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Tula Pink Hearts Barnes and Noble!

Today is the day! Barnes and Noble Booksellers is practically giving away books! Just for today, one day only, they are selling my book at a whopping 50% off. Which is totally insane! I know. It’s pretty awesome that they are doing this for y’all. As my special little gift to you I have made a little wallpaper that you can use for your desktop, twitter, what ever your fancy is. The wallpaper might also be a little tiny sneak peek at what I have coming up in fabric as well. There may be some reference to a print in the next collection, wink wink. I know nothing slips past your eagle eyes so keep a look out! If you post the wallpaper on twitter let me know so I can check it out @tulapink, tag it with #TulaBN.


If you want to show Barnes and Noble a little love for offering my book at $12.50 today then be sure tweet them at @BNBuzz or hashtag your love on twitter with #TulaBN. This is one of those rare occasions where we can keep more stuff like this coming from big booksellers like Barnes and Noble just by letting them know that we are paying attention and we appreciate the effort for crazy little niche crafters like us. We are a small but powerful community! Go team!


The House of Tula Pink

So, um… I haven’t been around a whole lot the last month and for this I am almost really sorry. I wanted to say it’s because I have been writing a book but the truth is that I wrote this last year so that excuse is out the window. Hey, a book! That is a way better topic than where I have been.


So here is my book. Quilts from the House of Tula Pink. I was lobbying for the subtitle “Super Awesome Crafty Crap” but in the end everyone decided that the less offensive “20 Fabric Projects to Make, Use & Love” would go over better with the masses. So here is it: 10 amazing quilts and each with it’s own accessory project, fun for everyone!


The photography totally blew my mind. We are talking some serious quilt porn here. The photos were all taken in this crazy abandoned apartment. I like to call the style post-apocalyptic chic. It’s very cool if I do say so myself. The book should start shipping late February. You can pre-order it directly from me in my shop. All books ordered from me will be signed, I have a lovely signature I think you will like it.




The Prince Charming Pattern Parade!

I have had a bunch of emails from people wanting to know if there were patterns to go with Prince Charming. Well, of course there are! What do you think I do over here, sit around investigating my toes? I do have lovely toes but I also make time to get some work done. I have four delicious new patterns to accompany Prince Charming just for you, my very favorite people.

Field Study is a new take on the Zig Zag quilt. The blocks on this baby are fairly large so it really shows off the bigger prints. It’s super easy to whip together. So easy in fact that I made a second one two days before I left for Quilt Market just because I could and hey, I wasn’t that busy anyway.

I adore this quilt. I love how all of the colors came together. Little octagon blocks are historically called snow balls and since these are really big it’s called Snow Globes! The cleverness never ends around here.

Crown Jewels was originally going to be called Family Jewels but everyone seemed to think that might be taking it a little too far. I thought it was funny but what do I know I am just the designer. This pattern is crazy fun to make by the way. The little “jewels” on the points of each crown are covered buttons. Fun right? Also I photographed each step for the pattern instead of diagramming so that’s an extra little perk. I hope y’all appreciate it because it was a total pain to do. If you know me at all then you know that I hate taking pictures. I keep buying more expensive cameras to compensate but I can’t seem to find a camera that will set up the shot, adjust the lighting, take the dang picture, upload and color correct for me. Maybe I should just sell them all and hire a photographer:)

It was hilarious at Quilt Market listening to people say “I just love the… uh… Love quilt” About half way through the sentence everyone realized how it was going to end and became uncomfortable. I didn’t plan it that way but I might in the future.

If you want to see any of these in person or pick up a pattern and some Prince Charming of your very own they will be at The Quilt Shoppe here in  Stewartsville. If you don’t live near us then ask your local quilt shop!

Space Dust!

This is Space Dust!! The best quilt ever! Above is the “styled room shot”. This is my Post No Bills Room or sometimes called the Surplus Art Room. Anywhoo, enough about my pre-teen decorating sensibilities and on to the best quilt ever! I have no idea how I made it, let’s just get that out of the way. Every piece is a different shape and of course every single side of every single piece is cut on the bias so that was super fun (sarcasm). Then it had to be appliqued onto the background fabric which is the sweetest little black pin dot in the whole universe.

As soon as I get it bound I will take a flat shot of it but I thought this accidental shot gave you the general idea. If you don’t want to wait for me to get around to taking a photo of the entire quilt you will just have to head to Oregon to see it at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. I know, it’s kinda mean but it’s the only way to justify my laziness.

So this is the crazy map that was supposed to tell me what went where. I had this quilt idea pop into my head around three A.M. one morning. During this time of night my mind works a little differently than any other time of day. I remember this seeming extremely logical at the time.

This quilt was fun to make because it didn’t need to satisfy anything but my own sense of humor. I used at least one piece from every collection I have designed. There are 116 different fabrics total. Usually I allow Angela, my quilter, to take the reins on the quilting and do her own thing with just general instructions from me. This time was different. I designed the quilting to be an extension of the concept so it had to be exactly how I saw it. I drew in little propulsion engines and how I wanted the smoke to billow out from them. It needed a little ladder because how else would anyone get in it? Angela added a hidden alien which I thought was a nice touch. All in all I think it’s pretty awesome.

Did I mention it will be on Display at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show next month? Where I will be teaching! Come see it, and me!

