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Tula Pink x Urban Threads



Ever since I took delivery on my Bernina 830 I have been absolutely obsessed with machine embroidery. I want to embroider everything or at least just zone out while I watch the machine make it’s magical stitchery. It’s kind of awesome. When I started playing around with the machine my first stop was Urban Threads. I wanted some little things to play with while I got the hang of it. I could seriously watch that thing go forever. It’s meditative and not just a little hypnotizing. So here’s the deal… I have partnered up with Urban Threads to make my very first machine embroidery design available to you. I thought it only fitting that my first embroidery design would be a version of my very first fabric design. So I’m not going to get all nostalgic and mooshy on you I just thought I might point that out ;) There are a whole bunch of different file types available so you should be able to find a file type that will work with any machine that is capable of embroidery. The Owl is available in three sizes and downloads instantly to your computer. Fun right? Yep I thought so too. So have it!


Featured Artist interview is in the link provided below.  Available for Machine Embroidery and for those with more time and less machinery there is the Hand Embroidery option as well.

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So Here’s the deal. I get five to ten emails a week asking me where people can find those owls from Full Moon Forest. They are pretty much just gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. I have some left but I’m saving them for my grandkids or maybe to sell on ebay when they become antiques. Think of this collection as a Full Moon Forest II using everything I have learned in between then and now. I always hear people say ” If I knew then…” well I do so I did. I loved that first fabric line and it sort of came and went in a flash. I never felt like it had the chance it deserved. By the time people started to see it and ask for it it was all snatched up. So Hushabye is an homage to my humble beginnings. I hope y’all like it. By the way… 

Hushabye is due in stores in August!

Shhhh… I’m Makin’ Stuff!


My radio silence will soon be coming to an end. The day is coming closer when I can actually show you what I have been working on these last few months. I can’t wait! This is just a taste. Please be patient with me. I’m a fragile little bunny when I am working.

The Making of…



Sorry it’s been a while but I was busy receiving gifts in between shoving delicious little cookies in my eager little face. Now I feel ill so I thought this might distract me from all of that mirth. Since I have been a little wrapped up in myself and my baby twin sisters (a.k.a. the “Twinkies”) I thought I might take this time to post some of the drawings that went into the making of Full Moon Forest. I have been assured that this will be interesting to others. I am not so sure. Anywhoo, here they are. From drawing to  cotton there isn’t a whole lot that changes. I take the drawings, scan them and drop them into Illustrator where I redraw them digitally so I can play with the line weights, change out colors and adjust the sizing. That’s about it. So, enjoy the drawings maybe next time I will make them more colorful or jazz them up a bit, decoupage on them or something.