Quilt Blocks

My new book “Tula Pink’s City Sampler, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks” is starting to ship and I am crazy excited! It’s 256 pages of tiny block goodness, if I do say so myself. Like all of my projects this started out as simply a quilt that I wanted to make myself and then I thought “hey! maybe someone else wants to make a quilt like this too!” Luckily my publisher agreed and here we are, a year or so later, and I get to present you with this little book of joyful stitching.

The parameters I set for myself while writing this were simple, to create a book that made a complex and engaging quilt with a minimal amount of effort that even a relative beginner quilter can piece without inducing a headache. The blocks are divided into 6 sections by shape. My main focus was to create interesting compositions within a 6 inch square. I gave myself total creative freedom with three very important rules; NO applique, NO templates, NO funny stuff.

When I first got into quilting I was mesmerized by sampler quilts. A sampler is simply a quilt in which each block is different. I loved how each block had it’s own personality and each had a story to tell. From start to finish I never saw the same thing twice. When I finally decided to make one of these masterpieces I scoured the internet, book rack and anywhere else I could look for a pattern to work with. I immediately hit a road block and one I was not anticipating. I found a few really stunning patterns but they all left me with one of three conundrums.

Conundrum the 1st: Time

The first problem I faced was time. When I sit down to make a quilt I have a limited amount of this crazy little thing called time. I knew that this particular project was going to take longer than my average project but I still wanted to get it done before the Z generation started filling out college applications. Here in lies the first problem I presented to myself to solve: How do I design a visual feast with few repeating parts that won’t take me ten years to make? The answer to this question led me to my second conundrum.

Conundrum the 2nd: Difficulty

The best way to get around a time problem is to simplify the piecing. Every pattern I picked up eventually led me to either applique, a myriad of templates or a special tool or ruler that was essential to completing the project. While I do not shy away from these techniques and they can make the most awesome looking quilts, in general I am a simple girl and I tend to prefer the simple act of cut, sew, press and repeat. While quilting is my “business” so to speak, it is also my hobby, my happy place and my meditation. I work out most of my issues at the sewing machine and I can’t solve too many of the world’s problems when I have to switch up my technique with every block, and it makes it really hard to watch movies while I sew which I assure you is a crucial part of the sewing process. So, the challenge was set to create 100 quilt blocks that did not require a single template, applique stitch or extra tool besides the quilter’s basics.

Conundrum the 3rd: Connection

Once I got past the time and difficulty stages of my pattern selection process I realized one very important component was missing from this epic quilt journey I was about to embark upon… Why I am I making this? I am making this because it’s beautiful and something that I can invest myself in, yes, but what story is it telling? I needed to make a quilt that told my own story, my own history. I needed to make a quilt that could grow with me as my own history unfolded because my personal story is still be told.

I kept these three things in mind while I was writing this book. By keeping the piecing simple I kept the time and difficulty factors in check and worked on the third problem, connection, while laying out the book. Each block is numbered with a space to name the block yourself. I believe that a quilt is more about the maker than the pattern writer. My quilt is about me but your quilt is about you and that may be the most important factor about this book and the one thing that will make this quilt what it will be. On it’s own it is simply a collection of paper, ink and an idea. Like everything that I do in this crafty world, I need you to make the idea a reality.

The book can be purchased at any of your favorite quilt shops and book stores. For a signed copy you can purchase Tula Pink’s City Sampler from my adorable mom’s adorable online shop:

Sew Red Blog Tour

Sew Red is a sewing and quilting book that puts a stylish twist on raising awareness about heart disease in women! Which is pretty cool. It’s a follow up to their popular Knit Red book. They brought a bunch of designers together to make all kinds of sewing projects to support the cause. There are many lovely designers like, well, me and Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria Horner, Aneela Hoey, Nancy Zeiman, Denyse Schmidt, Valori Wells, David Butler, Jenean Morrison, Ty Pennington, Mark Cesarik and on and on and on. It’s a smorgasbord  of awesome. In addition to the sewing projects each designer added little did bits about their personal experiences with heart disease and tips, resources and recipes about living heart-healthy


I made this super sweet little heart zig-zag quilt I called Paper Hearts. It felt appropriate at the time. It’s precious.


A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Sew Red will benefit the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health in support of the Heart Truth, a national awareness campaign for women about heart disease, sponsored by NHLBI.


Sew Red is now available at

Tula Pink X Aurifil Threads


All of the beautiful fabric in all of the world won’t be very useful unless you have something to sew it all together with. I have recently partnered with Aurifil  to bring you a special Tula Pink blend of threads to sew all of those luscious fabrics together. They come all wrapped up in a cute little box with my face on it. I know that is what you have always wanted. At least I drew myself smiling because, hey, I have my own thread collection. I should be happy!


When I am sewing I like my thread to disappear into the fabric. My quilts tend to be made with a lot of different colors and a lot of contrast. I put my pinks next to blues and oranges next to yellows, greens right smack up against purples and I have a penchant for laying it all down on whites, creams, grays and sometimes even black. All of this adds up to a special kind of problem, one thread color usually won’t cut it. To solve this little problem of mine I have chosen a series of variegated colors that sink nicely into my very multicolored and high contrast fabrics. Instead of choosing a palette that relates to one particular fabric collection I chose my colors very carefully to coordinate with all of my collections. The point? There is a color for every occasion. I like the quilting of most of my quilts to be done in either light or dark gray so I threw those in too. Personally, I will never need another thread color as long as I live, unless I start making weird single color quilts but that is highly unlikely.


The thread collections come in two sizes; the large box and the small box. The large box holds 12 large spools which includes all 10 variegated threads plus two solid colors for quilting. The small box contains 10 smaller spools of the variegated colors. If you have never used variegated thread for patchwork I think you might like it. The threads slowly transitions from light to dark of one color or from one color to the next color. It’s a nice easy shifting of hues like watching the sunset. You are never really sure when the sky changes, you don’t remember watching the blue fade to pink but somehow you look up and it’s a whole different sky. So this little box of joy is sort of like a sunset made of cotton and all lined up eagerly waiting to thread a needle. I can be very poetic when I want to be.


The weight of the thread is ideal for patchwork. It’s strong enough to hold your piecing together for future generations while fine enough to sink ever so delicately into your fabrics. These little packs of sunshiney delight should be popping up in your favorite shops in the next few weeks so keep on the lookout!


Large Box:

12 Spools of 50wt. Premium Cotton Thread

12 Spectacular Colors

1422 Yards Each

100% Cotton

Made in Italy


Small Box:

10 Spools of 50wt. Premium Cotton Thread

10 Spectacular Colors

220 Yards Each

100% Cotton

Made in Italy