Stiff Seams and the Tragedy of Laziness


I am a lady of tradition if not consistency. So here it is folks, my bi-annual off to Quilt Market bag. Ta Da! Jaybird, a bloggy buddy, actually asked if I had made one yet in the last post. She remembered! I was overwhelmed with sentiment and gushy pride. You actually read this stuff? I thought blogs were just giant inter-webbed picture books! I now feel like I should pay more attention to what I write but that has the potential to lack spontaneity and therefore be less fun.

I usually make a bag from some super hip pattern from some some ultra cool designer but this year I had a hard time finding one with enough pockets so I made my own. I need lots of pockets, not to conceal weapons or anything just water and snacks which are prohibited on the market floor. I hear the punishment can be rather severe if you don’t have a man on the inside who owes you a favor. This bag is essentially a giant pocket, way to solve a problem right?  I broke 3 needles making it because I refused to get off my rear and get the heavy duty needle I needed to get through the seams (4 layers of batting and 4 layers of Decor Bond, oops, I like a stiff bag). Laziness can be so tragic and very often involves at least twice the amount of work.

I did get to do a little machine quilting on my own though. My general philosophy is to leave the heavy lifting to the pros but I do dabble from time to time.



And just when you thought I was done… It seems I can’t stop coming up with new stuff. The 6th installment, that’s right 6th, of the Tula Pink saga is here, in sample form anyway. Hushabye should be shipping to stores anytime now so while you are rushing off to purchase that wonderland of critter joy let me introduce you to what’s driving down the barrel at an alarming pace. I call her Plume. I just received my sample swatches and thought I might commemorate the occasion before I start hacking it to pieces to make my quilt for market. I love this collection almost as much as I love myself. It’s bright and happy and fresh and organic, sort of like a hippy but cleaner. It’s possibly the best drawing I have ever done. To finally see it in living color fills me with such geeker joy that I am even willing to feed all of the stray cats that are milling around my yard. I know that means they will come back, it may cost me a fortune in kitty kibble but I just don’t care. Milk for everyone!


And please, how dang cute is that selvage? A little Fleur De Lis instead of the oh-so-boring standard dot? Will the cuteness ever end? I say no. Cuteness will endure for ever and ever. Amen.

The Joy of Building a Feather

This is the most tedious, mind numbing, eye burning part of designing fabric. It is also my favorite part. It keeps me in my studio and out of trouble for hours sometimes even days. I love to see people’s process so I hope I’m not geeking out too much by assuming that you might find this interesting. It’s also my clever-ish way of letting you know what’s coming before it actually arrives.


It always starts with a drawing.


Once the basic outline is down I add in the medium and highlights. Now it’s starting to move, I love that part.


Toss in some darks and throw in a pretty little patterned background and I almost have myself a print.


Aaah, little falling feathers. Now wasn’t that fun. If only I had Bob Ross’ skills I could make it “happy” and then I could have my own TV show!

Cute Slimy things


It is a crazy rainy day here in Pinkerville (as you might be able to tell from the windows in the background) which makes living on a dirt road just that much messier. Such is life, I guess they can’t all be sunny. My cut goods, jelly rolls, layercakes etc… have all arrived on my doorstep and I hate to cut them up. I found this little pattern on Wee Wonderfuls, her stuff is ridiculously cute. So I thought hey, what an awesome way to use a Jelly Roll without hacking it to pieces. I just love it when problems solve themselves. I adore a good contradiction more than anything, you know like angry cupcakes. How snails became known as cute I will never understand. They are relatively gross and slimey in person but you put those little suckers in pink and give them starry little eyes and they completely transform. So I just made the body from the pattern and stuck a Jelly Roll on his butt and voila! I have never worked with wool felt before so it’s a bit sloppy but it is still pretty cute so I say job well done.

Oh hey wait…I bet you would like to know who the tote bag winners are. I am so enamored with the snail that I almost forgot. Due to some confusion last time I will be e-mailing the winners as well so if you see a name down there that might be yours go ahead and check your in box. Apparently many people have the same first name, go figure.

And the winners are…Michelle, Jeff, Sunny and Jen

1st on the Block


I am so excited about Hushabye that I can’t stop making stuff out of it. I am running out of room to keep it all so I am giving it away. Yay!

Free stuff!If you want one then leave me a comment, tell me a little something about yourself,  and I will randomly pick 4 winners to be announced on June 15th. It’s just that easy. I mean, come on, they’re super cute right? You can be the first person(s) on your block to have a little bit of it. Hushabye won’t be in stores until August so it will be like an extreme sneak peak. You can make your local shop owner jealous if you so desire, unless of course your local shop is in Stewartsville. In that case it’s my mom’s shop and she already knows all about it.

**Remember** You don’t have to worry about being clever, the winners will be randomly chosen. I don’t play favorites.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!! Winners coming up next! 



So Here’s the deal. I get five to ten emails a week asking me where people can find those owls from Full Moon Forest. They are pretty much just gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. I have some left but I’m saving them for my grandkids or maybe to sell on ebay when they become antiques. Think of this collection as a Full Moon Forest II using everything I have learned in between then and now. I always hear people say ” If I knew then…” well I do so I did. I loved that first fabric line and it sort of came and went in a flash. I never felt like it had the chance it deserved. By the time people started to see it and ask for it it was all snatched up. So Hushabye is an homage to my humble beginnings. I hope y’all like it. By the way… 

Hushabye is due in stores in August!